Teen Mom 2 Love Triangle: Did Leah Messer have feelings for Corey Simms during engagement to Jeremy Calvert?

Teen Mom Leah and Corey

Leah Messer and her ex-husband Corey Simms have a long history and two children together so when she moved on to Jeremy Calvert in August of 2011, she dealt with some mixed emotions. No one knew how long she had feelings for Corey, but as Teen Mom 2 progresses we’re starting to see that Leah was still in love with Corey even after she and Jeremy Calvert became engaged and pregnant.

During the season 3 finale, fans watched as Leah told her friends and family of her pregnancy and began to question whether or not she was ready. In fact, towards the end of the show while discussing her feelings for Corey, Leah even told her friend that she probably shouldn’t have gotten pregnant so soon. It was all a bit confusing for fans to see Leah dealing with these emotions — especially after she decided to remove her IUD and try for a pregnancy with Jeremy.

Teen Mom 2's Corey Simms Aleeah Grace and Jeremy Calvert

^ Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert with Aleeah Simms in March of 2012

When the season ended, Leah was still pregnant and still engaged but sadly, the pregnancy ended in miscarriage just over a month later in January 2012. Then, in the spring of 2012, the fourth season began shooting — just in time for Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert’s April 4 wedding.

In the sneak peeks at the upcoming Teen Mom 2 season 4, Leah appears to be going through the same emotions regarding the two men in her life, which means Leah may have been struggling with these ambivalent emotions pretty close to her wedding to Jeremy. According to OK! Magazine, Leah even confesses her feelings to Corey during season 4 which is sure to make a dramatic couple of episodes. In the end, of course, she marries Jeremy and the two have been together ever since. In fact, this past Monday they welcomed their first child together, a baby girl.

Need a little catching up or refresher? CLICK HERE to see a timeline of Leah’s love life.

Teen Mom 2 season 4 debuts on February 18 at 10/9c on MTV.

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  • Areyouserious

    She probably cheated on Jeremy with Corey right before their wedding. The girl does repeat her mistakes.

    • awoman

      She would have if Corey would have. Jeremy is lucky that Corey is more honorable than Robbie.

  • tab

    i wouldn’t be surprised if leah and corey end up back together someday. i feel like leah’s obsession to have a family is the reason she moved on with jeremy so quickly, not love or maturity.

  • nicole

    her and Jeremy won’t last… she still loves corey they gave up to soon

  • Have a seat

    If MTV didnt film Leahs delivery then this show is a wrap, and there will be no season 5. It would be unfortunate if Leah did all this to create drama and the show ends anyway.

    • burkey

      I don’t think they filmed it. I have a feeling that MTV pushing up the 4th season run consecutively with the 3rd is an indication they are just done all together. But I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

  • dee

    ‘Long history together’? Please she was pregnant longer than they were together.

  • Melissa

    I don’t understand why Corey and Leah didn’t try harder? Like it was this awkward weird thing and clearly they both still cared-so why move on? It’s like they thought as soon as they began their separation that there was no going back. You’re allowed to decide to stay together! They would even talk about how it was a mistake and shit…ok, so why do it? It makes no sense.

    • ashley

      I agree! I don’t understand why they didn’t try harder. So sad.

  • ashley

    I feel so sad watching Leah and Cory. Clearly they loved each other but didn’t know how to make it work. Counseling would have done wonders to save their marriage. And I do like Jeremy, but for some reason I don’t see it with him and Leah. I feel like he’s almost too good for her, idk. I wish Leah and Cory would’ve made it.

  • burkey

    I feel like Leah is very confused. I used to think she never loved Corey being that Corey was a rebound from the kid Robbie who she was with for a while before Corey and she just got pregnant and sort of bound to him. Then after all this divorce stuff happened I started to feel like she really did (maybe still does) love Corey after all. It is confusing just to watch..

  • burkey

    I’m also wondering what exactly goes through Jeremy’s mind to propose to a girl like a month into dating who recently got divorced and has twins with that very new ex husband… he seems nice but not sure if he’s much logical than Leah

    • burkey

      much more logical*

  • Ace

    So when’s Leah selling the first photos of her baby? Must be any day now. Oh the suspense.

  • awoman

    Of course she did! She races off and makes stupid decisions too quickly EVERY TIME.

    He might be thinking about divorce? File! Meet someone you might like? Move in with the next guy after two months! Hardly know the new guy you are banging? Take out your IUD! You’re willing to entertain the idea of working things out with Corey, but only if he wants to rush it right now now now? Get engaged to Jeremy! Don’t stay engaged for long, get married! Now now now!! Can’t wait, must do it now!

    • Courtney

      Lol you wrapped it up perfectly!

  • MEH.

    Has she actually confirmed the birth of her daughter? Theres nothing definitive anywhere on her twitter acct.

    • Ace

      Nope, but typically all the girls never confirm any of the rumours for a little while e.g. Leah getting married, Kailyn getting married, Leah pregnant again etc

    • It was posted on her facebook.

  • I think things would be much better for her if she would just think them through.

  • Ashley

    Yes! As soon as I saw the episode where she said “I took out my IUD” I thought back to the article where she claimed her IUD “slipped”. Anything to divert blame for her mistakes.

  • Sarah

    As each passing day she has less supporters on the outside world based on mistakes she is making. She may think she is happy now but in 10 years her opinion may change. I’m 30 now and who I was at 20 boggles my mind. I also married at 20, had 2 children, and 6 years later we ended our relationship because we grew up. At 20 you are a completely different person then you are when older. For her, it may be more difficult since she only sees him once a week. Wait until you see one another daily and dealing with day yo day issues.

  • Sweet Venom

    Of course she still had feelings for Corey. In the last episode she looked so confused when Corey was crying over the fact that she was engaged and pregnant. That’s her own fault though, she “moved on” way too quickly.

  • Mel

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all, I remember Leah and Jeremy broke for a short while up after the reunion last year. Who knows what will be shown. The TM2 girls are so vocal on twitter and when I watch the show it just doesn’t add up, in general. The time scales are off and the show is just so overly edited and too many fake scenerios are created. I just don’t see why they do this, especially after the girls tweet everything long before the show airs. Ok that was my little rant, the ridiculous editing annoys me!!

  • Demona

    I’ve been waiting for someone to comment on this. She seems like someone who has problems not looking at the greener grass in the other yard. She did it to Corey, she did it to Jeremy even if it was just an emotional cheat with Corey here that we have seen and will be seeing. She needs to stop and reflect before she loses this husband, too. Because eventually if not Corey, someone else is going to grow some beautiful green grass to turn her head. It’s not too late for her to get her head on straight but she needs strong people to tell her to knock it off in her life.

  • Kiki

    I think this mixed emotions is all an act for the camera. She loves money and so she would do whatever it takes to keep him.