Jenelle Evans admits Kieffer Delp got her hooked on heroin?

Courtland Rogers Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp in his green hoodie

There have been rumors that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been using heroin and that her addiction to the drug was the real reason for her recent extended hospital stay, but she has denied those claims repeatedly, insisting her hospital stay was because of her continued problems with ovarian cysts. Today the 21-year-old single mom seemed to concede her heroin problem to a certain extent by retweeting comments made by her husband Courtland Rogers, who claimed Jenelle’s ex Kieffer Delp got her addicted to the drug.

I know, I know, it’s confusing. (Keeping up with online Jenelle drama is a full time job y’all!) This latest incident can be traced back to Kieffer Delp posting an a screen cap of an alleged Facebook interaction with Jenelle in which she posts her phone number then writes, “I need someone to talk to :'[” Kieffer posted the image in reaction to Courtland’s allegations that he was stalking Jenelle. “So I’m staking you?? Btw give her a call,” Kieffer wrote.

That set Courtland off on an anti-Kieffer rant that went on and on and on and on, including pointing out the way Kieffer “did jenelle and got her hooked on herion u stupid duck she almost died cuz of u dumbass.” And there were two tweets that Jenelle retweeted that read, “u got jenelle strung out and then bailed on her when she needed u most! And everyone thinks u are the good guy! This is sad so u need to man up and go ur separate way!! She is doing great now and I refuse to let this bring her down anymore so quit,” which would seem to be Jenelle agreeing that Kieffer got her “strung out.”

Also interesting is that Courtland prefaced his comments about Kieffer getting Jenelle strung out by writing, “it’s funny people think I am a junkie wait till thy see this next season on how u did jenelle and got her hooked on herion.” Could it be that MTV is going to actually address Jenelle’s heroin use on the show this season? I suppose we will have to tune in and find out!

Here are all of Courtland and Kieffer’s tweets reading chronologically from top to bottom:

Courtland Rogers tweets Kieffer Delp got Jenelle Evans addicted to heroin
Courtland Rogers tweets claiming Kieffe Delp got Jenelle Evans strung out on heroin
Courtland Rogers tweets about Jenelle Evans using heroin to Kieffer Delp

The seeming admission by Jenelle comes on the heels of a Youtube video featuring an audio recording of a phone conversation between Kieffer Delp’s mother Vicki Delp and Jenelle’s mother Barbara Evans in which Barbara also seems to admit Jenelle and Kieffer did heroin together. The phone conversation is lengthy, and mostly about how Kieffer wanted to get his pipe making tools back from Jenelle (which Jenelle bought for him and Barbara says she has since pawned), but right around the 8:55 mark there’s this:

Barbara: I just spent $500 on a plane ticket to go get her away from him for what he’s done to her, sticking that needle in her arm.

Vicki: Well she made the choice to do heroin and I understand she did it with him, but that was her choice…

Barbara: He hooked her because she had the money

Vicki: She made the choice

Barbara: He needed easy money, and it was easy money for him to keep his habit going.

Here’s the full clip, which is kind of boring — unless you’re like me and mesmerized by Babs Evans’ voice!

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  • manbearpig

    *cues music* This program contains subject matter and language that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

    “As the responsibilities of motherhood become too much for Jenelle to handle, she begins using men and heroin to cope. Will she be able to accept treatment and regain custody of her son? Find out on the next.. Intervention.”

    I can see it now.

    • dev

      This may be the best comment ever…who else would watch this episode? I love to catch intervention when it’s on, but I would program and record this one ha.

  • Jenn

    looks like I know what to put in her stocking!!!!!! some baggies and clean needles. ’tis the season.

  • teddybear101

    So keifer force jenelle to shot up. Always the victim she never takes responsible for herself.

  • LaDy

    Hey, doesn’t she have a kid or something she should be worried about?

  • B

    Singe mom? She’s not single or a mom.

    • B


  • sammi

    PPl may disagree but my philosophy is that no one can get you hooked on anything. You get urself hooked. Unless he held her down, tied her up, stick the needle in her arm, she is her own influence. I dated a guy who smoked weed, he even offered me some once, I didnt do it, why? Cause im in charge of what I put in my body and the decisions I make, not someone else. Janelle is a junky, stop doing stories on those troll. She’s a disgrace to mothers everywhere.

    • Jenn

      whoa whoa whoa, let’s not classify marijuana and heroin in the same category.

  • blp21

    it was her choice tho, she could’ve said no!

    • glk900

      exactly..she says No to her child all the time so we know she can say the word. She is such trash and her stupid “fans” are idiots..she laughs at them all with her simple minded (yes, I REALLY think he is a bit sloowwwww) husband while they are strung out…

  • ameliaBedelia76

    so please tell me when CPS is going to get involved? Janelle has a serious drug addiction along with a mental illness, bi-polar. This is not a healthy person to be around Jace. She should not be allowed to be around her son until she has been clean for months and is actively taking her medication for her mental illness.

  • Breezi Maciel

    Being hooked on heroin or not, that is not the issue right now. You idiots, including the press are trying to make a deal about a few days in the hospital being for a heroin addiction. Do any of you have ANY common sense, she would have been in a lot longer than she was, and she would have just started going through the withdraws and been in pretty rough shape if that was what she was in for. Maybe she screwed up AGAIN. SO what, clean your own doorsteps and closets first, because I guarantee unless any of you are perfect enough to walk on water, you have some dirt of your own.

    • WesleyAshlee Harris

      well said, thats all!

    • spottedgiraffe

      Actually it’s been confirmed she was gone because she was involuntarily committed by Barbara and one of the reasons was because of her heroin. You’re the idiot for not looking at all the facts before trying to randomly attack people. And if you don’t believe me there are documents stating she was committed against her will.

  • Burkey

    Clearly it probably didn’t help that Kiefer probably introduced Jenelle to heroin to begin with and thats just another reason that shows what a dirtbag is. That being said, if she’s the adult she claims to be or seems to think she is then she wouldn’t have done it regardless. These people are such disgraces.

  • Julie

    The way that Courtland rambles it is like he is on drugs too.

  • micro OP

    Ugh, hopefully she is doing better now, and hopefully courtland doesn’t do drugs either. Also she needs to not text keiffer now that she’s married. Hopefully they weren’t trying to get drugs from him.

  • andiecohenn

    All these guys these girls date are not exactly the best of company. If these girls weren’t famous guys wouldn’t be lining up to date them.How many Teen Moms do you know that have an endless supply of boyfriends? Most young quality guys don’t want the hassle of being w/ someone w/ a baby. These guys are in it for the fame & money.

  • britt

    Dumb ass she was smoking pot way before she knew that dude… grow up and take care of your kid, and stop blaming people for what your doing

  • Jayson

    Heroin or not, all three of them need to attend some English classes. Their grammar is atrocious.

  • J

    Nothing is EVER Janelle’s fault in her world–even her husband and mother blame Keiffer for HER drug use. Sure, he may have introduced her to it but it was her trashy decision to start using. She never takes responsibility for her actions, the whole thing is so sad for her poor son. The way she screams and carries on in front of him, storming out without saying goodbye…she’s a terrible human being.

  • ShaNaeNae

    Every day it’s a new story involving Jenelle, a second party, the internet (usually Twitter of Facebook) and a heated discussion. She’s the epitome of what this new age is doing to young people. She couldn’t survive without a computer, drugs, a boy and Ke$ha. Put that energy into your kid.

  • dash

    wow, that Vicky needs to get off those tools geesh lady, go get your son some tools, and have him buy him own tools and stop …smh keffier isn’t gonna work on no business smh