Katie Couric taped talk show without makeup


Katie Couric taped the episode of her talk show Katie that aired Friday makeup-free as an act of solidarity with her featured guest, Phoebe Baker Hyde, who made an experiment of going makeup and salon-free for a year.

Of course this isn’t the first time a talk show host has taped a show without a lick of foundation and mascara, the hosts of The Talk all went au natural last September, but it’s still a scary thing for anyone to go bare faced on television.

The show raised questions about what makeup, hair color and styling, and fashion means to women and their self-esteem. Phoebe, who wrote a book called The Beauty Experiment about her beauty and fashion free life, came up with the idea in 2007 after she had just given birth to her baby and found herself in a career lull. She had just relocated to Hong Kong for her husband’s job, and found herself feeling adrift and ugly. She had an event to dress up for, and bought herself a new dress, thinking it would make her feel better. When it didn’t, she decided to forgo all outward accoutrements and look for beauty on the inside:

I looked at my reflection and despaired. As an exhausted young mother I felt ugly and saw that a new dress or face cream would never help. I was at risk of passing on a habit of feeling miserable about my looks to my baby girl—if nothing changed.

The show lightly dealt with the question that the beauty industry pedals unhappiness and dissatisfaction with yourself. There is truth to that, but is the beauty industry all bad? In the end, like all things, it comes down to balance. Sometimes dressing up and putting on a little makeup can genuinely be a pick-me-up, but if you’d unhappy with yourself, no amount of lip gloss or designer shoes are going to make you feel better.

Photo: Katie Couric’s Instagram

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  • http://www.facebook.com/natalia.salinas3 Natalia Salinas

    She looks amazing! Not many 56 year olds can look they way she does without make up.

  • Laura

    I’m sorry, but there’s no way i could spend $12000-15000 on beauty products & salon visits in a year! I don’t think an average American woman can relate to that.

  • kaja

    Seriously, whats the problem of these women??
    I never wear Make-Up and still feel beautiful.
    Americans are too superficial.

    • ollie

      Superficial people exist everywhere, not just in America.

      • tab

        but america has much more than any place in the rest of the world.

  • tiff

    she looks great even without makeup!

  • Jenn

    She is beautiful even without the makeup. Many celebs without makeup look a bit scary, but Katie doesn’t look all that different.

  • http://twitter.com/toni_ROTTEN Bebe

    There’s not much of a difference…she looks even younger without it!

  • #1 Fan

    Big deal . . .with all the botox and face tightening creams out there . . make-up is not such a big deal to some women. Katie Couric should try going without hair dye and showing her natural mousey brown/gray hair underneath and let fans know how her hair REALLY looks instead of the fake gray wig she donned earlier.

  • tab

    she’s at the very top of my “most annoying people ever” list.

    go away.

  • John

    She’s the ugliest “woman” I’ve ever seen