Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra’s secret arrest for marijuana in 2009

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were arrested for marijuana in 2009

Many of the 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom stars have been arrested since (and while) appearing on the MTV shows, but few fans know that original Teen Mom cast members Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were arrested for “Controlled Substance Use of Marijuana” in 2009!

According to online records, both Catelynn and Tyler were arrested on May 25, just seven days after the birth of their daughter Carly. Anyone who watched their episode of 16 & Pregnant or subsequent appearances on Teen Mom knows that Catelynn and Tyler decided to place their daughter for adoption, and the two teens (and pretty much everyone watching — including myself) nearly fell apart as Carly’s adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa left with Carly shortly after her birth.

Here are the online records of their arrests:

Catelynn Lowell arrest record for 2009 marijuana arrest Tyler Baltierra arrest  record for 2009 marijuana arrest

Both Catelynn and Tyler plead guilty on July 7, 2009 and were fined a total of $253 each. Their mug shot photos do not appear to be available to the public.

UPDATE – Click here for more details from the original police report!

Though Catelynn and Tyler have never addressed the arrest, I imagine it’s pretty easy to create a narrative of what happened: two heartbroken teens dealing with the absence of their daughter — depression, anger, confusion… It seems understandable that they would try to find some way to make themselves feel better. Marijuana is definitely a widely used drug especially among young people, and is legal for medical use in several states, so this isn’t really a big deal.

In the book Teen Mom Confidential, Tyler’s dad Butch Baltierra was asked about the arrest and he confirmed it before adding, “As far as I know, they don’t do any other drugs.”

MTV cameras continued to capture the lives of Catelynn and Tyler after Carly’s birth, but the arrest and eventual court pleadings were never mentioned on the show. It is possible the pair will address the arrest in their upcoming appearance on VH1’s Couples Therapy, which doesn’t have a premiere date yet.

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  • BrittanyAnnJadeGraham

    I don’t think them giving their child up for adoption should be an excuse for illegal behavior and arrests. Tyler has a juvenile detention record going back long before Carly was conceived, Catelynn discussed it with Dr. Drew on one of his talk shows a few years back. Plus, Catelynn was seen smoking pot out of a bong last year, years after Carly’s birth. They were always portrayed on the show as good kids when in reality they were two kids that failed school and did drugs long before they had Carly and MTV in their lives. Them and Maci severely benefited from the MTV good edit.

    • lilkunta

      it isnt an excuse but it is a reason. giving up a baby is superhard, i dont blame them for getting high to alleviate stress.
      what school did they fail? both graduated high school. i dont know about ty but wasnt cate in comm college/

      • BrittanyAnnJadeGraham

        1. It’s not an excuse when Tyler had previous arrests for illegal activity prior to Carly being conceived. Also, Catelynn had a picture service of her smoking pot out of a bong just last year LONG after they had given Carly up for adoption. If there is one thing people need to learn in live, it’s that you don’t turn to drugs and alcohol during difficult times.

        2. They did fail high school. They failed an ALTERNATIVE high school which is even worse than failing a regular public high school. They had to repeat their senior years of high school. It was on the show. And it said that Tyler had also been held back in the 9th grade, which was long before Carly. Again, they were big time partiers and drug users who did not care about school and failed. And they can’t use being teen parents as an excuse to not graduate on time since they gave their child up for adoption and also, they had failed their senior year of high school which was almost 2 years AFTER giving up Carly for adoption. Sorry that you fell for their innocent act, likunta.

        • You act as if you’ve never been young or done anything *gasp!* ILLEGAL! Every time you go a mile above the speed limit you’ve broken the law. Nobody’s ever died from a little weed, but you seem to think its oh so horrible. Grow up and educate yourself.

          • You clearly missed the point of their posts.

          • Emily

            They go on paid national speaking tours for a conservative Christian adoption agency, who I highly doubt approves of drug use of any kind. They can’t play the goody two shoes card and think they can hide all their dirt. It’s not fair that every other one of their cast mates gets criticized for every little thing and they get this perfect image when they’re not. I don’t think weed is a big deal but it’s annoying how people treat them like saints.

            • They’ve grown up since then, calm down. I was a stoner as a teen too, and guess what I haven’t smoked a joint in over ten years.

              • That’s wonderful and maybe if Tyler or Cate would drop their act and admit that they too smoked, and as recently as last summer Cate was pictured with a bong, instead of pretending they’re angels, it wouldn’t be as annoying to people. It’s not the weed, it’s their attitude and how MTV and their fans portray them.

          • Kris Jenner’s Refrigerator

            Lost a friend in a car wreck in which the driver was extremely high. He was 23 and had his whole life ahead of him. Want to re-think the “educate yourself” tidbit?

            • And how many people die every year from ALCOHOL? Driving and otherwise? But that’s totally legal and acceptable, right??

          • yo

            I agree, these people are obviously ignorant, and have no life

        • Christina

          Completeeeely agree. Look, if you want to do something illegal go for it, it’s your choice. BUT don’t try to justify use by giving your child up for adoption. I have my own child and I know what adoption process is like for both sides involved, stop using it as an excuse for “bad” choices

          • They didn’t say that was why they did it, the writer of this article did. Calm down. Oh, and they graduated.

          • wow

            sooooo obviously clueless arent you

        • lmfao

          Its none of your business, Hypocrite

        • siriusthecat

          I’ve seen who the parents are. Thats just more crap they overcame. I did some bad things as a young teen, I would laugh if someone tried saying that makes me a shitty person now.

      • Emily

        It seems to me they’re going the Hollywood route now as Tyler wants to be an actor (so much for social work) No one goes on Couples Therapy for real therapy, it’s for publicity and attention. Courtney Stodden was on last season.
        I think MTV gave them a good edit but it seems like all of these kids want to continue their “fame” one way or another. And yeah it came out awhile ago that they used drugs way before Cate even got pregnant, they’re not as goody two shoes as MTV made them out to be. They were just smart enough to give their kid a chance in life by putting her up for adoption, which a few of the other girls should have also done.

    • yo

      Search BrittanyAnnJadeGraham lol how funny

  • lilkunta

    how did not surface? how was it hidden 4 4yrs?

    • why

      Because nobody cares besides the lifeless people on this site

  • Who cares? It’s just a little Mary Jane. I would be more likely to look down on them if they had gotten in a drunken fight a la butch the snitch.

  • Jenna

    The fact that they smoke pot has nothing to do with them giving up their daughter. These girls and guys are shown way different on Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. Not one of them is sweet and innocent. Even Kail Lowry allegedly smoked pot while pregnant according to Jo.

    • That’s the point many people are missing, MTV creates story lines for these kids, none of them are innocent. It just seems like certain people are constantly given a break when dirt comes out while others are ripped apart. Can you imagine if it came out Leah got arrested for weed in the past? People would tear her apart because she’s not as well liked as Tyler & Catelynn. People found out she smoked cigarettes and freaked out. And I’m NOT a Leah fan, it’s just an example.

  • Allison

    Date of offense: May 25, 2009. That was 7 days after Carly was born… gee… :

    • siriusthecat

      Thats when a postpartum woman would smoke. She didn’t have a baby to breastfeed at home.

  • micro OP

    So many kids smoke pot and grow up to be perfectly functional members of society. What matters is what they are doing now.

    • JenAsh12

      Catelynn and Tyler aren’t doing anything productive now and probably never will. Right now they are pathetically hanging on to their 15 minutes by appearing on Couples Therapy which attracts the same type of famewhores and has beens as Celebrity Rehab and Dancing With The Stars.

    • Anon

      Which is appearing on yet another trashy reality show…

  • Silent Viewer

    I’m sorry but I find it so disheartening that you guys chose to run this story. Of all the MTV brats, I think these two are actually salvageable. In addition to the painfully mature decision to place their child for adoption, these two seem to be trying to improve themselves, maintain their relationship, and remain engaged with their daughter. Why try to destroy that with some trumped up story about something they did nearly 5 years ago. That’s a truly low blow!

    It’s no wonder our kids run so afoul these days. Negativity has become the currency for success. Is it any wonder all these girls are dropping “sex tapes”? Why do better when there’s always some media outlet salivating for the chance to make a few bucks on a story about your past mistakes or current moral demise?

  • twelfthnight

    If they lived in Canada, this wouldn’t have even been a thing. They’d never have even been arrested. They were probably smoking a joint on the back porch of their trailer and somebody smelled it and called the po po.

    They’re not doing meth. They’re not even DEALING pot. All this says to me is they got caught using it. Boooo hooooo.

    I really don’t think this is that big of a deal, especially since it took nearly FOUR years to be reported. It’s not like they made headlines. Between the pornos, the heroin, the custody battles, domestic violence, jail, DUIs, divorces and all the other crap these girls have churned out, these two STILL come out on top in terms of not turning out to be complete failures.

    So what they smoked a bit of weed? I’ve never touched it in my life and know perfectly well there’s nothing significantly worse about it than a cigarette and certainly not as bad as alcohol.

    • THIS. We need more people like you making comments on this site rather than the bozos who know nothing about anything.

      Also, hello fellow Canadian!


    Oh, are they also trying to stay Relevant/Famous like there Co-Workers!!!!!??????

  • yo

    Go and enjoy your Poisonous Alcohol and Cigarettes with all the health issues they cause, and I will go and enjoy my harmless maryjane edibles!

  • Wow

    I really don’t care about the weed, whatever, I believe it should be legalized personally. But I’m some of their fans are insane, if Tyler went and ran over a homeless guy tomorrow there would be someone on here saying “But they’re such good kids! He was probably missing Carly and not watching the road! Leave them alone!!”
    I mean you can like them and realize they’re better than the majority of other kids on the show but still admit they aren’t perfect (not for smoking weed, just in general)
    And they’re spokes people for a very conservative adoption agency, who I’m sure really does not approve of illegal drug use.
    And I’m sorry but doing Couples Therapy makes them just as big famewhores as the rest of them (not Farrah, she’s the worst) And Tyler being an “actor” is a joke, go back to college and get an education and a real career.

    • christee

      ^^Agreed. It was never a big secret that they partied, that they did so with their parents, even, and that they were raised in that sort of environment. Considering what their lives have been like, they could have easily gone down Jenelle road, but they didn’t. They aren’t angels, but really, they could be so much worse. I’d be more disappointed in them for doing a sh!tty reality show than for smoking pot.

  • HillbillyGoat

    These two are no more (or less) innocent than anyone else on “Teen Mom”, no matter how much MTV manipulates reality to make it appear otherwise.

    Now “Couples Therapy”? Pffft. They’re typical no-talent famewhores, and will probably will come out with a “sex tape” before long.

    • siriusthecat

      When have they ever given that impression? The worst thing that can be said about them is that their parents are bums. They could have used that baby to score a welfare check and a trailer of their own. I’m sure that’s why the parents were pissed off.

  • “Of course I am not condoning marijuana use in this or any other situation”
    No? Not even for glaucoma and cancer patients where all other medication fails to relieve them of their pain? Or as an alternative to using trees for paper?

    Starcasm needs to get some unbiased, grown up and intelligent writers ASAP.

    • Andrea

      Alternative to using trees for paper? Is that a thing? LOL

      • siriusthecat

        That would be hemp and yes its real.

        • Andrea

          #1. Hemp can’t get you high.

          #2. Hemp is usually used for fabrics, not paper.

          I don’t think marijuana is a big deal, but it’s funny to talk about using marijuana (not hemp) as a paper alternative, as if that’s a big issue. It’s just not.

          • siriusthecat

            Hemp and weed are the same under the law. I havent even heard the hemp argument in years. I actually have hemp stationary some hippie gave me years ago. I used one sheet.its not great. I’ve seen the clothing, not impressed with it. It does make good rope. My honest opinion is that this country is broke and spending way too much on fighting weed. I smoke it legally. Its pretty ridiculous that I can still face federal prosecution. Maybe if we took the war on drugs cash and spent on anti terrorism, the Boston Marathon tragedy could have been avoided.

  • siriusthecat

    I condone it. These are good kids. $253 fine isn’t much weed. His dad (her step) is an admitted cocaine addict, and her mom(his step) was a drunk. These two kids pulled themselves up out if the trailer park with those parents. So what if they smoke a little weed.

  • siriusthecat

    I don’t consider them perfect by any definition. There upbringing and parents just broke my heart. Even now Butch is talking trash from jail. With Amber in prison and Farrah doing hardcore porn, they are still defying their trailer park upbringing. Can you imagine even being related to butch or April? I sure couldn’t.