VIDEO Korean fitness machine owns Shake Weight’s sexual suggestiveness

Just when you were sure that there would never, ever be a work out device more sexually suggestive than the infamous Shake Weight along comes ACE POWER!!!!!!!!

In the following video that just goes on and on and on like my girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend with the long hair and tan (Think Tim Robbins’ character from High Fidelity), you are introduced to a horse riding simulation exercise device called ACE POWER!!!!!!!!! Yes. I have to write that in all caps followed by a bunch of exclamation points. After seeing the clip you’ll understand.

But… Before we get there let’s take a look at the ol’ Shake Weight which has now been destroyed by the Korean device, ACE POWER!!!!!!!!!

Are you ready? Are you prepared to handle the, well, power that is ACE POWER!!!!!!!!!!? No. You aren’t, but I’m gonna hit you with it anyways. I suppose I should state for the record that some might find this offensive.

ACE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!