19 Kids and Counting’s Jessa Duggar enters courtship, dad Jim Bob Duggar explains what that means

Jessa Duggar Courtship

Imagine the pressure of having 18 siblings and two eager parents overlooking your first relationship… That’s exactly what third-eldest daughter Jessa Duggar is dealing with as she is courted by a local boy.

“We are so excited for Ben and Jessa,” proud dad Jim Bob Duggar told People Magazine of 20-year-old Jessa and her suitor, 18-year-old Ben Seewald. “All of our family is involved in this relationship. It is an exciting time.”

Jessa and Ben’s relationship will also offer viewers of the upcoming season of 19 Kids and Counting their first glimpse into how Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar allow their daughters to interact with suitors — although it should come as no surprise that the prolific parents are pretty strict.

“Courting is getting to know each other in a group setting, both families spending time together and the couple setting goals together to determine if they are meant to marry,” Jim Bob explained. “With dating, a couple will often pair off alone and that sometimes leads to a more physical relationship.”

Difference between dating and courtship

Before they were allowed to court, Ben had to earn the approval of Jim Bob.

“He’s the first one she has shown interest in that has a spiritual focus and legitimate calling about ministry work,” he said, explaining other suitors were turned away when they failed to make the cut. “When a guy is pursing your daughter, you want to check him out and see if there are any red flags and with Ben, there hasn’t been. He is very sharp. It appears like a match made in heaven.”

Based on Ben’s Facebook page, he owns a local windshield repair shop. He is also heavily involved in church, which is where he first met Jessa. Jim Bob added Jessa and Ben’s courtship involves recommending sermons to each other. They are also allowed to correspond via text, although those discussions are mostly limited to theology and scripture.

In terms of their physical relationship, Jim Bob draws a harder line than most 21st century fathers: Jessa and Ben were allowed to “side hug” when they began courting. All other displays of affection — including kissing — are reserved for marriage.

“They want to wait on the physical relationship until later,” Michelle Duggar explained. “If there is an engagement that comes about, they will work together on their goals and standards for that.”

Previously, viewers of the TLC show watched as Josh Duggar, the oldest son, courted now-wife Anna. Their whole courtship and engagement was less than one year, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if there is another Duggar wedding in the near future!

The new season of 19 Kids and Counting airs on TLC every Tuesday night at 9/8c.

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  • elle


  • Bryony

    Sounds super lame and not fun at all, lol.

    On another note, Jessa is very pretty. The best looking Duggar by far.

    • LexiconD1

      Just my personal opinion, but I think Jana beats her by a mile…


      • Bryony

        Oh I forgot about Jana! She is very pretty too.

        • MariaG

          Jana is pretty.

  • Lisa

    This is disturbing on a number of levels.

    • Bec

      Lmao at that date picture with Michelle poking her head in

  • Stephanie Mitchell

    my first ‘side hug’….what a night to remember that was.

    • Drea

      Do you feel as weirded out as I do that with the two pics Starcasm posted, that we have seen this couple’s most intimate moments?

    • krh5038

      Side hug, not mouth hug.

  • Creeptastic

    This is why teenagers become rebellious.

  • Kathie Phipps

    So very proud of Jessa.

  • jeff

    Sometimes I appreciate having parents that are completely unenvolved in my life.

    • LexiconD1

      I’m grateful my parents are involved in mine and my sons life. I appreciate how they express their opinions, when asked, but don’t (try) to control my life or decisions.

      I don’t care much for Jessa, she’s always seemed so stuck up mean girl to me, but I wouldn’t wish this situation on her. Hopefully, it will work out, but under these circumstances, I’m very doubtful.

  • Leena Ellieea Cyrus

    Okay my momma loves this show so I normally keep my mouth shut. But there were far too many lines of this article that made me roll my eyes and think that maybe Jim Bob is just a BIT too controlling. Such as: All of our family is involved in this relationship; That’s creepy to me. What ever happened to when it was time to “meet the parents”? Before they were allowed to court, Ben had to earn the approval of Jim Bob; This is old fashioned but seriously possessive. Other suitors were turned away when they failed to make the cut; Her dad is the one who decides who she gets to date not her.. WTF. They are also allowed to correspond via text, although those discussions are mostly limited to theology and scripture; She is TWENTY YEARS OLD and they MONITOR her text messages?! Jim Bob draws a harder line than most 21st century fathers: Jessa and Ben were allowed to “side hug” when they began courting. All other displays of affection — including kissing are reserved for marriage; So this boy cannot even kiss Jessa on the cheek.. Sounds like Jim Bob is jealous or something this is more than the mormons intrude. “They want to wait on the physical relationship until later,” more than likely Jessa doesn’t know how to express that she wants a physical relationship or she is too scared to try.

    • redhead

      how are they supposed to get to know each other if they only talk about scripture?

      • Leena Ellieea Cyrus

        Exactly my point. I’m not saying they should be sexting or talking dirty but if she wants to tell him about her day or something she saw, she should be able to.

  • Dani

    So we have heard what Michelle and Jim Bob *thinks* Jessa wants. When do we get to heard what Jessa truly wants?

  • FinallyFree

    The children of this family will need some serious therapy later in life. I feel really bad for them. I was raised by a strict and super religious mother but nothing on this level and I still needed professional counseling to work through some issues this upbringing caused for me.

  • Assin

    I am shocked any guy would stick around after learning there is a screening process! What did Jim Bob do, call the ones that didn’t make the cut and say “I am sorry, you can’t date our family”?! Waaaayyy overboard on the creep factor.

    • anjealka

      Ben turned 18 a few months ago. His family were fans of the Duggars and show. he just graduated from homeschool/high school in June. I think his whole family which is young, Ben’s mom isn’t even 40 yet, thinks the Duggars are “royality” in their circles so it is an honor to them to be questioned, accepted and filmed to death by TLC.

  • Cheryl C

    This is how women end up in marriages where they are basically used as a masturbation tool for their husbands. Not allowing people to express themselves physically (but responsibly) is how you end up with 19 kids. Her Mom doesnt know any better, and neither will she. Teaching women to be submissive sets up failure.

    • LexiconD1

      Michelle Duggar was not born into this Gothard/ATI cult, she DOES know better.

    • anjealka

      Michelle went to public high school, dated, and was a cheerleader. She kissed JimBob before marriage and dated other guys before Jim Bob. She did not get into this lifestyle till about 5 years into marriage. What is odd is obviously Michelle and Jim Bob are happy and have been married 28? years and they dated and kissed people and it worked out!

      • Cheryl C

        You guys know more about the show than I obviously. And of course they are “happy”. Their religion doesn’t apparently permit them otherwise.
        I actually like this show. I think the way she parents is a great education. But I also watch it for the sideshow factor a little, not gunna lie.

        • LexiconD1

          But Michelle DOESN’T ‘parent’, at least not since her oldest daughter were toddlers. THEY do all the work in that house. Without them, that family would fall apart.

        • anjealka

          I don’t think she has parented for years. The early years pre-TLC I think she did parents more but some of her methods are very controversial. The disclipine is the Pearls method(and yes she uses this because she wrote it in her book and they endorse the Pearls openly). It involves training a child from birth and physical punishment begins at 4-6 months. I could never use physical punishment on a child that young. Some of the other methods to keeps kids in bed are dangerous and several kids died last year following this method. I’m a pretty strict mom, (my kids have no facebook twitter, M/T rated games, mostly have friends at our house) but I would much rather my 10 year old wake me up at night then use a dangerous swaddling method to keep them sleeping.

          • Dani

            Physical punishment on a 4 month old? That is appalling. Is that even legal? What possibly could a 4 month old be doing that would warrant punishment? This is all just disgusts and saddens me that anyone would feel the need to punish a baby.

            • anjealka

              If you look on amazon for the pearls book to train up a child you will see the many reviews and methods. be warned some stories on amazon are very disturbing. Michelle encourages and used to blanket training. You put a baby on a blanket that is just learning to crawl(so around 6 months). You wave a favorite toy, bottle or treat at the baby. If the baby comes of the blanket, you use physical punishment(the book recommends a plumbing rod, but some use a wooden spoon or some spank but it must inflict pain). Then you put the child back on the blanket, and tempt it again, and use the punishment again if it comes off. In the end the goal is for the baby to stay on the blanket so it is trained and the mom can tend to other things. Michelle says she uses this method and it “saved her with the extreme stress of twins” but has not mentioned if she used the plumbing rod or spoon or spanking.

              • Dani

                My heart breaks for those babies. The person that they trust most to nurture and protect them is playing cat and mouse with them. No doubt that causes long term psychological damage. Just so mommy can get some “me time”. She wouldn’t be so stressed if she and/or Jim Bob underwent sterilization after a handful of kids. Can’t handle the stress of kids? Don’t have them!

              • sad

                I have a 6 month old and the idea of doing that makes me want to cry. So making their babies terrified to explore their world and crawl (which is human nature & a milestone) is okay because they *chose* to have too many children and it’s “stressful”. If dealing with a crawling baby is “stressful”, maybe stop having kids!! Ugh. And people wonder why I criticize this family. They are NOT good parents and I’m so sick of people saying they are, a lot of their parenting techniques are disturbing. Just because their kids aren’t doing the typical acting out like kids from typical bad homes, doesn’t mean they aren’t damaged in other ways.

    • Jessiemoon

      Seriously! her first real date and the topic of discussion is marriage marriage marriage!? That’s scary.

  • A

    Like a fkng cult…

  • No_prayers_to_spare

    I bet she’s jerking him off under the table…

    • Leena Ellieea Cyrus

      Unfortunately I highly doubt she even knows how..

  • Becca Renner

    i totally understand saving yourself for marriage ect…but can you really get to know someone well enough to marry them while your parents are watch the two of you like hawks and attending dates with you….

  • wowjustwow

    The only one who made the cut was 2 years younger than SHE is…probably because the ones her age or older had some sort of brain that hadn’t been polluted by this nonsense

    • anjealka

      It is actually almost 3 years. jessa turns 21 in a few weeks while Ben just turned 18. Jessa graduated from homeschooling 6 years ago and Ben just graduated in June. I hope it works out and I know age difference isn’t everything but 21 and 18 and not much real world expeirnce makes me worry.

  • christee

    Those god awful mall bangs! Why? Just why? My mom still does them, too, and I’m always tempted to steal her curling iron every time I go to her house. It’s 2013, not 1993. Let’s leave the stupid hairstyles to the emo kids and die hard mulleted rednecks, shall we?

    • Nikki

      That’s funny! You leave your mom alone! LOL

  • gigi


  • gia

    the only downside is the kids rush to marriage to have physical contact. and how can you really know about the person when your parents are there. i am sure Jessa would talk different if her father wasnt right next to her when she is with the guy. How can she really get to know him if people are spying on them. and they can only talk about bible through text. nothing else about their day. i would rather my son and daughter marry for love and not care so much about if the girl is a virgin or not.

  • gia

    and of course the guy looks like jim bob . they would never let their daughter date or marry a non white man.

  • MariaG

    They monitor theyre children. Shit thats good, that way thy dont have teenage mommas or thyr kids dont live with regret & shame of being sexualy active at a young age. All this ppl talkn sh*t bc thyr involed in her life. Looks like to me they are just looking out for her. I think thy are doing a great job. Mrs dugger please have more kids maybe the world will have a chance aginst all these wannabe gangsters, getto bitches dopys and over round dumass. You cn say whatever you want about this family but from the looks of it, their kids are more well-behaved than any of the kids i see no a days. And thy have respect something kids these days no nothing about.

    • anjealka

      There is a difference in monitoring and this. I live in a strict LDS(Mormon) area. There have been no teen pregnancies at our high school, and last year had 157 4.0 students in my child’s grade. There are no school dances till age 15 and most kids hang out in boy/girls group dates till 17. Then senior year you see some dating. It is respectful , a nice dinner out, fishing, painting at the pottery studio. As much as I worry about my kids my childs doctor said older teens 17-18-19 need to go on dates and learn social skills with the opposite sex, not just hang out in groups. It is hard to go from holding hands to sex in one day like the Duggars, actually kid of scary. Waiting till marriage is fine, my husband did, but there is nothing wrong with spending time alone discussing something other then scriptures or a kiss good night or snuggling under the stars.

      • MariaG

        My point is that thy lay out what thy expect and thts good. Rules & bounderies are nt always bad. Some ppl see ths as strict but i see it as protection from regret. The parents hv lived & learned & just want whats best for her. Yea maybe thy can loosen up a bit but why should thy, those kids look happy. And i think its great tht thy love God. Theyr well behaved. Some of the boys have opened bussness of thyr own. The girl are smart , well rounded & educated. Whatever these parents are doing has worked well for them. Why critize

        • anjealka

          I don’t know if you remember the Bates from the Duggars show? they also have 19 kids and same beliefs system. they recently have changed their minds after their oldest had a failed courtship. they allow dating with a purpose. they still have double dates but the kids choose if they want to hold hands or hug. 3 Bates are now engaged or courting and all have made “pure” but different choices on touching, alone time, and communication. They all all waiting till marriage for most aspects but have different routes. I think it is the Duggars, one mold fits all that bothers me?

        • ….

          Rules and boundaries for a 20 year old!? Who was raised to believe she has no choice but to remain living with them until her father finds her a “suitable” husband or else she’s a sinner going to hell? We criticize them because they are cult like and creepy. Not to mention huge famewh*res.

    • Jess

      Uhm Jessa is 20 years old! She doesn’t need rules or to be babysat while on a date. If your amazed at how well they behave maybe you should look up some of their ‘blanket training’ discipline that Jim and Michelle practice.

      • MariaG

        Looked it up. And?? It works well for them if thy acually use it.

        • Jess

          Wow.. MariaG you looked it up and still don’t see anything wrong with that method? You are sick if you think its okay to smack an infant for moving off a blanket when you were trying to get them to get off the blanket in the first place. I hope you NEVER have kids because blanket training is considered ABUSE, especially because there have been children that have died from this method. One girl couldn’t pronounce a word right and got beaten to death because she continued to say it wrong. You’re awful. And to me it sounds like you are part of this “cult” which is why you are defending it all. If you weren’t apart of it you wouldn’t be defending it.

          • MariaG

            Aye stop crying already. Yes your better tham everyone. Your ways are the best. Shut the f**k up already

            • Jess

              Lol. Hmm… you’re telling me to shut up? When your going through everyones comments trying to convince them that this cult is okay? Riiiight.

    • What?

      If they are so successful in their methods of raising children, you’d think they would trust their TWENTY year old to make the decision about who she dates! She’s not a 15 year old girl, she’s grown woman! Most girls are almost done with college at that age, except the Duggars who do not “allow” their girls to attend college unless it’s to become a midwife. The fact that her daddy gets to pick who she’ll inevitably marry is creepy and no different than arranged marriages in other cultures. The fact that they have to monitor her so closely at 20 just shows that they don’t trust her at all. And their kids are “well behaved” because they are brainwashed. And I’ve seen their little ones running wild on that show many, many times.

      • MariaG

        Monitor thyr every move? Last time I saw the girl were able to drive and go places w/o the parents. Little one running wild? Really! Man thy are kids. But when are suppost to be polite and quiet. Thy do. Brainwashed!? Lol! Ok

        • What?

          Yes, they go places that their parents approve of only, I highly doubt they’d be lying to their parents about where they’re going with the TLC camera crew with them. Not to mention they shouldn’t have to get parental approval of where they go when they’re in their 20’s. It’s ridiculous and shows that they do not trust them. Also, they monitor her TEXT MESSAGES! She’s 20 years old! That’s way over the line of creepy and controlling!

          • LexiconD1

            They also only go out in pairs, never unchaperoned.

    • catwoman

      You can call me whatever you want. At least I can string together a coherent sentence.

      • MariaG

        Dam, I wasnt aware I was suppost to write a well put together essay. It ROL! Im not writing to the dam president. $h*t you understood ddnt you!lol! Take your $h*t else were. And Im not calling noone nothing. But if the shoe fits, wear that b*tch

      • Brian

        She didnt name on names. What the hell are you talking about

  • anjealka

    I have mixed feelings. I saw this picture a few days ago and have read up on Ben and his life and family. I;m glad a Duggar girl is leaving the nest and I always guessed it would be Jessa. She doesn’t have a “career” like Jana and Jill and she doesn’t seem interested in her buddy Jordyn (who is called the lost child, often wanders in the background in her jammies during the day, hair unbrushed and begs for hugs). She is turning 21 in a few weeks so this is perfect for Jim Bob to let a boy pass. Why Ben? He lives in Arkansas and the girl moves to the boys home area so Jessa will still be able to film and be part of the family. Ben’s parents are in their 30’s and he just turned 18 and graduated homeschool. He literally just started a windshield business(his website says insurance payments and credit cards coming soon). He and his family love the Duggars so they will most likely be happy to be filmed. Now since they will get an engagement and wedding 1 hour special, that is 100k at least so it is a good nest egg to start out with. I wonder if they will live in one of grandma duggars homes or jimbob’s homes? A 18 year old can’t have a debt free home yet??
    They look cute together and hope they are happy and can choose their own paths. Jessa treatment of jordyn does not make me think or hope she has 20 kids or even 10. I hope she gets some control. Ben’s family has a lot of pant wearing, more mainstream christains, so maybe Ben and Jessa will find a happy medium.

  • Rene

    I always thought she would be the one to break away from the cult I mean the family.

  • jeanne1968

    Finally! A courtship with a Duggar girl!! This has been a long time coming! It doesn’t surprise me that it’s Jessa. She is a beautiful young lady. Yes, very conservative and old fashioned, but those are their beliefs. I think they are way too strict, but I would prefer teenagers or young adults to err on the conservative side and to respect their parent’s opinions and wisdom.

  • blah

    This is crazy. Sex and sexuality is normal ! Making sure your adult children don’t even hug normally is freaking weird. Its one thing to protect your kids but seriously!? I really hope one of there children becomes a porn star or something cause they really need a dose of reality. There is a reason you date around freely. God forbid you end up with someone you don’t really care about , you just marry them to make mommy and daddy happy ugh. I dont see how denying someone’s normal sexual urges will help them. If anything it will drive them crazy. As long as they use protection who cares? These ppl mate like bunnies anyways. All I’m saying is that its not normal and its unhealthy for their development

  • question

    Can someone that knows more about their cult, I mean “lifestyle”, tell me what would happen if one of the children (especially one of the girls) was to leave the family and live as they wanted to (once they’re over 18) against their parents wishes? Are they shunned and cut off from the family then? Or something like that? I know the likeliness of that happening is very slim because of all of the brainwashing but I’m just wondering.

    • Jess

      Their cousin Amy does not live this lifestyle but they are accepting of her. However, if one of their own children question anything in their “cult” they get sent to a camp to re-brainwash them. No joke. Its called journey to the heart it has been featured in the show, Jana was missing in half a season awhile back as she was sent there. Then recently she was a counselor there. Its a place to send your kids to re brainwash them when they start going off their cult

      • question

        Wow, as if these people couldn’t seem any creepier to me. And people still want to claim this is just a “conservative parenting choice”. No, that is typical cult behavior, it has nothing to do with religion, it’s about control, in this case Jim Bob’s control. For people that believe so much in their lifestyle they sure have to go out of their way to get their kids to conform to it.

        But apparently parents that don’t check their adult daughters texts and accompany her on dates just end up raising gang members and teenage prostitutes, right? lol

        • MariaG

          It better than the parent that sit on thyr asses and do nothing.

          • jess

            LOL MariaG, give it up. We understand your apart of this cult but let’s not go overboard and promote this saying its better. Because it’s not. Parents who just sit on their asses are in my opinion better parents than cult raising parents who stunt their children from growing.

            • MariaG

              Yet you keep commenting. Saying hopfully i dont have children so thy wont be well raised. I hope you dont have childern so thy wont end up in jail or junkies. As you stated , parents tht lay on thyr asses & let thyr kids do as thy please are better. Lets hope u dnt ever havr childern. The jail system has enough inmates . Stop while ur ahead

              • Jess

                I’ve only said that comment to you once. Your defending their ways of practice. Now yes, they are a sweet family. But in reality, they do live a cult and everyone who has done research on it knows how awful their practices are. I was making a point of people who sit on their butt all day would probably raise better children then those who raise theirs in cults. A child grown in a cult has absolutely no clue about the world or how to think for themself. I have children thank you and I can discipline them without abusing them like the duggar cult thank you!

            • …….

              Apparently, MariaG lives in a very black and white world where either you raise your kids like the cult-like Duggars or you have zero control over your kids and they become gang members, drug addicts and teen moms. As if there’s no in between. As soon as she said she didn’t think “blanket training” was that bad, I stopped taking the poster seriously. No sane person would read about that practice and think it’s okay. I give you credit for trying though!

              I’m just imaging “MariaG” is Michelle after sneaking a few glasses of wine and secretly googling her family and posting all crazily on random websites.

          • Dani

            Yes, because the only two options for raising children are sitting on your bum all day or monitoring your adult children like a two year with markers.

  • Jessiemoon

    That is just so crazy to me, but hey! If it works for them! Their kids seem like great people. Jessa is the prettiest Duggar.

  • Joan Lori

    God created relationship. God approves of relationship. God created sex. And He created boundries … to PROTECT his children. We see a world more sick, troubled and unhappy than ever before in history and you want to mock people who have decided to love and protect their children and do it GOD’S WAY? You need to back up… and shut up … unless YOU can show how you have a MORE SUCCESFUL family than them! Frankly … or should I say even more franker …. if THIS society is saying it’s ok … I’m going to run THE OTHER WAY!

    • Oh really?

      ….. okay.

      Well, I’d say my parents way of raising me was more successful considering they didn’t feel the need to monitor my text messages when I was 20 years old. They trusted me to make the right decisions because they raised me with values. A 20 year old does not need to be “protected” and monitored, that is a grown adult, not a little girl or even a teenager. If they trust in God and their lifestyle so much why don’t they give their adult daughters more freedom? If they really raised them correctly their daughter would choose to live by the virtues her parents taught her, without having mommy and daddy breathing down her neck at 20 years old. Really they don’t trust their daughter or they guy they handpicked for her to go out to eat alone? Do they really think they’re going to run off and have sex (or gasp, KISS?!) in the bathroom or something? There’s a huge middle ground between raising your kids with no values and letting them run wild and controlling your children’s every move, even after they are adults. Not everything has to be an extreme.

      PS It’s not very Christian to be telling people to “shut up” just because they happen to disagree with you. If you want to get all high and mighty you need to walk the walk yourself.

      • MariaGb

        Why dont we all agree to disagree. No need to get mad;)

    • MariaG

      Took the words right out my mouth.

  • kinlee

    This saddens me. I feel so bad for her, to not be able to know who you’re marrying before you say “I do”. I understand giving children boundaries but the only way to know that all the lessons you tried to teach them have been absorbed is to give them freedom. I’m not going to even hope or pray for the demise of their inevitable union, so JB and MD can learn a lesson. Because the “couple” who had no say in their “courtship” are the only ones who will be left broken and scarred.

  • A

    Why are the parents involved in this? She’s 20 years old; a grown adult. She can do pretty much anything she wants besides legally drinking. Smh.

  • ashley

    I’m just waiting for the day that the black sheep of the family breaks away and goes on a media frenzy spilling all of their secrets!

  • Casper Crusader

    Listen to all of you!! The problems that exist in families today are a direct result of the things that you are all advocating for. Most of you are upset because you think that the Duggers are too strict, and too controlling. What the Dugger parents are is parents.

    The watch over their children. They ‘parent’ their children. They raise them to have morals, and standards to live by. The problems that exist in America today; such as teen pregnancy, single parents, dropout rates, suicides, etc, etc, etc all exist because there are no longer Fathers in their lives.

    I can’t believe the immaturity that some of you have. wishing that one of the kids turns into a porn star, and insulting everything that they do.

    One of the problems here is the rampant hypocrisy. Each of you think that they are wrong, and that only your way is correct, but you are not willing to allow these people that same luxury. So far, none of them have a child out of wedlock, a dropout from school, or an alcohol or drug addiction. Id say that means that they must be doing something correctly!!

    If someone makes fun of you, or criticizes you, or in any way; you get all upset and angry. You expect others to live and let live. Too bad that the same can’t be said for most of you here.

    • Dani

      They are on such a short leash, once they get out from under their parents’ thumbs at least a handful of them are bound to go wild. It happens quite often with children of strict upbringing. They are given all this independence at once and they don’t know how to moderate it.

    • Oh please!

      I’m sorry but I’m not giving credit for their kids “good behavior” when they essential have no other choice but to act that way. Being brainwashed into “staying sweet” is no different than every other method that every other cult in history has used. Their parenting belief is “act this way or you’re cut off from the family forever and you’ll burn in hell”. Tell me how is telling your ADULT daughters that they “cannot” go to college (unless it’s for midwifery) is a parenting technique? Tell me how monitoring your 20 year old daughters texts is a parenting technique? Tell me how a father getting to hand pick a husband for his grown daughter, where the only criteria is that her father approves of him and that he’ll force her to live just as her father has, a parenting technique? You believe that’s all rational behavior, that’s fine. Don’t be all shocked and offended when people disagree with it though.

      It’s all cult like behavior and you can save all of your sanctimonious BS about the decay of society, there’s a huge difference between raising your children with rules and boundaries and being creepy and over the line controlling. Yes, society has A LOT of issues right now but if you think people raising children like the Duggars is the answer, you’re delusional.

  • anna

    Wow, a side hug, how cool is that? Geez, religion or not, total control is wrong, morally and religiously. God, never total controlled anyone, why should they?

  • genivieve

    I like to test drive my cars before I buy them.

  • Tiffany

    Listen up people, they believe in the Bible and everything it says. The Bible has PLENTY to say about sexual sin. Leave this family alone. They aren’t harassing you about all of your immoral acts now are they? There is nothing wrong with saving yourself for marriage and shame on you all for saying that it is. When you don’t have sex, you can focus on getting to know the person on the inside versus the momentary sexual gratification. If it doesn’t work for you, then fine, it doesn’t work for you. But it works for them and why should they be criticized for following the Bible’s teachings? Focus on your own life and let them live theirs pleasing God and hopefully you all will try to do the same.

  • Tiffany

    They love their children enough to help them not succumb to temptation. As Christians, you are supposed to help each other to live as God would like us to live. To give guidance and support to one another. Why is that so wrong? Everything you all are complaining about, if you open your Bible, you’ll find the answer on why they do the things they do. It’s obvious none of you read or are Christians.

  • Mrs. C

    They are 18 and 20 years old – WAY too young to be married in today’s world. Run kid run!!

  • Jason Conaway

    Good to see good values! Something this nation lacks!

  • cameltoe

    She’s a hottie. I betcha he wants to screw her brains out.

  • weird

    You think the way they allow their kids to date is crazy, just read the Christrian textbooks the kids have to learn from: the “trail of tears” brought native americans closer to god, the kkk was a good thing, and global warming and evolution does not exist.

  • heathermay

    this is not something i completely agree with. i dont agree with religion or letting other people tell you how to live.. but these are just their beliefs.. they are all obviously happy and agree with the beliefs of their parents and their church so is there anything really wrong with that? i dont see any negative sides of them living pure lives… as long as they are happy.