Top quotes from Miley Cyrus’ Harper’s Bazaar interview: “I’m on a whole other level”


Miley Cyrus covers the October 2013 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, and of course she had quite a few interesting quotes.

On her now ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth: “I definitely don’t have time to deal with a wedding right now. But I will at some point. I’m someone who cares about the real things in life. There are things that are personal that stress me out, but my career? That doesn’t affect me. I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.”

On her post-Hannah Montana life: “I was an adult when I was supposed to be a kid. So now I’m an adult and I’m acting like a kid. There are times when I’m sitting in my big ole house and I’m like, ‘I can’t believe I’m allowed to be here alone.’ I took off and I just wanted to party. I worked so hard, and I wanted to buy a house and just chill.”

Advice to Justin Bieber: “I’m not saying you need to take a break because you’re crazy. I’m saying you need to take a break so you can be crazy, and people aren’t going to judge you. You’re going to do dumb stuff from here on out. But do it in your own time. Do it safely. You can afford to protect yourself and still have fun.”

On her “We Can’t Stop” video: “I told my label: ‘This is the first time I’m showing you what I’m bringing to the table as an artist. If this goes wrong, you never have to trust me again. I’ll be your little puppet. But if I’m right, then you know I’m on to something.’”

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On her country girl audience: “Not the country girls who are wearing the little frilled skirts and cowboy boots. There is no girl out there speaking on behalf of the country girls who are turnt up.”

On the elevation of her personal style: “I feel like every girl is trying to have a beauty shot and prove that they’re ‘fashion.’ But I can be in white leggings and a white sports bra and I’m on a whole other level of sh– that those girls don’t even get yet because they don’t know how to do it.”

A parting comment: “I’m not scared of anything.”

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