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Gypsy Sisters Stanley family tree Nettie Mellie Kayla Laura

Gypsy Sisters stars Nettie Stanley, Mellie Stanley, Kayla Williams, and Laura Johnston have come to be known as “The Stanley Sisters,” and they even had a one-hour special by that title on TLC after their initial appearance on My Big Fat America Gypsy Wedding. But, despite what their nickname might imply, these four gals are not sisters at all — something that has caused a little bit of confusion for those tuning in to Gypsy Sisters in its inaugural season.

So, I’ve gone through the trouble of putting together the Gypsy Sisters family tree that you see above, which obviously isn’t a complete Stanley family tree, merely a tree large enough to understand the relationship between the show’s four main characters. (Click photo to enlarge.)

As it mentions on the top of the graphic, the main thing to understand is that Mellie and Nettie’s mom Lottie Mae Stanley is the sister of Kayla’s mom Jettie Matthews. Laura married Kayla’s brother (and Jettie’s son) Gus. That’s pretty much the gist of it.

It should be noted that all lists of siblings in the chart are not in any sort of order, except for Nettie’s children, who are arranged by age from oldest (Heath – 21) to youngest (Kat – 4). UPDATE – When I originally created the graphic I felt I didn’t need to mention that Nettie’s daughter Destiny died when she was still a baby (a terrible tragedy for Nettie), but after seeing a comment or two about it I thought I should clarify, so I updated the image. Destiny would be 13 now.

I realize I don’t have Kayla and Richard’s children’s names yet, but I goofed and forgot to ask for that information when I was putting the tree together and really wanted to get it up before tonight’s episode. I will update with an amended chart as soon as I get the information. Oh, and Annie Johnston’s photo (sister of Kayla and Gus) is included because she played a big role on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding and makes numerous appearances on Gypsy Sisters as well.

I’d like to thank Mellie, Nettie, and @StanleySisFans for their help putting the list together! If you notice any errors, just let me know in the comments section and I will try to make the corrections as soon as I can.

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    • Name

      Is Nettie related to her husband or is it coincidence he has the same last name as her mother?

      • Geniya

        maybe they are related

      • christee

        They could have a tyler-catelynn-butch-april thing going.

    • milf

      She looks good after having nine kids

    • K

      Annie was the one with the Winter Wonderland wedding, right? Who married her cousin? From the previous episode, it looked as if they weren’t together anymore. Are they?

    • Anon

      Nettie’s husbands last name is Williams
      Nettie’s last name from one of her other husbands is Williams

      • Name

        Her current husband’s name is Huey Stanley and he was arrested a couple of years ago, along with their son Albert, for trying to scam an elderly couple out of a bunch of money.

        • Guest

          Nettie has married cousins 3 times. Her maiden name is Collier, married Heath Smith, married Huey (eddie) Williams and now married Huey Stanley. Her siblings last Names are Collier, Williams, Stanley and Telke. That’s some messed up shit.

    • Anon

      The child destiny that they have listed has an obit from1999.
      All of these folks have been in jail.

      • Phoxee

        Do you happen to know how Destiny died? I can’t find anything on her but her obit. =( Poor baby.

    • Anon

      Google nettie collier Williams

    • Family friend

      Then we have stuff like this:

      Dovie McCrary (Civilian)
      Gender: Female
      Marital Status: married
      Birthday: December 30, 1986
      Hometown: Lexington
      Military Status: Civilian
      About Me:
      Hi i am 23 years old i am looking for my father my mother said she met him in petersburg va or somewhere close to there where he was stationed it was 1986..he knew her as beth but her real name is lottie ..she says she nicknamed him travis but his name is Bobby please if anyone has any information please contact me
      Poor kids don’t even know who there fathers are.

    • Family friend

      Nettie has married cousins 3 times. Her maiden name is Collier, married Heath Smith, married Huey (eddie) Williams and now married Huey Stanley. Her siblings last Names are Collier, Williams, Stanley and Telke. That’s some messed up shit.

    • Nessa86

      Kayla and Richards children are Danielle, Sissy and Richard Jr

    • GumballGiggity

      These people shouldn’t breed =_=

    • mmilf

      i just wonder- where do these women get the money for that lifestyle they have?? all the cars, restaurants, mani-pedi etc.??

      Also- at one point Kayla said that “now the men back at home, so we 11 people”. if Kayla has 3 kids and Laura 2 – it’s total of 9 !

      and- is Laura a gorger?

      • Melissa Christensen’ Meisenhei

        Laura is not a gypsy

    • Whatdahey

      Isn’t Dovie the name of Pookie’s mom. You know the gypsy teenage boy that Nettie’s daughter Nukkie ran off with? Says in this family tree that Nettie has a sister named Dovie…so are Nettie and Dovie Smalls sisters? Are Pookie and Nukkie first cousins?

    • Sarah Lowe

      Christina, Joanna, James, and Jonathan are not Jettie’s children. Lisa Anne Bellflower’s children.

    • akjm81310

      In gypsy culture they often “keep it in the family” to keep the “bloodline pure”… Gives being from West Virginia a whole new angle on the joke :)

    • Jess

      Nettie and Dovie are not related.

    • Linda

      Disgusting…How can someone actually marry their relatives? These people have no morals. How can something like this be a network show? Most of them have been arrested and in jail numerous times. They are scam artists, trashy, foul mouthed, I mean this is just disgusting. Shame on the networks for airing such garbage.

      • princessbubblegum18

        the reason why the marry their cousins is because the know them better than they would a stranger cause you never know if a stranger could be a murderer.

        • Renee L

          HAHAHA! So everyone else who is not a gypsy is at more of a risk to be murdered? Why didn’t I think of that? Gypsies are so smart! I gotta go, I need to propose to my cousin because that guy who asked me on a date last week might murder me.

    • jeburns

      Why did Joann go Nettie on my Big Fat American Gypsy wedding instead of going by her own name?