PHOTOS Bikini-clad Leah Messer poses with fans

Teen Mom Leah Messer bikini photo

Fresh on the bare heels of Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry sharing some summertime swimsuit photos, Leah Messer reminds everyone that West Virginia girls know how to rock a bikini too!

Leah Messer bikini picture at the lake 2012  Picture of Leah Messer in a bikini 2012  Leah Messer in a bikini at the lake 2012

Leah Messer took time away from her lake vacation to pose with fans while wearing a ruffled plaid Victoria’s Secret two-piece that will have you wondering where those twins came from 🙂 And speaking of those twins, mom isn’t the only one who knows how to have a little fun in the sun! Check out these great photos of Aleeah and Aliannah gettin’ wet and wild courtesy of grandpa Jeff Simms:

Leah Messer's daughter Aliannah Hope in the swimming pool  Leah Messer's daughter Aleeah Grace chilling in the pool
And how about dem gals gettin’ their beach on!

Leah Messer's daughter Aleeah Grace at the beach  Leah Messer's daughter Aliannah Hope playing in the sand at the beach
^ Photos: Corey Simms & Family Official Facebook Fan Page

That looks like a whole lot of drama-free family good times right there! Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert are happily married and Corey Simms seems to have found himself a nice policewoman… Things are lookin’ good in West Virginia!

On a side note… Jenelle, Leah, and Kailyn are all about rockin’ some swimsuits, now all we need is for South Dakota to get a little sunshine so Chelsea Houska can follow “suit.” 🙂 (Victoria’s Secret makes leopard print swimwear too!)

  • Monica

    I would want my kid posing with her like she is some kind of celebrity. “Hey look honey, let’s take a picture with the girl who is famous for being a teen mom.”

    • Monica

      ***would not

  • Courtney

    Leah’s the same size as the little 8 year old looking girls!

  • tab

    i don’t understand why she got braces. her teeth looked fine before and now she’s looks like a 13 year old middle school girl.

    also, who are these parents that let their little girls watch the show and be fans of her? those girls are way too young to even know what this show is.

    • Kelly

      Maybe she didn’t have major issues with her teeth but still wanted to correct whatever might have been there. Considering she works at a dental Office she probably got a good deal. Who cares if it makes her look younger? The braces will come off and if it helps her to be more confident in herself then I say good for her!

      • v

        leah.. this you? and braces are expensive. so if it was just a vanity thing than its ridiculous.

        • blueblueblue

          Actually many places give them to their employees for free. I know she works at a dentist office, but they probably have a referral program with an orthodontist.

          • Jenn

            free? no. I am a dental assistant and you can not get braces for free. They cost thousands.

            • Tracie

              She worked in a dentists office for like a month but it was “too stressful” taking care of her kids and working so she quit. Her mom still works in a dentists office though

            • Kelly

              Who cares? Its her money. It’s not like she sacrificed her kids needs to get them for herself. They’re taken care of, so why shouldn’t she get braces if she wants to?

        • Kelly

          No this isn’t Leah. People do things to improve their appearance all the time. So what? As long as she doesn’t go crazy with it what is the harm?

  • Brittany

    She definitely needed braces. I would have done the same thing as her. So she looks like a middle schooler for a couple of years, big deal.

  • Nicole

    Really I dont see a problem with this family letting their kids watch teen mom, it may help these girls see the struggle of teen moms, I dont know why people are so judgemental if you dont think she should be treated like a celebrity so be it some people see these girls as role models!!!!!

  • Crystal

    Before she wanted to get braces, she should’ve made an appointment with a hairstylist. #justsayin

  • Babyvamp

    I didn’t notice the braces, I just read the comments. Why don’t more people look into Invisalign? I’m honestly doing it myself, I wonder why they choose having the metal ones for x amount of years.

  • areyouserious

    hey everyone i started a petition to get Jenelle Evans off of Teen Mom 2. (She’s the one always getting arrested, smoking pot, doesn’t take care of her kid, and displaying all her fights on twitter.)

    It’ll only take a second.

    • Taylor

      Duh!!! That’s probably the reason why she got picked in the first place. Cause they knew with her behavior it would add drama that they didn’t need to write in.

      • RReed

        Yes and MTV lovesss drama!

  • Caroline

    I just love how these girls get to go on summer “vacays” all the time. My husband has been at his job for 15 years and we have only been on one vacation in the last 8 years. Time off is unpaid and discouraged because they can’t afford to hire a temp in his place. I hope Leah understands how lucky she is to have such a supportive family and oppurtunites.

  • Taylor

    Wow people are complaining cause he got braces who the eff cares. Farrah has them too no one s flipping out. I wouldn’t even be surprised of MTV footed the bill for them.

  • ReedPA

    I had twin girls as well almost two years ago and i wish i looked as good as her! Shes so pretty 🙂 I just love Leah. Yeah, everyone makes mistakes, shes very young. But i wish her and her family the best 🙂