AUDIO Farrah Abraham releases new single “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom”

Farrah Abraham modeling photo

As MTV’s reality series Teen Mom finishes up its fourth and final season, one star from the show is prepared to hit the ground running with her post-Teen Mom career! in addition to launching her “Mom & Me” line of food products and releasing her memoir My Teenage Dream Ended later this month, Farrah Abraham also has an album coming out! That’s right — like music.

The Teen Momtrepreneur shared the debut single, “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom,” online:

“I’m happy again, and this is my song for finding happiness,” Farrah tells In Touch. She says the song is about digging down and finding the inner strength that helped her climb out of the hole she found herself in after the birth of her daughter Sophia, and the death of Sophia’s dad, Derek Underwood. “After almost wanting to kill myself, I found meaning and happiness within,” Farrah says.

There is no word yet when her entire album will be released.

  • dela

    wow that was horrible

  • leelee

    WOW..that was HORRIBLE!!!

  • Kima

    I love Farrah… but..

    Is this a joke?!?!?!?!

  • Mikayla

    This is a joke right?

  • tellhertostfu

    she sucks!!!

  • Jamie

    Awful. My two year old loved it, though!=)

    • sammi


    • Kari

      Haha, mine did too! Maybe she should make kids music?

  • kim

    you have got to be kidding me…..that dosnt even sound like her, probably cuz its not. ITS A COMPUTER! worst thing ive ever heard, that is not music.

  • Erika

    What language is this in??

  • Jessica

    Haha wow u can not even tell it is her with all of that autotune or whatever. Plus you can’t even understand it.

  • Caila

    Wow wtf was that?!?! LOL haha wow Farrah you suck…

  • Jessica

    wow that was absolutely HORRIBLE…farrah…for the love of god…PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO GET IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS…you will get laughed at this was way worse than paris hilton or heidi montag…what i have just heard cannot be unheard…

  • Jaclynn

    Stick to the speghetti sauce Farrah…cuz that was horrific.

  • jelly

    Ehhhhh…HORRIBLE!!! better stick to modeling, requires no talking or singing…

  • Meagan

    Yeah, anyone can be a singer when they sound like they’re being butt-f**ked by Skrillex..

  • Sarah

    Wow… Can you say auto-tune?

  • Erica

    This is a joke right? I would rather listen to KFed lol

  • Elyse

    way to show what a joke you are Farrah… whats the point in releasing a song where you can’t understand what the hell shes saying?

  • Brittany

    Even with all of it being computerized, you can still tell she does not have a singing voice. Really, and I’m not even “hating” right now, that was absolutely horrific. It’s so bad I can’t even find a word that accurately describes how bad it is. I don’t consider that music. It’s an insult to autotuners and computers everywhere. Just…so bad.

  • OMG

    I couldn’t even finish listening to it because it was so bad.

  • Babyvamp

    I couldn’t understand a word? Why is she screaming into an autotune thingy? It sounds like someone losing their mind.

  • @ppLeB0tt0mjE@nZ

    wow that is like an Ibiza anthem. my BF said it gave him a migraine.

  • Me

    Wow…such talent! Ha ha!

  • RY&MAK

    This should NOT be considered music. THIS IS SO HORRIBLE!!! I can NOT take this seriously because of how bad she sounds. I just continue to dislike Farrah more and more, I swear.

  • Jenn G.

    Wow! That was the most amazing thing I have ever heard…said nobody ever! You can’t understand her screaming over the terrible autotuning.


    I TRULY love love love Farrah BUT this song is as awkward as her speaking voice as well as televised moments with her mother…. She should tell everybody that one of her a**hole fans made this pretend like this NEVER HAPPENED.

  • Kaloof

    I actually don’t mind Farrah but that was beyond horrible. I only listened to the first 30 seconds.

  • Kenya

    LOL, seriously!? She better stick to cooking and whining 🙂

  • Emily

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!! Laughing my a$$ offfff

  • BBT

    I think rock bottom is making music when you sound like a prepubescent boy with a head cold and enough ‘whine’ to run a liquor store.

    She can’t just stick to her going-nowhere modelling and pasta sauce? This is embarrassing.

  • BBT

    She has no concept of timing or rhythm. She’s screaming the whole time. This is so sad.

  • maryjjaeenne

    She probably just got paid for each click too! GOOTCHAA 😉 well me too i guess, can we listen to that without autotune pleaseee?

  • Chacha

    She was screaming into the mic like she screams at Michael and Deborah… In that mean girl, condescending, nasally tone. I can’t wait for the audio version of her book!

  • etak

    my dog jumped off the couch and ran away when I turned this on…this is horrible….what is she thinking????????

  • B


  • Katie

    I usually try to cut these Teen Mom girls some slack, but DAMN that was awful! I couldn’t understand a word she said. OBVIOUSLY her real singing voice is horrible if she has to make herself sound like an effing robot. I couldn’t even stand to listen to 10 seconds of this garbage.

  • Kelly

    No. Just no.

  • Sarah

    Wow…that was truly awful. Does she really think anybody will buy a whole cd of that crap?!

  • MaHawk

    LMAO!! AND SHE MADE FUN OF DEMI LOVATO’S SONG ”SKY SCRAPER” SAYING IT WAS BAD, BUT DAYYUUMM THIS WAS BEYOND BAD. SHE MAKES REBECCA BLACK LOOK LIKE A AMAZING SINGER! PEOPLE SAY JUSTIN BIEBER CAN’T SING BUT BE HONEST THIS WAS THE WORST EVER!!! LOL. Sorry I’m writing in all caps I’m just in shock and can’t believe this is real, I hope it’s a joke. As soon as she started singing I had to laugh lol. ^_^

    • Babyvamp

      I’m glad someone mentioned that. Did Starcasm cover that?? Her comment, something along the lines of “I’ve been through more than just throwing up after a meal” speaks volumes about her true character. That’s disgusting. And this website praises her at times for being such a great “business woman”. Yeah? Great business practices right there. Let’s make enemies in the industry we’re trying to break into.

  • Steph

    Is this a joke?? I cannot even understand what she is singing.

  • Krystina

    Wow…she made “Stars are Blind” sound good!

  • Jon

    Autotune much? That’s terrible and predictable. When will people realize that music programed and autotuned is like masturbation. All right for a quick fix but nothing like the real thing. This was a joke.

  • Lauren

    Wow, hunny stick to food, music is NOT your forte! That literally hurt my ears!

  • LaDy

    This made my 7 week old baby start screaming! Absolutely horrific.

    • Shelby

      That is horrible with a capital H!!!!!!! Oh my God it sounded like a screeching Cat with a bad auto tune twist. I wouldn’t even like it if I was high on crack! I don’t even like her on Teen Mom and I watch that show and Teen Mom 2. It’s just like ughhh, you’re stuck up and vein already Farrah like this song doesn’t help you….at all!

  • Chelsea

    ummmm all this is is auto tuning……… what a fricken joke.

    • coco

      My God, you said exactly what I was about to post. I listened to all of about 20 seconds of this and decided this has to be a damn joke, right? There is no way this is a real song.

    • Ashley

      Is this Farrah or a robot?!

  • jane

    Oh wow, that was horrendous. It sounded like an auto tuned older woman. Even with auto tune it seemed off and then it got more off, oh dear. I’m not a big Farrah fan but I’m embarrassed for her. Jeez I hope this is a joke.

  • Phillygal

    She makes Melissa Gorga sound like Aretha Franklin! And the grammy goes to……not you Farrah!

  • ArmyWife4

    I can’t even understand what she is saying…I don’t get it.

  • whoa

    I will say it again, she will do anything to keep her name out there. She needs to stick to school and getting a real job instead of doing random shit to try and make herself famous.

  • OhMyGeez

    WHAT the HELL is THAT?! That doesn’t even qualify as music.

  • Yuck

    lmfao so what she learned she cant sing but wanted a song so shes going to auto tune the whole thing? Yuck this makes Paris Hilton song sound decent lol.

  • Kaylynn

    Is… Is this real life? My God…

  • TheXmashooker

    This is a joke….it has to be.

  • Alyson

    the beat is kinda ok but really…. thats not singing! at least she tried right 🙂

  • really.

    i know she is trying to do something for her an sophia. but singing is not one of them. she doing too much. you cant even understand what she is saying. the song is off beat. just plain horrible. Farrah please no more songs.

  • Lady Ju

    Is this back masking or what??

  • this is awful

  • Patrick

    Thank god it was auto tuned.. if she started to sing in her own voice every window would be cracked…

  • Rachel

    What. The. F**k. Is. This. Omg. Farrah, sweetie, autotune doesn’t make you a singer. And you can hardly understand what you’re saying.

    This song helped her from when she wanted to kill herself? It makes her happy? HOW? I want to gouge my ears out. Oh my Lord.

  • WTF

    This is so auto tuned its ridiculous! sounds horrible!

  • Kari

    Well…I guess I have to give her kudos for trying something new (I know I’m not brave enough to do it) but…I definitely will NOT be buying this.

  • Erin

    I’m sorry Farrah I love u as a person an i love watching u on tv but stick to tv Singing is not ur thing i wouldnt really call this a song shes just talking an yelling

  • Oh no

    Lmao Heidi montag is better. I can’t stop laughing.

  • V

    Excuse me?

  • Hayzii

    She makes Heidi Montag sound like Beyonce.

    • Hayzii

      She makes William Hung sound like Rebecca Black.

  • amanda

    There must be something wrong with the audio.. there is no way that is it.. seriously..

  • Kelsey

    Oh my god I just laughed so hard lol. An entire song of her whiney auto tuned voice…literally not one section isnt autotuned. Im sorry but this is terrible.

  • amelia

    This is sbsolutly terrible! Even if the auto was fixed but the mixing is terrible it isnt her singing

  • Chanel123

    Thanks for the laugh Farrah!!! Hilarious!!! LOLOLOLOL

  • Ashley

    That “song” was way worse than I even imagined it would be….there really are no words.

  • Lucky

    That was absolutely horrible! I am a singer and she sings worse than I do on days when I don’t have half my voice. What was she thinking? Oh and I bet she probably paid to have this song recorded because no recording company in their right mind would sign her on to their company without expecting to go out of business!

  • EC

    She sounds amazing! What a beat! When can I get the whole album. So much talent!

  • Dana

    That’s not music. That’s evil with lyrics.

  • Dana

    I wanna listen to Rebecca Black now to cleanse myself.

  • Michelle

    This is, by far, the WORST “single” by any reality star ever…

  • FaithHillFANatic

    WTF?!? My ears are bleeding. This is horrific. How in the hell is this considered music??? Give me a damn break. You can’t even understand what she is saying.

  • Soooooo…… pretty sure that sounds like my 5yr old daughters “Figit”.

    Has got to be one of the worst things i’ve ever heard. When you have to auto-tune your whole song, you should probably reconsider your profession.

  • Crystal

    All she did was scream and complain not that different than what she does on the show, but she set it obnoxious auto tune and then put a casio keyboard background to it. She thinks this is actually good. She’s trolling!

  • Fjdkajshdhakajdh

    Auto tune does not count as singing -.-

  • CJ

    Wtf???? She really needs to stop!! Not only did I loose some brain cells but my ears are also bleeding, put down the mic and backaway slowly DO NOT record any more “songs”, it sounded like someone was killing a cat

  • Heather

    This is awful!!!! She should just stick to being a super b*tch to her mom. She’s going to make more money off from that than this!!!!

  • Emily

    I thought autotune could do anything! I would like to meet one person who can say anything positive about the trainwreck I just listened to! No one should put their name behind this.

    • Kaitlyn

      That was absolutely horrible. My ears are bleeding now. :/

    • lol omg really ??? was tht singing or yelling?? im sorry but stick to just being a mom sweety…u dont have a very good voice 0_o

  • Ash

    This makes Rebecca Black sound so AMAZING. *runs to put “Friday” on*

  • Taylor

    OMG that was horrible u couldn’t even listen to the whole thing!

  • De’Zsa

    omfg this is horrible lol

  • Tiffany

    you can”t even understand the lyrics because of the synthesizer on her voice

  • Moanique

    Im in such disbelief!! She is down right delusional. How is she not embaressed? Knowing her stupid ass, it’s probably inflated her head 100 times more than it is. This bitch is swimming in denial. She is NOT portraying a good, likeable image to people outside her little sick world.

  • crystal

    omg that was just horrible and my husband asked me why i was listening to a girl moaning

  • K

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Oooh Farrah…. This is NOT good!!!

  • Ashley

    That hurt my ears. :-/

  • Danielle

    This was horrible. What was she thinking?

  • Manda

    OMFG…. no. Does anyone know what was even being said? It was so auto tuned you couldnt even understand the words… Farrah I applaud you for being a good Mom and being independent and stable…but please girl, no more.

  • Angela

    Wow! This is very annoying!! It literally hurt my head!! Total crap.. Maybe someone on drugs could enjoy this!!

    • Lazer

      no, drugs do not help this song in any way…

  • Angie

    just not feeling it.. its way to computerized.. stupid.

  • Well, it’s not the greatest song in the world, I can tell you that. But, if this is what makes Farrah happy, then it’s what makes her happy. She’ll realize sooner or later that she does not sound good…at all. Then she’ll stop making this god awful music, alright? So let’s just all leave Farrah to continue making her “music.”

    & if you’re already a fan of Farrah, & you’re hating on her for this, then you’re definitely not a true fan now.

  • Demi

    Does she seriously think this is good?

  • Christen

    you cant even understand what she is saying its so audio tuned lol

  • helloisitme

    OMG! This was so much worse then I expected. Ok well keep wasting your money Farah on studio time…

  • Paula

    What the hell was that? Yikes!

  • Tabbie

    Oh boy… Someone help this poor girl!

  • Karina

    This was terrible, my ears are hurting -_- I love farah but really stop with this now. Your embarassing your self.

  • Jennifer

    Oh my god… Please dear lord do not make an entire album.

  • xTammi

    I honestly thought people were just being mean because it was Farrah and I clicked on it expecting that it would be at least ok…. OMG what the hell was that?! I genuinely can’t even make it out what the words were because of that effect that has been put on her voice, does that even pass as a song? :/

  • brittany

    That sounded like a mutilated robot crying for help. XD keep your day job please, sing in the shower, not in the studio.

  • She should just stick to being a mom… that was crap.



  • Christine

    oh my farrah, what have you done…embarrassing…..whoever told her she sounded good is playing a cruel cruel joke on her…because this makes me want to rip my ears off and stomp on them… she that crazed for fame?? she should stick to cooking and being mom for sure

  • Kayla

    WHAT? I mean, what the hell was she saying? The beat was amazing, at first I thought that it was just like some weird intro but no, it kept going. Does she think this sounds good? At all? I hope, so much, that this is just a joke so that when it really comes out it sounds great compared to this. Someone needs to talk to Farrah about this whole “music” career because this was the equivalent of a dog whistle for humans. I love Farrah, but I expected… something much different from her.

  • Phillygal

    Maybe she can do a duet with Yoko Ono.

  • Sam

    Please tell me this is a joke. This was just…. not music. That’s what it was. It was not music. I thought it was a cat dying.

  • Anita

    This was just sad!! I expected a real song!!! Not only were you unable to understand her but, let’s face it…this is not a talent! Anyone can talk/sing into a digital device and sound this bad…Heck, if this song makes it big (which I seriously doubt it will) then I am going into the music business right away!!! LMAO.

  • the dogs mommy

    Pretty bad when auto tune can’t even make you sound good.

  • kristen

    wowww this is rlly rlly bad…wtf is she saying?? and the auto tune sounds awful! this is a disgrace to music!!

  • casey

    Oh my god eww it is even bad with the Synth on!! I will never complain about Rebecca Black again! Good beat but that is all it has ):

  • Amy_82

    Oh Lawd!! Farrah no no no NO! Please girl as someone who truly likes the show and sees that you’re a driven, hardworking mother I am telling you…Bury this somewhere and pretend it never happened. Stick to modeling or things like that. You have good style and you’re very pretty but you do not have a singing voice at all. I’m not trying to be mean but the people who were around her and helping her make this were obviously in it for something or just complete idiots.

    Continue exploring your avenues but this isn’t it. Aren’t you a chef? I would love to see you get your own cooking show because that’s something I think “we” , meaning supporters of the show and just moms in general, are willing to accept you doing.

  • Amy

    I’m so embarrassed for her..Farrah..Sounds awful..I hope the whole album isn’t this way..

  • kristen

    farrah ‘dude’ take the penis out ur mouth i cant understand u! bahaha

  • Julia

    I have made better songs on my iPhone autotune app….this…this is terrible.

  • kelsey

    Wow seriously ….fame hungry

  • Rae

    What is going on here? lmao

  • Marinewife

    I was really wanting her song to sound good, hopefully she was just doing it for herself to maybe get some frustration out and not for a record deal. But rather it horrible or great if it was one of her dreams or goals good for her.

  • Sucks Major Azz

    This is crazy just cause u got knocked up as a teen and made it on tv because of it,doesnt make u a singer.that was the worst singing ive ever heard,why dont you stick with what your good ,as in being a b@2tch to your mom n dad

    • Lorry

      OMG I made it about 15 seconds and had to turn it off. Is this girl for real??? I hope she has a back-up plan!!!

    • Crystal

      Excuse me while I go clean up my barf. That was the worst ever. She has so much covering up her voice and she still sounds like ass. OMFG….This is not for you stick with being on TV and just looking retarded instead of sounding like it too!!!

  • Andrea

    im sorry but she sings HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE’S WORSE THAN kIM k when she started singing!

  • LaDy

    Maybe she’s tone deaf?

    • LaDy

      Or legit deaf?

      • Jamie


  • Tina

    She should find something else to do with her time. It takes a little more than being a reality star to make a music career you also need this thing people call TALENT!!!

  • C

    OH my goodness.. My ears are bleeding.

  • Jessica

    Funny how everybody nowadays think they are capable of making decent music.

  • Ldizz

    This is dreadful!!! She’s setting herself up to be made fun of like whoa!

  • OhMyGeez

    Her music is as awful as her crying face.

    • nicole

      True that!!

  • Diana

    She’s kidding, right?

    • Jenn

      I highly doubt it, this girl has no sense of humor at all.

      • Haley

        Lmao !!! So funny.

  • Ear rape

    I can’t get past like 30 seconds of this. It’s horrible. My cat started crying from hearing this.
    I guess it’s bad because I just imagine her ugly crying face when she’s “singing”.

  • Emily

    So…..terrible! She needs to stick to the modeling…cuz music is not ur forte!

  • Melissa

    this is god awful. my son is covering his ears and he does not listen to anything.

  • realgirl1102

    Ok…first off..what is she even singing?! If you call that singing…more like saying! It’s all autotuned and done horribly. I can’t believe anyone would want to listen to this… maybe only my option but somehow I doubt that highly! Don’t quit your day job…oh yeah you don’t have one!

  • realgirl1102


  • Elisa

    This is the worst song!

  • Brandi

    Is this real? It can’t be?… Right?

  • stacey

    Farrah seriously wants to have a music album? If it’s anything like waht I just heard nobody will be wanting to buy it. That was awful. You couldn’t understand anyone of what she was saying. It just sounded like noise. She went to school to be a Culinary Chef. She should stick with that and being a mother. No need to try to get into music as well. Worst thing I’ve ever heard.

  • carolyn

    This has got to be a joke.

  • Bailey

    Wowwww. That was terrible. This has to be a joke… Right? I sure hope so.

  • Jitters

    Again, using her pregnancy and kid to get on MTV and get sad..great influence for pregnant teens and excuse to get on MTV..

  • Kelly

    I’d rather take a fork to a chalkboard than listen to another second of this song

  • Crystal

    This is definitely aliens trying to communicate to earth. I know shes money hungry and all, but this is absolute torture!

  • lar

    WTF? she sounds like a dying whale

  • Ashley

    This is CRAP!!!!

  • sanoga

    Ok… is this a joke? I expected it to be terrible (like on the same level as “Don’t be Tardy for the Party”) but this was just… I mean, there is NO way she thinks this is good.

  • Random

    Ya, thats bad! BUT if it helped her heal, more power to her! I just might have kept it to myself.

  • Jacquelyn

    This is HORRIBLE. D: can’t stand her..

  • Sara

    Wow….could this be any worse? Who paid for this to me made? Someone trying to get in her pants, telling her whatever she wants to hear? lol It’s painful to listen to.

  • Abby

    This is is AWFUL!I couldn’t even listen to the whole thing because it is so bad. You can’t understand a word she says, let along the terrible beat, it’s just a bunch of mumble jumble. Who does Farrah think she is?!? She should definitely not be making music.

  • Amanda

    Oh Hell No!

  • Saaarabearrrrr

    Hahahahahaha uhhh what the hell is this? : sounds like crap,
    I can’t even understand her. :S This isn’t real music… It should be against the law to use autotune in music. Most annoying thing in the world!!!!

  • misty

    I love farrah, but this made my ears bleed. I was excited to here her sing, but she didn’t..all computer crap. Ugh! Its terrible

  • brittbritt

    u cant even actually hear her voice its too toned out

  • Aria

    Is this a joke or did she do it herself? I wasn’t expecting anything great, but there is no way that is music. It sadly sounds like a toddler playing around with an electric piano.

  • a

    i see adult films in her future.

    • frontdoormom

      you were completely right!

  • I made my boyfriend listen to this and his reaction made me laugh somehow more than I already was.. This is just terrible.. I’d rather listen to country (not trying to offend just saying). Stick to your sauce!

  • Hannah

    You all can do this too, if you want to be famous. Download the app “La di da” or something like that. You just sing horribly into it and it auto tunes it. LMAO. That is clearly how she did this. Don’t be fooled by the picture of her in the recording studio. When real music producers auto tune tracks, they sound more like Katy Perry’s, not like every single word was sung by a robot.

  • SamAnnTha

    Its Good But Need To Fix The Voice So We Could Understand

  • jenn

    Ah… This is a prime example of when NOT to use autotune. I normally give everyone the benefit of the doubt and give their entire song a listen, but I’m sorry, I couldn’t even make it 30 seconds. I mean, it doesn’t even sound like there are words in here. It’s a lot of unevenly spaced out grunting. Honey, I am glad you were able to write a book to enlighten us on what MTV wouldn’t show and I am glad that you were able to finish culinary school and be given the chance to put out your own sauce, but please, FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC, stick to the kitchen and stay out of the music studio!

  • nicole

    Omg! This is really bad and she’s coming out with an album?!?! No…Just no!!

  • tarra

    Wow, all I can say is……..stick to being a mom. The computer had a little bit of a chance at helping her out, but what an absolute fail…..and that “cover pic’ or w/e is was looked lik she had a nose job, or a major computer enhanced face. F- for sure. Stick with cooking food cuz u will never have the voice to cook up music.

    • Tracey

      OK… I’m embarrassed for her ! uugghhhh

  • Summer

    That was NOT good at all!…I also dont like her cooking how-to’s on youtube..they are horrible…I am a chef myself and it is just plain wrong..the singing and the cooking videos on youtube. Good for her for being an antrepreneur though!

  • lu

    WTFFFFF…?!?!?!??!?!??!??!?!?!?!? reallyy????? i can’t believe this! my head hurts!!!keep cooking and let the sing for people that knows! so many good singers out there and you let her realise a cd?!?! what a waste….

  • Wow that was painful. If yall wanna hear real talent check out my youtube channel 🙂

    Let me know what yall think!

    • Hayzii

      u suck

  • mecartagena

    this was an epic fail for farrah!!! good lord!!

  • This made me miss Rebecca Black.

  • katie

    I think this COULD be good, but i cannot understand a word she is saying. this is the worst auto-tune ever. too much. maybe itd have a message if i could understand.

  • Miranda

    I really hope that this is a joke and that no record label would sign her (for that matter I don’t know who in their right mind would think this is good) Anyways, I think it’s great that she is trying to become an entrepreneur, and make the most of her skills, but this is taking it too far. It is kind of embarrassing really, lol…if I sounded like this I would NOT want the anyone to hear me. You can’t even understand what she’s saying, and judging from the amount of auto-tune that is used, whomever produced the song, DID NOT want people to hear her voice.

  • Diana

    If this is Farrah “finally getting up from rock bottom”, I don’t think I’m alone in saying, please for the love of god sit back down!

  • Tonya

    ………. Umm… that’s not singing.. shes talking while using auto tune.. this is ridiculous… Well..She must have enough money for her and Sophia to live to spend all that money on making an album.. Hmm… Stick to cooking my dear… I’m not trying to be mean, but talking into a microphone while a computer makes it sound cool isn’t singing.. there are people out there with amazing voices that dream of going into a studio but cant afford it but she can walk in there and talk not sing…[which shes probably talking with auto tune on the rest of the songs as well].. UGH! that money should be put towards school and her and Sophia’s future..

  • Taylor

    This song has got to be one of the worst things I have ever listened to. This isn’t even true singing. This is her talking into a microphone and then having a lot of autotune thrown over it to make it sound as if though it is real music. Just no. This needs to go away. It needs to go away for good.

  • bailey

    Whoa. That SUCKED. It sounded like she used that auto tune iPhone app.
    I can’t even give her credit for trying. HOW could she think this was worthy of putting out at all? Terrible.

  • Mom

    Seriously……….this was AWFUL. Whoever tried to make her voice sound better did an absolute HORRIBLE job at doing so.

  • Mom

    I can’t even understand anything that is sung in the stupid song

  • theluvbug6

    i just… i dont even know.
    this makes my ears bleed.
    i love you farrah, but don’t quit your day job.
    maybe it wouldn’t be so terrible if it wasn’t so autotuned.

    my head hurts.

  • abbey

    TERRIBLE!!!!! oh gah!

  • Rachel

    Not only did I just waste 2:22 of my life that I will never get back, I have a headache I probably will never get rid of.. It’s a shame that people have to go to this extent to get attention. “Almost wanting to kill myself” YEAH .. Your love for Derek was extremely noticeable by the way you muffled his voice and would not even ACKNOWLEDGE him or the fact he is the father of your child on 16 & Pregnant. Farrah, stick to what you know how to do best: being superficial. To glamorize Derek’s death in order to boost your followers is just sickening. May God have Mercy on your soul.

  • Jewl

    That is horrendous. My ears hurt.

  • Kimmel

    My ears are bleeding!! I can’t even understand wtf shes saying!

  • Jessica Borowski♥

    Farrah has Talent! You Guys Need To Stop Being Mean And Disrespecting Her! If She Wants To Sing Then She Can! ITS HER LIFE, NOT YOURS!!!!!! When You People Disrespect Famous People It Brings Them Down And Makes Them Feel Bad!!! You Have To Give Her Credit For Trying If You Didn’t Like The Song! But Me Personally, I Know For A Fact That I Liked The Song! And You Guys Need To Get A Life And Stop Disrespecting All The Famous People Out Their! Their Living Their Dream So Start Living Yours!

    • Jake McCardia

      hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha That was by far the most ignorant comment I have ever read on the internet, and that is saying something. Way to go for doing something that is even more rediculous than this no-talent, only famous because she couldn’t keep my legs closed at 16 girl trying to sing a song. I hope to god this isn’t what music becomes. If it turns out that way I will blame people like you.

      • Beth

        Shut the f*** up! Okay, that song sucked. But don’t say that she couldn’t keep her legs closed! She didn’t get pregnant by herself. God, why do so many people put all the blame on the women with so many things? It’s sexist! Stop!

        • frontdoormom

          She obviously still cant keep her legs closed.

    • ReallyReallyReally

      How long did it take you to capitalize every word like a moron?

      • frontdoormom

        Bahahahahahahhahahahah!!!!!! I love this comment!

  • online

    This lived up to the comments.

  • Amanda

    OMG I’m sorry but she can not sing

  • Liz

    I have nothing to say other than HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Recap THIS

    This is the best song I’ve ever heard. Hands down. (I’m deaf.)

  • linda

    i think i just puked. . .it just sounds like it was a conversation and somebody decided to auto tune it and make it into a song a horrible song at that….
    poor thing…

  • Autotune deaf

    Well, there’s 2.5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back! Sounded like a goat trying to molest a banjo…maybe this single can be approved by the Dept. of Defense as a weapon to be used in the war on terror? Blare this in front of the suspected hiding places and believe me, the enemy would surrender in exchange for a life free of this “music”!

  • Autotune deaf

    Well, there’s 2.5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back! Sounded like a goat trying to have its way with a banjo…maybe this single can be approved by the Dept. of Defense as a weapon to be used in the war on terror? Blare this in front of the suspected hiding places and believe me, the enemy would surrender in exchange for a life free of this “music”!

  • Lulu

    Hearing this makes me want to drow myself in the bathtub. *no pun intended*

  • Sierra

    wow. can you cut the auto-tune down a few notches? and the lyrics aren’t very properly attached to the beat. yikes. i’m sure farrah has talent, but whoever made her single didn’t.

  • Lauren

    WOW, what in the heck is this? She sounds like a robot having a seizure. I can’t even understand what she’s saying. I’m sorry, but this is truly terrible.

  • robin

    wow auto tune overkill did anyone even understand wtf she was saying?

  • Jessica

    The lyrics don’t even make sense! It’s like she just threw words together. Please for the love of God don’t make anymore songs!

  • catherine

    this song required no natural talent, a robot was neeeded & even with technology, she couldnt sound good! her lyrics were nonesense, one sentence not following the next.

    this is another bad case of”i’m a spoiled brat and my parents have a lot of money” and to make it worst it’s mixed with “i had my 15 minutes and now i’ll do anything to make it last as long as i can, no matter how much self-respect i have to give up.”

  • flaminko

    Dear Farrah,

    You are a terrible singer. You’re a bitch to everyone and you have unrealistic expectations in relationships. It was so hard difficult to watch you on that boat with Daniel and demand a ring.

    You are not above anyone else and you give Iowa a bad name. You still don’t really understand why you’re alone, do you? Get used to it.

    You have no class, no empathy; you’re only concerned with looking cute and getting what you want. Your closed-mindedness will only perpetuate your failure. It is absolutely maddening to watch such a selfish person lead such a privileged life.

    You’re disgusting.

    • robin

      you took the words RIGHT out of my mouth this is the most accurate description of her that i have ever seen so i second this for sure.

  • Kim

    the sad thing is there was a video clip on rob drydek’s show of a dog being auto-tuned, and it sounded wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better.

  • taylor

    that was HORRIBLE!

  • Jake

    Wow, keep your legs open…you have a better chance at making money that way. LOL…and this song shows that you are still in rock bottom and are not ready to leave it yet…

  • that ‘new nose” is a air brushed and not her new nose. She did get new boobie though She is so SO FULL OF HERSELF, and treats her mom like dirt and her dad, she’s not very classy, and so so FULL OF FARRAh and she will be embarrased one day to see those tapes

  • Ashley Nicole

    wow…this was awful! couldn’t finish the song (or lack there of) all the way. shit Girl, close your legs, open a book and learn some manners. While you’re at that try to teach your daughter not to grow up to be like you. Talentless airhead who is riding her fame on the fact that she got pregnant and MTV needed a talentless airhead for their show.

  • WTF…….


  • Jenny

    Didn’t understand a word of that… I am a Farrah fan because I actually live in the neighborhood where her mom lives, where Farrah used to live. Seems like since she moved to Florida she is all over the place with what she’s doing with her life. Farrah honey, stick to being a great mommy & don’t forget your restaurant dream!

  • Guest

    O…M…GAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! Someone please SHUT HER UP! This broad can’t even sing lyrics that flow with the background music. You KNOW you can’t sing when it has to be obscured by effects. Bahahaha! How does she even have the nerve to keep releasing crap? Go away already!

  • bri

    nobody has anything better to do on here than talking down on someone? If you don’t like it click that red X in the corner of your browser, haters