TLC’s ‘My Teen Is Pregnant And So Am I’ premieres tonight at 10/9c

Liz and Ann from TLC's My Teen Is Pregnant And So Am I reality show

Taking a page out of MTV’s programming guide (almost literally if you remember teen Whitney Purvis from 16 & Pregnant Season 1 and her pregnant-at-the-time mother, Michelle), TLC is all set to premiere a one-hour special titled My Teen Is Pregnant And So Am I tonight at 10/9c.

Here is the official press release from TLC with all the details about the two mother and daughter and granddaughter/son and sister and aunt and… combos that will be featured tonight:


(Los Angeles, CA) On Wednesday, August 1 at 10 PM (ET/PT), TLC delivers double the drama in MY TEEN IS PREGNANT AND SO AM I, a new one-hour special following expecting mother & daughter duos from pregnancy though childbirth and every experience and emotion in between. Having a baby is an intense emotional journey for any woman, but everything is heightened when mothers and their teenage daughters find themselves pregnant at the same time. MY TEEN IS PREGNANT AND SO AM I offers a captivating look inside two families as they struggle to deal with two generations of women sharing this life changing experience together. And as their bellies grow, so does the tension. Through tears and turmoil, joy and heartbreak, these mothers and daughters have nine months to fight through their battles and learn to lean on each other while they come to terms with their extraordinary new lives.


My Teen Is Pregnant And So Am I's Melissa Kristen and Hudson on TLC

• Melissa & Kristen: Melissa is a 40-year old stay at home mother pregnant with her eighth child. Having had her first baby at a young age, she knows all too well the hardships and is struggling with the reality that one of her children will also face the challenges of being a teen mom. Kristen is a 17-year old honor-roll student who is planning on finishing high school. She has been dating her boyfriend, Derek, for two years now. Both mom and daughter live in Greenville, SC.

Mother and daughter Liz and Ann from My Teen Is Pregnant And So Am I  on TLC

• Ann & Liz: Ann is 36-years old, pregnant with her third child and excited about her oldest daughter Liz becoming a new mother. She recently divorced from her baby’s father Jim, who she now shares custody with their 4-year old child. Liz is 17-years old and struggling with the realization that having a baby means modifying her lifestyle, getting a lot less sleep and doing a lot less shopping. She lives with her boyfriend of three years, Chris, and his mom in Oklahoma City, OK.

MY TEEN IS PREGNANT AND SO AM I is produced by RelativityREAL, LLC on behalf of TLC. RelativityREAL is a joint venture of Relativity Media, LLC and award-winning television producer Tom Forman. Executive producers are Tom Forman, Brad Bishop, Julie Link Steffens, Jonathan Karsh and Jon Beyer.

It is common practice for TLC to air these one-hour pseudo-pilot episodes to gauge reactions, and if there is a positive response, they can revisit the concept for a multiple-episode series in the future. (See: Toddlers & Tiaras, Extreme Couponing, and The Virgin Diaries) So, as for now, My Teen Is Pregnant And So Am I is just a one time deal – but we may be seeing more teen mom plus grandma shows in the future.

  • Jenn G.

    The things they call tv now days. This is why I do not have tv anymore. If I want to watch it I can find it online.

  • Babyvamp

    Lordy…that girl in the 3rd photo down looks 12!

    • Kayla

      If you mean the actual third photo not including the video, that is the actual mother of the teenage girl.

  • Ashley

    How awkward!

  • Jackie

    Stupidity doesn’t fall far from the tree

  • Ali

    I actually saw the show and I don’t think I would ever watch another episode… Ann wasn’t very helpful when it came to teaching her daughter how hard being a young parent can be, she would rather be her daughters friend than mother/teacher. I was left scratching my head at their parenting skills (Mostly Ann’s).

    • Josh

      I agree, all these parents and their kids were just… stupid. And the boyfriend? “I don’t like showing my emotions” and to prove that he balls like a pussy every time the camera is on him. What a fucked up pile of retards.

  • Timmy twotone

    This show was pathetic the people were pathetic and TLC is pathetic. Abusive step-father. Loose mother, and totally lost teens. This is what we consider good TV…. The best part of this show is the truth on the families.. the Awol Phillips father. the mother who gave one kid away and recently got possession of the kristen girl… and then acts like she raised her and the girl is her property… not to mention the criminal history of mother phillips… checks dont bounce…. I hope TLC paid them well so society doesnt have to continue to support these people… definate foodstamp… non job having examples of the american dream.