VIDEO Michael Lohan confirmed as father of teen daughter Ashley Horn

Michael Lohan and daughter Ashley Horn with Kristi Horn on the Trisha Goddard Show

Lindsay Lohan has just become a sister for the third time, and we’re not talking about Kayte Major’s baby, we’re referring to the secret love child of Michael Lohan! For years, Kristi Horn has claimed that her daughter Ashley was the result of an affair she had with Michael during his marriage to Dina Lohan, and during an episode of the Trisha Goddard Show, her claims were finally confirmed by a paternity test.

Here’s the wonderfully overdramatic preview teaser trailer for the episode:

And the reveal:

It was Ashley who did the honors of opening up the envelope which contained the results and when she did, she got a bit emotional. Her mother burst into tears. Michael immediately got up and went over to his child in an attempt to hug her, but she wasn’t thrilled with the idea and told him, “No. No. No.” She would eventually give in.

Michael Lohan's illegitimate daughter and Lindsay Lohan's half sister Ashley Horn

Kristi attempted to make Michael pay child support for Ashley several times before, even resorting to adding his name to her birth certificate, but Michael claimed he wasn’t the child’s father. Now that he’s been proven wrong, Kristi has likely already re-filed to get the help she deserves. She could even be eligible for back support, and with Ashley now 17-years-old, that is not going to be pretty for Michael.

Meanwhile, Michael’s baby mama Kate Major is pregnant with his fifth child and is due this summer. That’s two new siblings for Lindsay Lohan in just one year, which means two new children who will look up to her. Perhaps she should take her Porsche crashing habit down a couple notches… you know, for the kids.

  • Katie

    That poor girl. And to do it on tv…Michael Lohan is such a scumbag! There’s no line he won’t cross to stay in the public eye.

  • Courtney

    I know this might be a dumb question but 5th child? There’s Lindsay and Allie, Ashley and Kate’s baby… But who’s the 5th?

    • mallomar

      I think Lindsay and Aliana have a brother, who’s also the son of Dina.

      • devlin cho

        I believe there is a brother

      • tiff

        there are two brothers- dakota and michael.

        michael, lindsay, ali, ashley, dakota (cody), kate’s baby.

  • Michael Lohan actually has 6 children. His child with Kate will be his 7th. He and Dina have: Lindsay, Michael, Ali, and Dakota. and he has Ashley with Kristi. and Now baby number 7 with Kate.

    • missemily1997

      I may just not be able to count…but I think there’s only 5 so far and Kate’s will be his sixth. I’m not looking it up, so you may have just not listed a name…but
      1- Lindsay
      2- Michael
      3- Ali
      4- Dakota
      5- Ashley
      6- Kate’s baby

  • devlin cho

    Can we say that since Michael Lohan is with Kate Major that she is a dirtbag and lied about Jon Gosselin..js I know it has nothing to do with this poor girl having him as her “Father” but I can help it. Michael Lohan is an ultimate dirtbag.
    Kristi, take whatever money you can get from him and live a life far away from that man and his old/new families.

  • tab

    who are these people that go on tv for paternity tests? losers!

  • Ashton

    I wonder how many others there are…

  • Ashley

    Trashy famewh*res.