MUG SHOT Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June Shannon 2008 arrest details

TLC reality show Here Comes Honey Boo family photo

TLC’s new reality series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has been the talk of the internet ever since more than two million viewers tuned in to watch six-year-old former Toddlers & Tiaras star Alana Thompson and her self-proclaimed redneck Georgia family participating in all manner of socially uncouth activities including: bobbing for pigs feet, mud flopping, excessive flatuation, and bidding on nearly-expired junk food at a local auction.

But little Alana isn’t the show’s only breakout star! That honor is shared by family matriarch, 33-year-old June Shannon. June’s appearance and parenting style came under intense scrutiny after her initial appearance on Toddlers & Tiaras (and subsequent appearances on numerous talk shows), but amazingly, June seems unfazed by the negativity and laughs it off with numerous tongue-in-cheeks comments about herself on camera — a huge part of the show’s shocking charm. Check out these two quotes from the premiere, both of which were sandwiched between laughter from June:

“You have to take pride in how you look. Granted, I ain’t the most beautimous out the box, but a little paint on this barn, shine it back to its original condition. Cause it shines up like it’s brand new.”

“There’s a lot of people that are bigger than me. They got five hundred chins. I only got about two or three, but I embrace it.”

All of that being said, something tells me June will be equally dismissive about this shocking announcement – she was arrested in 2008!

Honey Boo Boo's mom June Shannon mugshot photo

The above mug shot photo of June Shannon (often erroneously referred to as June Thompson because her daughter’s name is Alana Thompson) was taken in Henry County, Georgia, which is a little more than halfway to Atlanta from her current home in McIntyre. Online records indicate June was arrested on January 3 for the following:

• Contmpt of court-state/mag-m- (Statute 15-7-4)

• Theft/taking-f/m- (Statute 16-8-2)

16-8-2.  Theft by taking 

A person commits the offense of theft by taking when he unlawfully takes or, being in lawful possession thereof, unlawfully appropriates any property of another with the intention of depriving him of the property, regardless of the manner in which the property is taken or appropriated.

The reason I included the actual Georgia statute is because there are other online court records that indicate June Shannon was the defendant in a couple of child support cases around this time, and it is my understanding that the “theft” charges covered in Statute 16-8-2 could actually be in reference to child support payments. (Any legal eagles out there want to help me out here?)

June’s oldest daughter is Anna (17) and as many people have pointed out online, that would mean June (now 33 according to the court records) was 16 at the oldest when Anna was born. June’s current partner Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson is 40, which means he would have been approximately 23 when Anna was born. Some have used that fact to speculate that Anna may have a different father. (Plus, we just can’t imagine June and Sugar Bear ever having any custody issues!)

UPDATE – June Shannon has addressed her arrest on Facebook (since deleted, but saved by the fellow diligent Honey Boo Boo researchers at Here’s what June wrote about it:

yes I was arrested in.2008 over a contempt of court over a child case with one of girls and a theft charges that was DISMISSED the same day …second no sugarbear ain’t all the girls father he is only alanas …third yes CPS was in my life in march over the go go juice and a concert/bar appearance it happened one time and only one time would NEVER do it again but i made that decision b4 CPS came we went to court and the judge seen im NOT a bad person and there was NO abuse it was the WORST 4 days of my life and it was dismissed…and finally I have NEVER made fun of kaitlyns extra thumb on the right hand we have embraced it

We’ve got a lot of episodes left, so perhaps it will all be explained in good time. All I know is that I will be one of the millions tuned in to TLC this Wednesday night at 10/9c! You gotta redneckognize y’all!

  • Nathan

    I’m not an expert on Georgia law, but I don’t think a person would be charged with theft of property in regards to child support issues. There are usually separate statutes for that. But, the contempt of court charge could be connected to the child support cases going on at that time. Plus, was she really the Defendant in the child support cases? That would mean that someone was suing her for child support, which would usually mean that she didn’t have custody of her children.

    • CMA

      That’s not true Nathan. I was the defendant in a visitation case, and My child’s father charged me with contempt because I missed a court date that was rescheduled. The charge was dropped, but you can in fact be held in contempt as a defendant.

      • CMA

        Ahh never mind. I read your comment wrong! Two difference scenerios

  • Michelle

    How freaking sad is it that in this country this disgusting TRASH can make their way on to my television screen. Come on TLC, y’all are getting DESPERATE! That lil girl is a disgrace to our society & so is that whole family. Gross.

    • Lynda


      Just turn your TV off or changee the channel when it is on!!!!

    • Sheri

      I suppose you would prefer to watch some cop show about drugs, prostitutes and murders instead. Now that stuff is garbage!!

      • there’s more than stoopid cops shows you goof 😛

      • GamerGirlSlayer

        So is honey boo boo show its white trash garbage

  • Kai

    Sugar Bear is only father to Alana.

    June also states in the first episode she had Anna at 15 and two kids by the time she was 17.

  • Brianna

    This is really no surprise to me. #just sayin

    • Bailey

      Why would you hashtag that? Doing so is useless on this site. Not to mention you did it wrong.

  • OhMyGeez

    How can we human beings be so smart yet so stupid enough to put this garbage on television and have people watch it?! SMH

    • it’s all about influencing the mass’s and it’s a bad show, I wouldn’t be surprise if it’s actually jewish backers or something to that effect .. what people admire, they become, it’s just the way the brain works

      • yeah, okay

        masses lmao

  • pla

    I can’t help it, I think that family is hilarious. Especially June & Honey Boo Boo; this coming from someone who hates 99% of reality shows.

    • Lisa

      I love June!! Would really like to hang out with her sometime.

  • hales

    Having managed retail stores in Georgia, theft by taking is what shoplifters were charged when arrested.

  • karl

    Hard to take an article serious when it has so many errors. Doubly hard to take this article serious when it ends with: “All I know is that I will be one of the millions tuned in to TLC this Wednesday night at 10/9c! You gotta redneckognize y’all!”. Is this writer for real? God I hope not!

  • IamJoyceM

    I say kudos to this family if they can get a little money from their fifteen minutes of fame. They are if nothing else, a fun-loving , close-knit family. They seem to all get along and love each other. That’s more than anyone can say from any other “reality show” out there. It’s okay for the Kardashian’s, the Real Housewives of Wherever and the Jersey Shore bunch to rake in the big bucks. Yet every time a family comes on these shows the world has to get in and rip the parents to shreds. They can afford a lot of therapy later in life if they need it. Growing up poor no one ever offered me that. I wish they’d just leave these people alone. They’re entertaining and that’s what they’re being paid to do.

  • hardly home

    They probably had to back the camera way up to fit her fat ass in the frame. Christ.

    • Anonymous

      Look you have no right to talk about anyone being overweight. At least she can call Herself and realize that she is fat I bet you can’t you conceded thot

  • Yupp….

    i’m pretty sure an extra thumb is a common result of inbreeding, just saying… would anyone be that surprised?

  • to promote a very unhealthy life style .. that’s something for you to look up to? pfft ..

  • Beau Stoddard

    June is beautiful. I’m not a home wrecker but if her and Sugar Bear split the sheets I’ll come a courting.

  • Veda

    All the kids have different fathers. Honey Boo Boo is is the only one who has her actual birth dad.

  • joeCT1983

    Show sucks and those girls … i can see their future, I’ll leave it at that, and it’s a sad pathetic one…I’ve been sick home from work for a few days I saw the show for the first time and it is the worst show I’ve ever seen. One episode was about how they shit and who left their shit in the toilet and how big each one of their shits are on a normal day and how they sit and shit and even took a shit in a gas funnel – and then SHARED IT. The dude is the only normal (relative to the 6 tons of freaks in that house) person…got a job, loves his (wife?)well lemme rephrase that, he loves that thing they call “mama” and has a cool and calm sense to him and his demeanor. This is so pathetic I can’t believe it…and that little loud mouth butter ball was in pageants is what I’m reading here????? Hopefully not beauty pageants. ..maybe like some “pedophiles of the deep south little girl auction” type of pageant (brought to you by Bill BJ Clinton)

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