PHOTOS Snooki and JWoww wearing Victorian clothes is my new favorite thing

Snooki and JWoww wearing Victorian clothes

I knew that motherhood would mean big changes for former Jersey Shore star Jenni Farley, but I had no idea the JWoww to JMomm transition would be so drastic! GTL went from Gym, Tan, Laundry to Gown, Tea, Lace as JWoww and BFF Snooki were photographed out in New Jersey today sporting full Victorian garb from lacy, full-length dresses to matching hats (bonnets?), gloves and parasols!

Click to enlarge:
JWoww wearing Victorian clothes

Snooki wearing a Victorian dress with hat and parasol

According to the photographer, the dramatic duo were visiting a Victorian tea room and I guess they decided to really dress the part.

Let me be the first to name this new hip retro style Snooktorian. I only hope we all get to see more when Snooki & JWoww returns to MTV for Season 4!!!

But enough about the future, let’s head back to the past again shall we?

Snooki wearing Victorian clothes

I dunno, I think Snooki may be unleashing a little Victorian side-eye there!

JWoww in a Victorian dress

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