Jenelle Evans’s son Jace had surgery and Barbara didn’t even tell her

Jenelle Evans Jace and Barbara Evans

Things seemed to be looking up for troubled mother and daughter tandem Barbara Evans and Jenelle Evans as they recently shared photos of themselves together having fun at Jenelle’s son Jace’s third birthday party, and were even reportedly looking at getting a house together. But things have apparently taken a turn for the worse as Jenelle took to her blog moments ago and angrily revealed that part of the reason her mother hadn’t been returning her calls is because Jace had surgery yesterday! Barbara then told Jenelle she wouldn’t be able to see her son until Friday. Needless to say, Jenelle is NOT happy!

I’m so upset with my mom. Everyone always claims I don’t try hard enough when it comes to me spending time with Jace, you’re wrong! I just called her this morning 8 times before she actually answered and she said that Jace had a surgery yesterday and I can’t spend time with him again until FRIDAY. Like what the f***?! He had a surgery and you couldn’t even tell me so if something went wrong during the surgery I wouldn’t be there?! Thanks a lot.

Amazingly, part of the reason Jenelle was trying to reach Barbara was to let her know that she was in the hospital being treated for dehydration! (I know people complain a lot abut how much the stars of Teen Mom make, but no matter how much it is, I can’t imagine it’s enough to cover all of Jenelle’s legal and medical expenses!)

Jenelle then begins to make her case for regaining custody of Jace from Barbara, partly because of Barbara’s health.

What a great mother. I mean she might of taken care of me and my siblings all my life… but now that she’s almost 60 years old and the new generation is about to arise, she thinks she can handle it. She def. can’t and won’t be able to take care of Jace for much longer due to the fact she has the disease osteoporosis which is your bones getting extremely brittle and they are very easy to break. My grandmother had this and would simply tap her hip against the wall on accident and she would have to be rushed to the hospital and stay there for weeks until she got better. Hopefully this won’t happen to my mom, but if it does how is she going to be able to take care of my son?! Why can’t she just give custody back to me?!

Teen Mom 2 Barbara Evans and Jace

Jenelle then makes a case for herself, making a list of her recent accomplishments and activities that she argues demonstrates her maturity:

I go to school, work 3 jobs online at home, took volunteer parenting classes, completed 12 months probation and was sober for 8 months of that period, AND took anger management classes. Also I’ve been seeing my psychiatrist regularly and taking my medication for my bi-polar disorder as prescribed.

But she realizes her past legal troubles are going to be difficult for the courts to overlook:

I don’t know…. I’m very furious and frustrated but I guess I’ll have to wait until my expungement goes through for my criminal record and then I’ll be able to fight for custody. As for now, this custody battle is a waiting game until I can file for a complaint against my mother and take her to court.

And she humbly wraps things up by admitting:

I can’t even begin to understand how I’m able to cope with all of this especially being the way I am.

But this too shall pass…

Jenelle never revealed what Jace was having surgery for, but of course that could be because Barbara didn’t tell her. Let’s hope it was something routine and Jace will be back to being a three-year-old soon!

UPDATE – Although it doesn’t really have anything to do with the story, Jenelle was involved in yet another nude photo scandal this weekend as a handful of nude photos allegedly taken by her former boss James Duffy surfaced on Twitter. The pictures showed a completely naked Jenelle posing on a wood bench and included one image in which she appeared to be touching her “biscuit,” as Honey Boo Boo would say. Although James Duffy didn’t tweet the images himself, he does claim to have taken them, and it is believed he shared the images with a Twitter follower who then posted them on the micro-blogging site and had them retweeted by Duffy. Jenelle is claiming the images were on Kieffer Delp’s cell phone, which was taken by Duffy, but the timeline and other images provided by Duffy from around the same time (and fetauring himself or his house) would seem to suggest he is teling the truth about their origins. There is also reportedly and image of Jenelle engaged in oral sex that has yet to be posted, but the clock is already ticking down on that one I’m sure.

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  • jamie

    ok first of all my mom raised me with that.and she thinks she is a better mother i dont think so she should have tooken care of jace since he was born and not party and pick guys and drugs over him.and if she goes for coustody she wont get it right away cause they judge will look at her rec and see what kind of reltionship she has the child..

  • Kelly

    As much as I believe she’s not ready to take jace, barb should’ve told her he was having surgery.

  • Shannon

    Why don’t you write about the nude photos of jenelle released on Twitter two days ago?? Shes disgusting

  • Nivea

    She was too busy being a drama queen about the latest round of nude pics being released. It’s pathetic how you guys kiss Jenelle’s butt and don’t mention her nude pics. All of this info can be found on twitter so it’s not like you are getting much valuable info from her. I guess you are desperate for when she retweets you. Not many comments these days.

    • Kelly

      I don’t see anyone on here kissing her butt?

      • Nivea

        It’s more about what you DON’T see. As in no negative stories about her when her life is a series of negative events.

        • Kelly

          Thats true. Like there was nothing about those other photos mentioned on this site at all.

          • k8er

            What’s that last paragraph on this post, then? I agree that this site is too lenient on Jenelle, but I don’t think there’s some big conspiracy around it. They’re too nice to a lot of people.

            • Kelly

              Notice that it says update. The last paragraph was posted AFTER I said that.

            • Nivea

              I agree it’s not only with Jenelle. Like is it a bunch of teeny boppers writing for starcasm? “ERMAHGERD some random reality TV loser retweeted us!!!!!!!! Life = complete”. Standards people. Standards.

  • OhMyGeez

    Until you stop putting worthless guys ahead of your son, you will NOT be ready to take care of him. You are too wrapped up in high school drama to even think of raising a child. Smoking dope, “abusive” relationships, daily feuds with just about everyone. You honestly think you’re ready to have custody of Jace?! Girl, please.

  • Andrea

    I swear to god I wish I could like your coment Nivea you took the words out of my mouth !

  • BBT

    Broken down old Babs could take care of Jace better than Jenelle could any day. Even as an elderly woman, Barbara could do better for that little boy than her scummy daughter ever could.

    Jenelle does not deserve custody. She didn’t know Jace needed surgery because he isn’t in her care. Barb has no obligation to tell her, and good on her for not telling her, because I’m sure she just would have brought the situation even more down with the drama she causes.

    Why can’t she just give custody back to you, Jenelle? I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count why you’re a screwup and why no child should be anywhere near you, ever.

    • Nivea

      You’re right, Jenelle would have made Jace having surgery somehow about HER. Well she kinda did anyways. Notice she doesn’t ask for people to keep Jace in their thoughts or anything… just me, me, me. Maybe Barbara wanted to actually focus on Jace which Jenelle is incapable of.

  • helloisitme

    Her mother should have told her, but also how was Barb even able to keep such a thing from her? Custody or not, why is Jenelle not going with her mother to all of Jace’s dr. appointments? Its not like Barb doesn’t let her see him.

    Jenelle may have made some progress in her life, but its not enough yet. She is still not ready to have jace full time.

  • InWonderland

    She doesn’t deserve her son until she can put him over her boyfriends. Which she has proven time and time again that she can’t. That is not a stable environment for him. She’s an idiot.

  • PRB

    Jace probably had some minor thing like ear tubes or something. Let’s see Janelle, why would your mom not just give custody back to you?…. I think THAT list would be quite a bit longer than the list you gave above with your “accomplishments”.

    Everyone degrades Farrah; but out of all the Teen Mom’s, she’s basically the only one doing anything with her life. Well, except Tyler. And he won’t go far with Catelynn in his life. Maci is a lazy, manipulative B**ch these days, Catelynn has no drive or ambition, Leah just gets married over and over again, Chelsea is another Maci, and Amber is Amber. Farrah is the ONLY one doing anything with her life.

  • akitawolf1

    Too funny that this junkie would make comments about the only person who actually CARES for the young boy. What does the biological mother care about?? The junkie boyfriend, partying, implants, taking nude pics, getting high, getting high, getting high.

    She should NOT have access to this child AND if Barbara has sole legal custody of Jace, she is NOT required under the law to inform the pig daughter, that the child is having surgery, nor does she need her consent.

    Janelle is a junkie LOSER. Face your reality Janelle. You will NEVER be a Mother. You were a vessel to give birth only.

  • ABR

    Jenelle…………NEWSFLASH, you’re NOT getting Jace back. If I was Barbara, I wouldn’t tell you he was having surgery either. It’s not like you care anyway. I notice you come out angry about the fact that she didn’t tell you but why not tell everyone to pray for your son. Oh, I forgot,you’re just PATHETIC.

  • Brittany

    LMAO I love how she says she was sober for 8 months out of her 12 month probation. Haha Jenelle’s so stupid! She just told on herself: doing drugs while on probation. SUCH a moron.

  • Steven

    I’d rather see Jace in foster care than see Jennelle have custody of that poor boy. With her = Jail, drugs, life of BS.. Without her = A fighting chance at a life.

    • akitawolf1

      Agree he would have a far better chance in life WITHOUT Janelle in it.

  • jon

    Just looked at the before and after nude pictures of Jennelle.. The afters I’d take are terrible.

  • tab

    a crippled barbara with osteoporosis could care better for jace over jenelle ANY day of the freaking week. if jenelle would have her priorities straight, jace would still be in her care.

    • akitawolf1

      Agree with you. I know people who live with Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia and other illnesses and do quite well in everyday life and it doesn’t prevent them from doing activities.

      Osteoporosis over a drug addict biological parent, any day of the week!

  • Just Sayin

    We don’t see everything that happens in Jenelle’s, Barbara’s, and Jace’s life so who are we to judge.? We watch a hour tv show that has to show three other girls besides Jenelle and is edited to make it look a certain way, not to mention what we watch has been filmed over a year ago. I agree that Jenelle has done some messed up stuff in the past (& still continues to make mistakes) but we don’t know what she’s doing in her everyday life for herself and Jace. Barbara should have told Jenelle that Jace was having surgery because even though she has custody, he is Jenelle’s son and she deserved to know!

    • suzy q;)

      Amen to Just Sayin’s comment=D! Ur the only one who’s used to reality (in the comments made), unlike those immature idiots above who are too stupid and pathetic to know what they’re even saying!

      • Nivea

        I know right?! It’s like people think there is this magical invention that Jenelle uses to beam information to the world. Like she has some handheld device where she can just type her daily activities then people can “follow” her and keep up to date on what she is doing. Dream on people!!

      • helloisitme

        I’m pretty sure Jenelle informs the world about her personal life daily on several different digital platforms.

  • Courtney

    How dare this bitch not give Bahhhhbraaa credit where credit is do…

    And um actions speak louder than words stop listing off the things you’ve done and just be a mother cuz in my opinion she’s his birth mother, but not his “mother”

    Hahah her life is so pathetic she’s a gross country bitch…I like to see the good in people, but this broad has nothing to offer

  • hope miller

    I agree that barb should have told her that jace was havin surgery. I mean, like she said, what if something would have happened to him during the procedure. She wouldn’t even have known until it was too late. Also, janelle has messed up a lot but its called editing. And there have been other reality tv stars complain bout how the editing is making them look bad. And about the photos, there are a lot of couples that take those kind of pics. But u don’t expect someone to go post them everywhere when u break up…. and it wouldn’t have been so bad if everyone wasn’t always tryin to make her look bad. I mean, i know she ain’t perfect but no one is. N if she is tryin to do better n get jace back i say good for her if she really can put down the habit n stay away from boys n go find her a man….