MUG SHOT Buckwild’s Salwa Amin arrested for drug possession with intent to deliver

Salwa Amin mugshot photo from 2013 drug arrest

Buckwild‘s Salwa Amin was arrested this morning in West Virginia on a felony charge of drug possession with the intent to deliver.

According to the criminal complaint obtained by WOWKTV, Salwa, 24, and two other men were arrested after police found Oxycodone in her purse at the scene of a drug bust.

In the complaint it says authorities were tipped off by an informant that a drug shipment was scheduled to be delivered to a Nicholas County home in a car with Michigan plates on February 10. The Central West Virginia Drug Task Force were at the residence and witnessed a vehicle with a Michigan license plate arrive.

Police executed a search warrant and entered the residence as well as a shed located on the property. Inside the shed police found Salwa Amin, Shawn Booker, Jason Jones and three packages of heroin. As mentioned above, police also found Oxycodone in Salwa’s purse.

Jason Jones told police that it was Salwa Amin and Shawn Booker who transported the drugs to the home.

Salwa is currently being held in Central Regional Jail with a bond of $200,000 and is set to be arraigned this morning.

MTV has yet to comment on the situation.

UPDATE – Salwa has reportedly been arraigned, during which she said “These charges are wrong.” Click here to watch a video clip of Salwa Amin from jail!

Here is a video report from 13 News that doesn’t have much more information:

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Salwa has been in trouble with the law. Back in July of last year, she was arrested for disorderly conduct after authorities found her screaming and yelling at a man at 4 a.m, but luckily, the charges ended up being dismissed. And in June of 2009, Salwa was arrested and booked for arson but told police it was supposed to be a practical joke. (You can read more about both arrests by clicking the link)

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  • Mountaineer

    People have made it pretty clear on topix that Salwa is a pillhead. You’d think if she was as intelligent as she says she’d be smart enough to slow her roll with those rumors being made public.

  • Amber

    Hope she gets herself some help, heroin is no joke.

    & Her cast mates are speaking out in twitter about it basically saying “hope we don’t all get judged for one persons actions that we certainly don’t approve of”

  • Courtney

    Trash…. Guess we know EXACTLY why Courtland Rogers supposedly visited “someone from Buckwild” when he fled the state after Jenelle Evans told the cops he beat her and filed charges. Then Courtland was on video chat from a hotel room snorting white powder (probably the oxy’s) yet he swears it was only baking soda! Ah how the puzzle pieces begin to fit….. (Smirk)

    • Courtney

      Maybe it was even Courtland who tipped off the police (since he probably knew about the drug house and would sell ANYONE out to help save his own ass, which we know he turned himself in recently, so he probably said he had info on others to help him get a lighter sentence!)

  • Emily

    I totally suspected that she was on some kind of pain killers! Especially in that episode where that gross Jesse guy comes over to the girls’ house all wasted. When he’s talking to Salwa she is itching her face and seems really out of it. I knew she had to be on something! It’s sad and it only furthers the bad reputation that West Virginia has for “Hillbilly Heroin.”