EXCLUSIVE Kailyn Lowry opens up about bipolar diagnosis, apologizes for Season 4 incident with Javi

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry Javi Marroquin and her son Isaac

Viewers of Teen Mom 2 are finally getting to see the budding romance between star Kailyn Lowry and her beau of more than a year, Javi Marroquin. The two (who we affectionately refer to as “Kavi” now) have gotten very close since we first saw photos of the two of them together back in early December of 2011, but apparently their relationship has had its fair share of bumps in the road.

In one incident, which will more than likely be featured in Season 4, things got pretty heated between Kailyn and Javi, and although she can’t reveal specifics about what went down, Kailyn wants to apologize now for what happened. “I just want to publicly apologize in advance to my fans,” Kailyn tells Starcasm exclusively, “and even though Javi and I have moved on from it, I want to say I’m sorry again to him and his family for letting my emotions get the best of me. I know how humiliating that is for them and I’m humiliated myself.”

Teen Mom and Javi Marroquin at a Philadelphia Eagles game

Kailyn goes on to say Javi has forgiven her for the incident, but it motivated her to seek counseling. It was in her counseling sessions that Kailyn was diagnosed as bipolar, which is something she will soon begin taking medication for. “My mom is bipolar and it turns out I am too,” Kailyn reveals.

Kailyn is currently still raising her now-three-year-old son Isaac and working hard at her new job in a dentist office. (Did you hear that Dr. Randy Houska? Kailyn is coming for your job! Oh wait, that would mean she’d have to move to South Dalota. OK Randy, you can relax – your practice is secure. For now.) She continues to plan for her and Javi’s wedding, though it has been reported they are technically already married.

Meanwhile, Javi continues his Air Force training and will be reuniting with Kailyn in Texas there in a couple weeks for his graduation and what is sure to be one hell of a Valentine’s Day for both! (Kailyn tweeted that she only gets “2 five minute phone calls in a month!” Ugh!)

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin

While we all anxiously await the explosive scene between Kailyn and Javi in Season 4, we can continue to tune in every Monday night at 10/9c on MTV for the third season of Teen Mom 2! And be sure to follow us on Twitter because we are there live tweeting pretty much every episode, as are most of the cast members (including Kailyn) as well as charismatic grandparents “Momma” Dawn Spears, Dr. Randy Houska, Jeff Simms, and Babs Evans (via parody account @BabsEvansMTV). It really is a blast, perhaps the most fun you can have interacting during a show!

So what do you think Kailyn did?

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  • rachel

    She is such a beautiful genuine person. Very inspiring!

  • ashley

    I wonder if her and Isaac will move to wherever Javi gets stationed? Or if she has to stay close to Jo?

    • anjealka

      I know several people who have dealt with this over many years. I hope Kail thought about this before she got married(do any of these girls think too much before major life choices?). If she has primary physical custudy she might be allowed to move but she would still be bringing Issac back for hoildays, birthdays and school breaks. It can get tiring & costly. I had one friend who it has been 12 years since her divorce & her new husband is in the Army. She had to spend over 1k on plane tickets for her kids to fly back to see thier dad for Christmas. Not much fun when your husband is overseas , your kids are cross country and you are broke and alone on christmas! I hope Kail & Jo make a plan sooner then later.

    • tab

      if she’s a decent mother, she will remain close to jo where he can be as involved in isaac’s life as possible. i’m hoping that javi has only joined the air force reserve so that they can stay on PA close to jo.

  • jeff

    Is there any Teen Mom out there that doesn’t have some sort of mental disorder?

    • steph

      I was a teen mom (when I had my son) and I am fine, no mental issues.

      • jeff

        No, no… I mean the show. It seems like many of them end up having mental problems.

  • Ashley

    Why would you “anxiously await” their explosive scene? Watching two people, who have a child in the mix, get into a huge argument is not something to look forward to.

    • jeff

      Then why are you watching the show? Considering that is pretty much 80% of it.

  • Have a seat

    Shes so dull, frumpy and boring. Her segments are depressing. Its like watching a save the children commercial. MTV cancel the show already!

    • Em

      I like the show, but i think she is so boring and fugly!

    • tab

      i agree. it’s amazing to me that she finds these guys that stick with her and treat her so well.

  • Amberc88

    At least unlike jenelle she can take responsibility for her mistakes. I still love her!!

  • Mickey

    I have a friend who shares custody of his soon with his baby mama. We live in ok and she lives in NM. She gets him during the summer and he gets him during the school year. Maybe Jo and Kail will make some kind of agreement like that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nanette.hallman Nanette Martin Hallman

    omg it seems they are all bipolar, us REAl people with bipolar get sick of these teen moms using it as an excuse for their stupidity!

    • burkey

      Well if you’ve seen the episodes with Kailyn’s mom its not really hard to believe that her mom is bipolar and there is a genetic factor there. And I’m pretty sure this is the first real crazy or out of control thing we will see from Kailyn. Doesn’t really seem like shes using it as an excuse considering she fully took responsibility and apologized for whatever happened and that she was humiliated. Jenelle is the one who has used her bipolar disorder as an excuse and doesn’t seem to take her meds properly and then wants pity or sympathy because shes bipolar.

      • Burkey

        Plus being on a tv show that follows your life as a teen mom so you can be famous is the type of thing mentally unstable people apparently seem to be attracted to. Not one normal person I know would willingly sign them self up for something like this so it kinda makes sense that alot of them seem to have some sort of mental issues. Unfortunately like normal people who are diagnosed with bipolar or any other disorder, it seems alot of these girls don’t properly take their meds if they take them at all and then go and do illegal drugs which can’t help the situation. I know people who are bipolar and I know that people like Jenelle are not a representation of all people who have bipolar disorder. I just don’t think Kailyn should be judged so harshly.

        • weliveincrazy

          LOL… Sorry but “normal” does not exist! And I have not met one person in this world that doesn’t have some sort of mental disorder…

    • http://twitter.com/rlandry444 Renee Landry

      so true she has a blow up and tries to blame it on a mental illness take responsibility for your actions

      • Sound of Reason

        Well in her defense, she didn’t know she was bipolar when she blew up at Javi, and she sought counselling after their argument. To me, it sounds like she took responsility for her actions by going to talk to someone who could maybe help her deal with her issues. Plus she apologized for it, unlike other Teen Moms we’ve seen (cough, Amber) who blame the other person for their actions. Just my two cents….

    • twocharacters

      I agree. I live with a loved one with bipolar disorder and he doesn’t use it as an excuse for bad behavior. He has a disorder but he still recognizes that he has to take responsibility for it by taking his meds as prescribed, working out, eating right and going to counseling. He works amazingly hard to stay mentally healthy and he makes me proud everyday. Being bipolar or having any kind of mental illness is not a get out of jail free card. It makes me sad that other people with, such as Jenelle, will behave badly and then try to use bipolar disorder as an excuse. It’s unfair to the rest of the bipolar people that are working hard just to get through every day.

  • Ally

    I have a feeling she cheated on him.

  • http://twitter.com/TwitNasty Jayson

    Bipolar excuses are getting old …how about simply you are a bitch? Treating people with disrespect because you are insecure, immature, and shallow, then blaming it on chemical imbalances is the new norm. Kailyn please go blow something.

    • http://twitter.com/Hayzii_1 Hayzii

      I just fell in love. <3 <3 <3

    • dev

      I SO love this. Because the people that actually have these things either aren’t being taken seriously or are too ashamed to get the help they need because Jane Doe has punched somebody in the face and all of a sudden has a Seroquel prescript.

    • Cin


  • http://www.facebook.com/maiko.higa.33 Maiko Higa

    It says Kailyin is already in Texas… so apparently they have some sort of custody agreement.

    • Mickey

      She might just be in Texas for his graduation. It’s doubtful that he’s also being stationed there.

      • http://www.facebook.com/maiko.higa.33 Maiko Higa

        Wishful thinking. I don’t know where AF gets stationed though.

      • A.j

        There’s an Air Force base in San Antonio.

  • Sarah

    I bet she hit him.

  • kelli

    i feel for you kail, i was diagnosed with bipolar and i have a one year old son. its a difficult road and its always a struggle but being on lamictal and lexapro really helped me! i hope you find what works for you!

  • Laura

    Y’all, she’s already admitted to CHOKING him. Not sure how she can’t remember telling everyone and thinking this is news to the world.

    My mother was bipolar and tried killing me and my family; that’s TRUE mental illness, not cheating or just being a bitch. They use their mental illness as a way to justify everything and it’s not right.

    • tab

      really?? i don’t remember hearing about that. wow. that’s pretty intense. i’ve lived with bipolar disorder (type I) since I was a teenager, but i have never choked or been violent towards another person.
      that’s scary.

    • Okay

      Didn’t she say she grabbed his head and shook it violently?

      Either way yeah she already talked about some violent incident a little a while ago

  • Nathan

    It’s amazing how everyone is “bipolar” these days.

  • Mandi

    I m sorry but you go to any shrink and they will tell everyone that they are bi polar. Everyone has ups and downs I was told that same crap too. So I don’t really believe that her or janelle actually have it. They are both buying into some shrinks bullshit.

  • micro OP

    Kailyn has done a lot of stupid things, but she at least seems to be trying. And she is succeeding in some areas. I’m not crazy about her, but I actually think her life will continue to improve, probably at a faster rate once the show ends.

  • A.j

    She choked him?! This is like amber and Gary all over again.

  • ashleyyy

    So she punched javi or chocked him ?? I wonder if once the show is aired she will go to jail like amber did