Host of KKK kids show discusses Justin Bieber with help from his puppet

Andrew Pendergraft Justin Bieber

Andrew Pendergraft is an all-American, clean-cut looking kid trying to make a name for himself and to get his thoughts out to the world via YouTube. All of that seems innocent enough, but what’s troublesome is that his vehicle is called The Andrew Show and it’s the Klu Klux Klan’s attempt at appealing to the (white only) youth demographic.

Yes. The KKK has a kids show on YouTube and poor Andrew is the chosen one to publicly carry on his family tradition. His mom, Rachel Pendergraft, is a spokeshater for the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan and her dad is Thomas Robb, the national director.

Below is Episode 5 of The Andrew Show, “a show for white kids,” that features Andrew trying his best to discuss the topics of obeying your parents, going back to school, sex education, and Justin Bieber.

Even through the pixellated intro, an antiquated green-screen background, poor camera shots and an adorable lisp, the kid manages to get across some of his mom and granddaddy’s hate:

One of the most liked comments underneath the clip on YouTube, from Molly Cole, sums up my thoughts on The Andrew Show pretty well. “I really hope that someone helps this poor child snap out of this. This is horrifying in every sense of the word.”

Via Jezebel / The Daily Dot

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  • dev

    Ummm starcasm why are we even promoting this bigotry by posting about it and making it famous?

    • Regina

      To get it known and to help stop it.

  • Sara

    By putting this clip on your page Starcasm, your website is bringing the clip AND the “show” more viewers. How could you guys support this, and why????

  • Charla

    Because giving this trash publicity is good because??

  • Ed

    Not surprising since this blog is used to posting complete TRASH.


    Well isn’t this just so precious yall?

  • Soap Box Sermon

    You’re disgusted….just not too disgusted to try to use this tripe to entice viewers. Way to go Starcasm! You’ve reached a new level of shamelessness! #slowclap

  • tanya

    Im sure this would be perfectly fine if it were a “show for african americans”. i mean, after all, there is a BET network! But God forbid if we had a channel just for whites! Such a double standard. This kids speech annoyed me though. He needs speech thewapy. lol also, i dont really see whats so bad about this video did i miss something? maybe the other videos are. ill go check them out.

    • Charla

      I’m not one to defend BET because its complete trash BUT 1. It’s not only for black ppl 2. It doesn’t encourage racism, and 3. There are many times when there are shows on tv where there are no positive minority characters. How many shows on network TV feature a minority as a lead? How many minorities have won the Bachelor? You may not understand the importance of watching shows tht featre people you can relate too but it is sometimes important.

    • me

      ur a dumbass

  • LexiconD1

    Maybe he can get a shot at ‘stardom’ on Big Brother?