90 DAY FIANCE Anfisa returns to soshul meedya, explains absence, talks plastic surgery rumors

Anfisa returns to Instagram

America’s favorite self-proclaimed gold digging Russian reality starlet Anfisa Arkhipchenko is back on soshull meedya and back putting “the hot in psychotic!”

90 Day Fiance‘s break out supervillainess turned superheroine had refrained from doing what she does best (i.e. posting hot photos of herself on online) for nearly THREE MONTHS before returning to Instagram earlier this month with a photo of herself in which she looks like Anfisa Stormborn after taking back her rightful place upon the upholstered throne:

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“Time to report all fake accounts that were made while I wasn’t here ?” Anfisa captioned the picture, addressing all of the fake Anfisa accounts created in an attempt to fill the void her absence created.

The response from Anfisa’s more than 220,000 followers (more than twice what she had back in July!) was overwhelmingly positive, and she expressed her gratitude in the caption to her next photo:

Anfisa face plastic surgery psot

“I want to thank everybody for your kind words under my last post,” Anfisa wrote, adding a ❤️. “I totally didn’t expect that and it was very nice to read.”

Ah, but not all of the comments were completely positive as some openly questioned Anfisa’s motives for stepping away from social media. “Apparently some people think that the only reason why I wasn’t on Instagram for awhile is that I was recovering from surgeries,” Anfisa added, “So here’s a picture of my face for you so you could assume even more. ✌?”

Anfisa then shed a little light on her Instagram hiatus:

I’ve never been a type of person that posts tons of pictures all the time showing how I spend my time, who I am with, what I eat etc. and this little amount of ‘fame’(or notoriety??) I got by being on the show is really overwhelming so I wanted to take some time for myself to figure out what I am going to do next.

Anfisa concluded her caption by asking (in Russian) if she has many Russian followers and if she should post in her native language.

It was another week before Anfisa blessed the webs with another picture, this time strutting the street in what looks to be a screen shot from a Nancy Sinatra music video:

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“Guess what’s my favorite color ??” Anfisa joked in the caption, before addressing the fact that she is wearing the same pair of thigh-high black boots as her photo from earlier in the month: “And yes, I only have one pair of boots ? When I was moving to California I didn’t think I was going to need them at all so I left all my boots in Russia.” It sounds like Jorge needs to scrape together some boot loot and hook Anfisa up!

Just minutes ago, Anfisa posted another photo, this time she is a bit more casual as she shows off her ample (ampler?) assets in her skin-tight hiking attire:

90 Day FIance Anfisa wearing tight clothes

“After a nice hike… around the mall ? Who else wears gym clothes most of the time? ?” Anfisa asked. Of course Anfisa goes hiking…at the mall! And let me be the not first to say — Anfisa is looking damn good y’all! (In a conventional superfine babe kinda way.)

I feel I should mention that many are speculating that Anfisa (and Jorge) have scored their own reality show gig — either as a 90 Day Fiance spin-off or their own separate show. That certainly seems like a very logical explanation as to why Anfisa all but vanished from Instagram, especially if their show included some sort of surgery or makeover for Anfisa and/or Jorge. Perhaps that would also explain why Anfisa’s first photo was posted on December 1, which sure seems like a contractual kind of date.

Of course, I am guessing Anfisa will roll her eyes and look down her potentially new nose at my speculation — but that’s exactly why we all love her! Please Anfisa, sass me up! I will be happy to “GET YOUR RED MAKEUP BAG!!” in whatever metaphorical sense necessary. 🙂

OK, I mentioned Nancy Sinatra above, and I can’t think of a more fitting way to sign off from a post about Anfisa than playing the song I was referencing. OK Jorge (and all you haters), prepare to be walked all over…

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