BEFORE and AFTER PHOTOS: Vicki Gunvalson got a new face

Vick Gunvalson has gotten some work done on her face, which according to Rumor Fix, she reveals on the first episode of season eight of Real Housewives of Orange County to her critical cast members.

The 50-year-old reality star reportedly got a chin implant, and a new nose. It also looks like she’s had some facial injectibles, and the lines around her eyes look more smooth.


Maybe Vicki decided to get a new face after her breakup last fall with Brooks Ayers. Even though she spent New Year’s Eve with Brooks, in a recent interview Vicki said they’re still kaput.

Real Housewives of Orange County returns to Bravo April 1, 2013.

What do you think of Vicki’s new face? Do you like the changes she made?

PHOTOS: V Labissiere / Splash News,

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  • I don’t know why anyone gets fillers, you can always tell.. And I don’t think it’s an attractive look… At all. Seriously… Am I the only one that sees the lumpy face

    • Kathy

      The fillers in the cheeks are always too much. Vicki, Adrienne, Camille they all look abnormal when they load up on fillers in their cheeks. A LITTLE filler around the mouth is nice when done right, but that chipmunk cheek thing looks horrid

  • Shannon

    Still busted. One of the ugliest housewives.

  • Jessica

    I think she would look 20 times better without the heavy black eyeliner. A natural brown would suit her better.

  • Wow! She looks great & I usually don’t like the after pics.

  • savannah

    Sometimes there’s just no use. Plastic surgery/fillers can’t fix everything…

  • Darla Leach

    If you look at both pictures, you can see that the after picture has a softer focus than the before picture. Photos can be retouched to make even the most hideous person beautiful.

    • Kathy

      is it me, or does her nose look less symmetrical in the after picture?

  • LynnHousewife

    She looks bloated and lumpy. Not a good look. I thought she was one the only ones to grow old gracefully. I guess I was wrong 🙁

  • Jenn

    She looks like she is trying to look like Gretchen….

  • Googly Eyes

    Definitely lumpy. And what happened to her eyebrows?!

    • Kathy

      I was just thinking that she needs a permanent makeup procedure on her eyebrows

  • Courtney

    I see nothing different about her chin and the only difference is that the lines around her eyes aren’t as bad but its hard to make a comparison when the lighting in one is horrible outside lighting and the other has a major softening filter. Not the best pics to try to compare.

    • Kathy

      She needs to get her eyebrows darkened

  • OttawaAsh

    Vicky has always been S0 annoying and, aside from Ramona from RHONY, probably my least favourite housewife. With that said, she has always owned her looks and took pride in having had no surgery in a county filled with barbies. She let the media get to her and dare I say, she let Slade her to her. I hope this has nothing to do with Brooks…he’s a terrible partner. Kudos to VIcki however, for raising some pretty legitimate children. Hopefully Brianna keeps her baby out of the spotlight. Get back with Donn! He was great.

  • she looks younger and the nose looks slimmer too; if it is not a nose job it must be the nose enhancers

  • her face looks fatter and her lines are more blurred but that could be the lighting or photoshop. chin looks same but maybe better from side angle. Nose to mouth lines are uneven which suggets unequal filler in cheeks.

  • DD

    The biggest difference is the use of a soft-focus lens in the November photo.

  • Lulu

    I would demand a refund…

  • VegasRHFan

    Vicki is a pig. No amount of plastic surgery will fix her ugly face or her puke personality. She is trying to keep up with the other cast members who are attractive. Sorry Vickdick, you are still in the pig with lipstick category…

  • appearing soon in a lifestyle lift commercial … Vicki

  • You can’t fix butt-ugly. Sorry.

  • Jacqui

    Looks like she had her GUMLINE lasered. Gums near teeth have been raised so less of the gums show when smiling

  • Her Nose and Chin look CROOKED and Chipmunk Cheeks look AWFUL!!!

  • She just needed better makeup. Really.
    More dramatic eyebrow and no liner at inner eyes to
    separate them as they are too close set.
    And her best feature, her dimples seem to have been lessened by all the fat injections,

  • Anti Haters

    If she feels good about herself and can afford it! Go for it! Who are we to judge! I’m sure we all have at least one flaw we would want to correct but can’t afford it!

  • teno

    She looks great all she needs to do is make her eyebrows darker.

  • curlysue

    who cares shes still ugly…

  • Tamra

    Now that Vicki’s plastic surgery didn’t turn out as she hoped, no doubt her plastic surgeon will propose more plastic surgeries to fix the mess. Vicki shouldn’t do this for Brooks–he’s a loser. Vicki’s stiff face makes her look like she just had a stroke!!

  • Adam’s 90 Year Old Friend

    She looked better before.

  • Kat Had

    This is literally putting lipstick on a pig…