Holly Madison is going to be a mommy

Holly Madison in Peepshow

Holly Madison is preparing for a baby and picking out nursery room decor! The 33-year-old reality star turned Vegas performer has gotten the ball rolling on adoption and will soon welcome a baby into her busy life — and she’s doing it alone.

“I’ve started the adoption process … I really want to be a mommy,” Holly tells In Touch. Hold My Hand, an adoption mentoring service, is helping her through the process of adopting a child from either Africa or South Korea.

The former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner credits her busy schedule of event appearances and live performances as the reason she’s waited until now to start the adoption process. “I love performing in the theater, and you can’t really do that when you’re pregnant,” Holly explains. Once the baby comes, she’ll likely take a brief hiatus until she gets her mommy routine down.

Holly Madison adopting a baby according to reports
^ Holly Madison gets some baby handling experience at the “Holly Jolly” Christmas Inaugural Toy Drive on December 20, 2009. (Photo: Chris Connor/WENN.com)

One thing Holly won’t have to work into her busy schedule is her E! show. Although Holly’s Girls Next Door spin-off Holly’s World was a success in the ratings, Holly called it quits with the series after just two seasons. Could she have parted ways with E! because of her future baby plans?

Holly has dated a rack of bad boys and rock stars including Cris Angel, Benji Madden, and Jack Bakarat of All Time Low, but the former Playboy model is currently single. Her most recent relationship was with Jesse Waits. Ironically, Jesse had previously dated her Holly’s World nemesis and fellow Playboy model Jayde Nicole.

We’re sure Holly will be a great mommy to her new baby. It’s safe to say that she’s had some diaper-changing experience — she did live at the mansion for several years! We were talking about the baby monkeys, of course.

UPDATE! Turns out Holly Madison IS pregnant! Read here!

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  • Caroline

    Just curious I know she and Hef did IVF. I always thought it was because of Hef? Does Holly have fertility issues? Im glad she is adopting, just kind of wish she could do it here in the US. I live near Vegas and there are plenty of kids on Vegas that need homes.

  • Jessica

    There are plenty of children that need homes IN OUR OWN COUNTRY. Why do celebrities keep choosing to put other countries orphans before our own?

    • MH

      It takes a special type of person to adopt. Yes there are people who would prefer that children from the US were adopted first but in the end it is one less child that is an orphan. Being that the USA is one of the greatest countries in the world, an orphan would still have a better life here then an orphan in another country. I speak on this because it is dear to my heart and I have a child adopted from another country. His life would have resulted to not much at all and most children are put out in the streets at 14 if they are not placed in a halfway home. At least childen are given the opportunity to turn 18, and hopefully be mature enough to move on in life at that point.

  • Joei

    I’ve always liked her. Actually, ALL of the “Girls Next Door” (originals) were likeable, seemingly down to earth women. Good for Holly!

  • Katie

    I thought she had been with Pasquale Rotella for like a year now? If you follow her instagram, he’s her “owl”

  • Mandy

    What is wrong w/American babies that need a good home? Why Why Why. I plan to adopt in a few years and I can promise you this I’m going to do it right here in my country.Go thru my county to find one. There are babies born every day that need help!

  • Loots

    I’m pretty sure there are children right here in the United States of America that are in need of a home.

  • Taylor

    It’s because the international process is a lot faster. People are impatient here.