Kate Upton scores Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover for the second year in a row


Kate Upton should be a very happy girl.

This is only the second time a model has gotten the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover two years in a row. The last time consecutive SI swimsuit covers happened was from 1996-7, when Tyra Banks covered two in a row, and that was 10 years after Elle McPherson scored three covers back-to-back from 1986-8.

Kate has actually been on the cover of Sports Illustrated three times in a row, but the first time, in 2011, she was in an inset as “Rookie of the Year.”

2013’s issue has “Polar Bear” theme, and after the cover was revealed, Upton tweeted “We can finally talk about Antarctica!!!!!…Took us 2 months to thaw out.”

The magazine was set to premiere the cover on Monday night’s Late Show With David Letterman, but Page Six got their hands on and leaked the cover early.

What do you think of Kate getting this recognition two years in a row? Do you think she’ll be on the cover in 2014?

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  • burkey

    i don’t pay much attention to models or the SI swimsuit issue but I love that the cover is a girl who isn’t sickly skinny or totally unrealistic looking

  • tanya

    i dont see what the fuss is over her! she really is not that attractive. i do like the fact that she has some meat on her bones, but shes got a “butta face”…everythings pretty, but her face. i guess guys dont pay attention to that part of her anyway. i know she has big ta-tas, but i think they definitely photoshopped em & made em even bigger. neeeeext. over her already!

  • spottedgiraffe

    I’m gonna get a thumbs down but I don’t care. She looks fat in this photo. It’s just not a flattering shot of her I don’t know what it is but she takes way better photos then this. Something is just off.

    • tab

      her body isn’t fit, that’s why she looks fat. and the size-too-small bottoms she has on don’t help, they cut in to her skin, making her look heavy.

    • Nathan

      She doesn’t just look fat in this photo. She is fat, period. I really don’t understand her appeal – no curves, flat butt, and a with an only kinda-cute-in-a-trailer- trash- way face.

  • tab

    eww, why her? she’s very average looking and her body is soft. you’d think they’d want a woman that’s fit and in shape on the cover of a sports magazine.

  • Katoe

    While I always found Kate Upton to have a pretty face, I never thought she fit the role of a swimsuit model. She is not curvey, big boned, or thick…she is chubby! It is apparent in all of her pictures. While her weight should not exclude her from being a model, I dont think swimsuites are the best fit for her, as she looks quite bad in most photos.

  • Jason

    Are you all insane? I will admit thar her stomach isn’r as flat as last year, but she is still hot! You’re either blind, gay, or a jealous female on here. I dare anyone to watch the “Cat Daddy Video” and still say she is just ok, fat, or belong modeling swimsuits, it’s impossible.A better challenge would be that all of you post your pictures on here, then we’ll all get to see who is thick, fat, and still not worthy of a jump after a bottle of liquor! Lol

  • Cedric

    I don’t get why they are making a big deal out of this overvalued chick. she’s not fat, she’s just flabby she’s got those big b00bs that are also flabby, no hips, or butt, wobbly belly – yuck.