Are Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry and baby-daddy Jo Rivera on good terms now?

Jonathan Rivera working on a copier

Teen Mom 2 cast member Kailyn Lowry and her baby-daddy Jonathan “Jo” Rivera seem to divide fans of the show right down the middle.

Those on the side of Jo argue that Kail is a user who mooched off of him and his family for a place to live and money.  Team Jo fans repeatedly site the fact that Kail started dating her new man Jordan while still living with the Riveras.

Those on the Team Kail train argue that Jo is insensitive and verbally abusive and needs to get a job.  Jo’s apparent lack of a work ethic is a frequently used talking point for Team Kail, well that and the whole arrested for allegedly being under the influence of marijuana thing.

In a previous post we feature Jo as his rapper alter ego N.I.C.K B and concluded to our own surprise that kid had legit flow!  Well Jo’s boy and fellow rapper Greystroke had a little something to say in regards to all the h8rs who assume Jo doesn’t work and work hard.  Well he didn’t have anything to say actually BUT he did have a video of Jo randomly trying to fix a copier in what looks like a warehouse.

Take this upside your dome Team Kail:

Here is what Greystroke added as a tag to the clip:

JO at work. Working hard like he always does. How many of you know how to service a copier machine? “DON’T JUDGE JO IF YOU DON’T KNOW JO”. Remember “BELIEVE NOTHING YOU HEAR AND HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE”.

A screwdriver, a serious looking face and some Eminem blasting looks like work to me.

Anyways, while everyone is up in arms about whether they are all about Kail or Jo apparently the two have moved on and are on good terms.  They tweet each other and show support for the other’s new endeavors which is certainly a different tune than they were singing via Facebook a while back.



Perhaps Kail and Jo can teach us all a lesson about moving on and forgiveness.  That’s whaz up boyeee!

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