VIDEO Farrah Abraham says James Deen’s penis is small, mom Debra says he is exploiting her daughter

Farrah Abraham discussed James Deen's penis size in interview

Farrah Abraham and her sex t@pe/p0rno co-star James Deen have been going back and forth for a while now. (Ha!) James says the film they made was all Farrah’s idea and that she planned to “leak” the professionally shot video as a sex t@pe. Farrah claims that the video was made for her personal use and not meant to be made public, and she flew out to Los Angeles with her parents this weekend “because someone is trying to be naughty and nasty” to her, which we assume is a reference to Deen.

A TMZ cameraman caught up with Farrah and her mom Debra Danielsen after they arrived at the airport and when he asks Farrah what she has to say about James Deen, she replies, “I don’t have good things to say about him, so I think it’s best not to talk about it.” However, she quickly has a change of heart.

“He should really just get out of the porn industry because things have gotten to his head, he disrespects women and his penis is small,” Farrah said, quickly adding, “I haven’t seen many, but his definitely was not big.”

TMZ’s cameraman then asked her why she picked James as her co-star instead of going with a more low-key dude, since she claims privacy was what she was going for. “I was told that it’s better for my sake and for my privacy to find the best and professional people,” she explains. “At the time, I thought he would be professional.”

Debra Danielson talks about James Deen at the airport

Then, the cameraman turned to Farrah’s mother Debra and asked her how she felt about James. “How would you feel?” she asked. “Someone is trying to exploit your daughter and ruin her reputation and ruin her life .. disgrace her whole family.”

When the cameraman then asked her if he felt Farrah is partially responsible since it was her who decided to make a video with a professional porn star, Debra asked, “Well, did someone tell her that they were making a video? Did someone tell her that this is what it was about? I don’t think so.” But Farrah was clearly aware that they were making the video. In fact, she is the one who set the whole thing up, right?

“I personally hired people to do that so it’s like a wedding video,” Farrah explained. “You expect your wedding video to be good, not bad, so I think it’s great and nobody else needs to see it.”

As for what’s next for Farrah, she says, “I’m taking care of what I need to and for my privacy to like return to being private.”

In addition to Debra, Farrah’s dad Michael Abraham was also in California to support his daughter. Here’s a video of the three of them (plus an awe-inspiring necklace) having breakfast together:

To read what Farrah’s dad Michael Abraham said about James and Farrah’s movie, click here.

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  • Glitzy Texican

    What kind of donkey di€k has she been with that she thinks James’ peen is small?!! O_o

    • Geniya

      HORSES!!! shes finally decided to mess around with her kind
      Sorry for any horses that got offended for this comment

  • Geniya

    She probably has been screwing herself with massive vibrators because i dont think she can get even a donkey to screw her

  • What the hell? Farrah, sometimes you just need to quit. Leave the guy out of this, he did his job, he IS being a professional and not dragging you through mud. You just need to let it go and everyone will forget how dirty you are by next week.

  • 1) The things people will do to stay ‘relevant.’ Yuck.

    2) Poor Sophia…. I hate that she’ll know all these details someday. The internet is forever 🙁

    3) The ad that popped up under Farrah’s top photo when I opened the page, is a picture of a cat’s butt. Even the adbot hates Farrah!

  • Oh, Farrah, seriously? Come on, now. Through all of this, I feel so sorry for Sophia. How is she going to feel when she gets old enough to understand and is able to see this mess?

  • amberc88

    denial is an ugly ugly thing! And Farrah seriously needs to get over herself! She is the prime example of a manipulatiive pathological liar. Sad part is Poor Sophia is going to grow up and be the EXACT same! Just sad.

    • She’s not even a good liar! She gets caught all the time, and just makes it worse.

      • amberc88

        ya for sure one of the worst liars! like i think its a safe assumption that michael and deborah have failed as parents! Farrahs sister is just as nasty as her! I cant believe some people. I also cant believe they still will listen to every word she tells them, when they see everytime that she is full of sh!t. Honestly the episode where deborah hit farrah, was one of the BEST episodes! and that is nice compared to what i would be doing to her if she was my child and treated me the same way and did nothing but lie over and over. This is what happens when your child has NO punishments or rules and is a spoiled brat that is allowed to control her parents and do whatever she wants whenever she wants. Sorry this kind of turned into a rant. She just irritates me sooo bad, like worse than janelle!

      • amberc88

        but yet her parents STILL chose to believe her!!!! her comment of “did farrah even know it was being recorded?” that comment alone is actually irritating. its like LISTEN to what your horrible brat daughter/monster you created has said. first she said no video ever existed. than you find out there is not one but TWO videos exist!!! one couldnt be released because of her age in the video! and than she admits she made a video. but for her private use only. But she puts a 2 million dollar price on it. James deen is honest about the whole thing and basically calls farrah out on her bullsh!t, and she once again calls him a liar. and tries to play the victim. ughh the whole thing pisses me off, but im more mad that her damn parents wont just put their foot down and stand up to that evil beast and put her in her damn place FOR ONCE!

  • Farrah, “I’m taking care of what I need to and for my privacy to like return to being private.”

    and yet she posts videos up about her having breakfast with her parents and a video with her Breathalyzer in her car.. she very like private >_>

  • Ashley

    This entire family is insane and delusional. I honestly fear for Sophia and her future.

  • SammyG

    Debra is the dumbest woman around, Farrah never had a chance. I hope Sophia breaks the stupid cycle when she grows up.

  • Mickey

    Now I get it! Derek was a bad person because he knocked her up, her exes are bad because they didn’t want to be with her, and now James because he called her a$$ out. Her mom is nothing but an enabler. It’s never her daughters fault, someone else made or tricked her into doing it. They ALL need to be punched.

  • Nikki

    She’s really comparing a desperate attempt to keep herself relevant by shooting a porn video with a well-known porn star to a wedding video?! This chick is out of her mind, and hearing the ignorant things her parents are spewing, it’s no question where she gets it from. I just have to laugh that she would think that marriage between two people who love each other is the same as filming a pornographic film to leak for fame. Although, given her personality, it’s probably about as close to a wedding or relationship that she will ever get! Any sane, quality man will run far, far away from this crazy chick and her equally insane family.


    Well teen girls get pregnant at 16 get on an MTV show for a couple seasons when that money runs out fall back on what ya know laying on your back making a PORNO GREAT JOB MTV SUCH A ROLE MODEL!!!!!!!

  • Sara

    “I haven’t seen many, but his definitely was not big.” Yeah, right !

  • Vicky

    I hope Derek’s parents try and get custody over Sophia!! That poor little girl has no chance being raised by these weirdos!!

    • amberc88

      i honestly agree! Farrah has pretty much just handed her off to her parents anyways, and just by looking at the monster they have already created, they CLEARLY should not be raising another child. Thats going to be just as bad if not worse than farrah! i feel sooo bad for sophia. I feel like we are basically looking into the future right now of what will be sophia. suchhh a sad though

  • Sweet Venom

    Yeah, because Farrah hasn’t already disgraced herself and her family. Of course of course. God dammit. I dislike her even more now, especially her family for thinking she is innocent in all of this. I know people can be delusional but this is insane.

  • Jenn

    Paris Hilton is smarter then this bitch

  • a

    she is nuts, that dude packs a hammer.

  • Honeybear

    Maybe your vagina is big.

  • micro OP

    Her vagina must be huge, poor thing. Now I know why she’s such a b—ch all the time!

  • zigzzagz

    I know I’m late on this. But she hires a pro, shells out the money to pay him to fly over and stick it in her bum, and pays a camera crew to film it and says it was meant to be a private video just for herself to watch and for her own private viewing enjoyment……and her mother backs her up on it and blames that hired actor for ruining her life. Lol. Her mother is either in on it, the originator of the idea, or the must naive and stupid woman on the planet.