The Duggars have another baby on the way

Josh and Amy Duggar with their daughter Mackynzie and son Michael

The Duggar family’s Babypalooza continues! 19 Kids and Counting mom and pop Jim and Michelle Duggar‘s oldest child Josh and his wife Anna are expecting their third child together. Josh and Anna are already parents to Mackynzie, 3, and Michael, 21-months.

“It is very exciting,” Josh tells People. “It’s fun for Michael and Mackynzie being so close in age and this baby will be, too. We feel very blessed and happy.”

Anna had taken a pregnancy test during filming in Asia for a special season of the show, but it was negative. “I thought for sure I was pregnant and so I was a little disappointed,” Anna says. “But two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant.”

“I got sick overseas and then when I returned home, I was then into the morning sickness,” she says. “But now, I have more energy than I ever had before.”

Josh and Anna have found out the sex of their baby but aren’t telling anyone yet. In fact, they won’t even confirm or deny whether or not the baby’s name will start with an “M” as their other children’s do. “We’ve been throwing around name ideas and we are pretty certain we have it down to two,” Josh says. “We will have to see.”

Jim and Michelle are also thrilled about the upcoming new addition. “Being a grandpa is really special because Josh and Anna live only eight miles away and our kids and their kids almost consider themselves brothers and sisters,” Jim says. “They love playing together.”

Just over a year ago, Jim and Michelle tragically loss their baby Jubilee who would have been the 20th child for the couple.

19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Do Asia premieres tomorrow night at 9/8c on TLC.

Top Photo: TLC/Scott Enlow

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  • dee

    “our kids and their kids almost consider themselves brothers and sisters,”
    Eww, that is just so weird to me.

    • Why is that weird? You’re weird.

      • jeff


        • me


          • jeff

            Get your head out of your ass, it was a joke. Though looking at your posts it seems you wouldnt know one if it went up behind you and raped you. What a retard.

            • me

              Are you kidding me? I can make my point without calling people names. And I find it offensive that you made a comment about rape considering I was a victim of rape. P.S. Don’t use the word retard. It is highly offensive.

            • me

              And it is a good thing you are not reproducing. The world doesn’t need more mean people like you. I would much rather welcome another Duggar in the world than someone that makes jokes about rape which is serious. And use the word retard.

        • happy

          You are 5. Or at least you are acting like a 5 year old.

  • $500 on the table the baby’s name starts with ‘M’.

  • Katie

    I feel like they’re going to turn into Josh’s parents the way they’re popping out kids so fast!

    • jeff

      Well Michelle is only popping out duds now, so they have to keep the tradition going some how.

      • tab

        you’re so cruel.

        • jeff

          Welcome to the internet. You must be new?

      • Jen90


      • Jen90

        She is going to pop babies out till she dies. I but she is wide as the grand canyon and it probably smels like a fish market.

  • AK

    People have sooo many mean hearted things to say about this family.. But I say to each their own. All the Duggar kids are well fed, well dressed, well mannered and hard working. I’d much rather see a family with solid morals and faith have this many children..

    • LexiconD1

      Hard working, solid morals?
      You obvious don’t know much about this family, other than the BS TLC puts on TV…

    • anjealka

      I have nothing against large families(my husband came from 20+ kids, though some adopted). It is the severe control & cult like religion they follow. Do you realize they have 8 high school grads and except Josh, all stay at home and none have gone on to college or military or trade school? Do you realize 23 year old Jana or 21 year old Jill can’t go on a walk or to the store by themselves. Look up quiverful, ATI or Gothard. You will see so many kids of families like the Duggars with horror stories of abuse. The Duggars follow the Pearls mthod of disclipline. They use blanket trainket with plumbing pipe punishimnet with infants to “train them”. The older women not girls, they have four adult women above 18 in the house, do most if not all the running of the household. Again large mainstream religious families are fine but that is not the Duggars. I wish someone would do a story that is one the Duggars and Bill Gothard or the Pearls or ATI. There have been investgations into the Pearls (many kids have died due to the severe discipline) and Gothard (those retrteats Jana and Jill go to, some have been shut down after kids were locked in prayer closets for days sitting in feces and starving). Im sure the Duggar kids are nice but please just spend a few minutes online looking at their beliefs and what life is really like.

      • tab

        much of what you just typed out is rumor and gossip. jana has been across the world by herself, of course she can take a walk alone.
        they have never acknowledged that they practice gothard or quiver-full or ATI. clearly their children are not abused, they’re happy and well cared for.
        the older girls could leave at any time but they choose to stay home, the girls have said so themselves, as well as michelle and jim bob.

        • anjealka

          Bill Gothard spoke at Josh’s wedding. they have said they are ATI many times on the show and they give lectures at the ATI confernces in BIg Sandy every year. Their official website links to the Pearls book. In their book Michelle talks about the Pearls and blanket training. She talks about using it with the twins. Jana never went across the world alone?? JD her twin along with Anna’s sisters went with her. The trip was ATI sponsored(her picture is on the missions website) and she stayed with all ATI chaperones. Yes the girls could leave, but with no education or money what would they do. Only 3 kids got GEDS (josh, jill, Joseph). Look up razing ruth, she is just like the oldest Duggars/same city same ATI same homseschooling etc. She had the hardest time leaving(she did not want to marry and have a large family & her family had a courtship lined up so she left). Ruth says the guilt over leaving the her siblings was so hard because she was like a mom to them. It was like leaving her own kids. It took her over 4 years just to get basic skills and she has struggled for years. Im not saying the Duggar kids are bad at all. I actualy feel bad for some of them. They have very little choice and have been brainwashed since birth. If all 19 really wanted large families and no education, blanket training, and to live that lifestyle fine, but I do not think they all want exactly the same thing??

          • tab

            i didn’t know bill gothard spoke at josh’s wedding, interesting.
            yes, i did know they spoke at ATI conferences, but i have always felt like michelle takes part to help other mothers that are in different situations. many of those women and children ARE abused, and maybe she thinks she can help them by trying to make their faith stronger or something.

    • Chasity Channell

      Morals lol. Google Pearls method and blanket training and get back to me.

    • Jen90

      Yeah because as long as you are well fed and wear a skirt all the time then you are doing ok. Who cares about the mind control and domination. They are hard working taking care of the all the kids their parents decided to have. The older kids should not have to take care of their parents children just because duggher can’t keep her legs closed or take birth control for the sake of her children that already exist but as long as they are fed and clothed then their is no way they are being abused or hurt is there? You think that is all their is to raising a kid? The kids don’t get in any trouble because they don’t let them go any where without them. If you can’t trust your kid at all then you are doing something wrong. Although all kids act up sometimes and nobody is perfect. They have total control over their kids and won’t even let them be their own person and it’s sick.

  • Ally

    Too many kids in one family…starts twitching..

  • tab

    people should leave this family alone. they don’t take any money from the government, who cares how many children they decide to have? they’re not going around saying everyone has to.

    just because someone chooses differently than you might doesn’t make them weird or any other nasty things people say. to each their own, including this family. do i agree with their choices? not at all. but their choice of living isn’t any of my business.

    • anjealka

      It is not the amount of kids. It is the severe control, discipline & cult like religion Bill Gothard they follow. If your 23 year old is not allowed to drive to the store and buy a gallon of milk alone and must have a chaperone..there is something wrong. Please look up stories of ex-ATI kids (the wisdom booklets the Duggars homeschool with) the stories are so sad. Look up Razing Ruth, she grew up in the same area, same homeschool group/religion. Her escape story is a 10 year journey to try and learn to live in the real world.

      • tab

        i just replied to your comment below. i know quite a bit about those cults you mentioned and i don’t believe the duggars take part in most of what you’ve claimed.

        i agree, some of those stories are terribly sad, but i just don’t see it with this family.
        go back to free ginger and spread your rumors there.

        • anjealka

          What is free ginger? I wrote my thesis on religion, mainly FLDS. While writing my thesis I came across Bill Gothard and his teen training center in IN and the connection to government. That was years ago. I was surprised when I tuned into the Duggars(because my husband came from a large family) that they were using ATI homeschool. I guess the researcher in me has looked up the connection between the groups. I carefully watch the epsiodes. I guess Im more anti-TLC because the learning channel only shows one side of the story. Maybe I just find it hard to believe since my husband has 20+ brothers and sisters they really all could want the same thing. My husbands siblings are a mix of military, chef, accountant, teacher, mechanic, carpenter, stay at home moms, lawyer, some religious some not, some have no kids some have 5-6. I just want to see one of the 8 kids out of homeschool go to college or military or do something slightly different.

          • LexiconD1

            Sadly Tab, these are NOT rumors. You can easily Google most of the ‘facts’ you’ve refuted, and find out you are wrong. If people really knew what this ‘family’ stood for, they’d be appalled.

    • Jen90

      Look if they were not exploiting their kids on this reality show they could not survive and would be using the government. Why do you think they have the reality show because they can not survive on their own like us normal floks. It is hard to grow up around cameras especially during puberty. I also don’t like how they use their older kids to take care of the younger ones. If you can not take care of your kids yourself then don’t have so many! That is not fair to these kids. It is very weird the way they control everything about their kids and don’t let them be themselves. Why do they only wear skirts dresses? Easy access? It’s really weird and sick. I bet her vag is so wide and torn up they are probably bungee jumping out of there. They also told her she could die and the baby if she keeps having them but she won’t stop and who is going to take care of all those kids? While the dad and the kids which already take care of some will have even more responsibility. This woman is selfish and weird. Who would want to do that to themselves. There is no way you can have enough time in the day to pay attention that many kids. Can’t they just tie have tubes, fix him, use some form of birth control or just stop having sex. I am sure these poor kids are going to be traumatized or grow up to be like their weird creepy horrible parents. Also when you have less kids then you can dedicate more time to each kid. They need to let them be individual selves and stop controlling everything with them and take care of their own damn kids by themselves that they decided to have. I really can’t stand these people. lol

  • Carra

    I get such a creepy feeling from Josh. His wife always seems tense around him.

  • Butch’s Law Degree

    I almost had a heart attack because I thought you were talking about Jim and Michelle.

  • Mia

    The babie’s name will be Matthew if it’s a boy or Madelyn/Madison/Madeline if it’s a girl.