PHOTOS Willie Robertson’s adopted son Will from Duck Dynasty

Willie Robertson's adopted son Will

Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty has an awful lot of things to be grateful for and proud of, but when he reflects on what he and his wife Korie’s most selfless act ever was, that would be the adoption of his son Will.

Will has appeared on a few episodes of the show but hasn’t been put out front and center too much. When Willie made a guest appearance at Harding University he spoke passionately and candidly about he and Korie’s decision to adopt and how much it had influenced his life.

Here’s what Willie said about adoption and his son Will:

I’m proud of my 3rd son. Korie and I decided to adopt. He’s biracial, he doesn’t look like us and it was probably the most selfless thing we’ve ever done. Little Will came into our lives… Some of you may have thought to do that and I challenge you to do it. It’s unbelievable.

Willie Robertson's adopted son Will with sister Bella

That’s what God did with us, He took us in. Jesus is His son and He took us in as His adopted children and so I can look at my two sons that I have and literally see The New Testament unfolded right there. I have the same love for him, no different. I’m proud of that.

There’s a reason that the Robertsons have quickly become the most popular (bearded) faces on TV, and that brief clip is a great example of what resonates so deeply with the show’s passionate fan base.

Duck Dynasty Willie adopted son Will

Willie and Korie have 5 children together; Rebecca, John Luke, Will, Sadie and Bella. Rebecca was a foreign exchange student from Taiwan that Willie and Korie took in as a foster child. (You can see some great photos of all five of the Robertson children having a blast together here.)

The ratings prove there’s an awful lot of love for this family from Louisiana. From all indications, that’s a reflection of all the love shared between them that has come across so naturally on TV. I know pride ain’t necessarily celebrated in the Robertson’s faith, but Willie should dang sure feel proud about taking Will in and the family he and Korie are raising.

Duck Dynasty returns to A&E for its fourth season August 14, and the male kids won’t be the only boys without beards as nekkid-faced brother Alan Robertson will officially be joining the cast!

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  • Honeybear

    Have never seen the show but I’m sure it’s not easy to adopt, let alone a biracial child in Louisiana. Good for them.

    • christee

      No worse than anywhere else…

  • J_Doe5686

    I love this show. I love the family dynamic and you can feel the love they have for each other.

  • Marci

    At first I was not into this show, but my husband had it on all the time! Finally, I sat down, and watched a show with him. Right away I noticed that they spoke a lot about God, and I thought that was awesome. My husband believes in God, but he didn’t start to talk about God until he started watching this show. He says prayers at the dinner table now lol, and I love it. I noticed that he doesn’t get mad as fast either, and it was because of this show. He told me that in an episode he heard one of them say “get mad slow, and be fast to forgive” (something like that), and he took that, and he does it now. I think that this show is sent from God. I want to thank the producers, and the whole duck dynasty team for putting this show on the air, because now I have a husband that wants to learn more about God, and I love it!!!