Congressional campaign manager’s cat killed over political motivations

The deceased liberal cat of Ken Aden's campaign manager

Some of the most outrageous stories and commercials for that matter you’ll ever see come from the world of politics. While the world is busy wondering which side are you on, for random news of the weird pieces all parties are inevitably involved.

The most recent AUFKM (are you freaking kidding me?) piece I’ve come across from the political arena involves a Congressional campaign manager’s family pet. Ken Aden is running for Arkansas’ 3rd Congressional District and has posted one of the most disturbing news releases I can recall from the campaign trail.

The above image you see was the family pet of Ken’s campaign manager Jacob Burris. According to the press release Mr. Burris returned home with his family and discovered his cat slaughtered with the word “liberal” written across the Siamese-mix cat’s body.

According to the press release one side of the cat’s head was bashed in so hard one of its eyeballs was barely hanging from its socket. The dead pet was left on the doorstep of Burris’ home. One of his four children made the discovery but was too young to read and dad quickly removed the corpse before the other children could see.

Aden made the following statements addressing the sad situation:

“To kill a child’s pet is just unconscionable. As a former combat soldier, I’ve seen the best of humanity and the worst of humanity. Whoever did this is definitely part of the worst of humanity. It is one thing to engage in civil political discourse, and for Republicans and Democrats to disagree with each other, which is an expected part of the political process. Taking it to this level is beyond unacceptable.”

It’s important to note that Aden nor Burris believe that incumbent Steve Womack or any person representing his campaign had anything to do with this obscene and grotesque gesture.

“Although we have certainly disagreed and engaged in a great deal of civil discourse, I do not believe in any way that Congressman Womack or his campaign had anything to do with this incident.”

Aden even added that Womack’s father, who owns an area radio station, promoted a toy drive for children during the holiday season held by Aden’s campaign. I wish whomever did this horrible act would have practiced the same level of respectable discourse.

The Russellville Police Department is investigating, and a report will be made to the Federal Bureau of Investigation today.

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