Catelynn Lowell before and after weight loss photos! Weight Watchers results

Teen Mom‘s Catelynn Lowell has been getting good results with her weight loss progress. We watched her struggle a bit with image issues on the show during Season 3, but she’s been working hard, and now looks better than ever. CLICK HERE to see more photos from Catelynn, Maci, and Farrah.

In September 2011, Catelynn excitedly tweeted about losing 12 pounds in two months on her Weight Watchers program.

Just lost 12 pounds on weight watchers!!!! 12 lbs in two months thats whats up

Catelynn also works out regularly, along with watching what she eats, and she looks amazing. Consistency is key! Keep it up!

UPDATE: JUNE 2012 Tyler tweeted this amazing new photo of Catelynn. Smoking!

And here’s one of Catelyn June 17, 2012 holding her own with skinny-minis Farrah and Maci!


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And another from June 29 shared by Tyler Baltierra along with the tweet, “Isn’t she beautiful! God I love that woman ‪#soulmate”

Catelynn Lowell losing weight June 26 2012 photo
  • Kelly

    Good for her!

  • kayla

    she looks great

  • Katie

    She looks soooo good! Good for her!!

  • Diana

    Beautiful on the inside and the outside.

  • Bailey

    I think she looks beautiful before AND after. I actually like her better before, her face is filled out nicely. When she is thinner she looks more gaunt and older, and you can see it in her mom’s facial structure as well. Some people just look better bigger!
    And don’t give me that health bs, because it IS possible to be fat and healthy. Some people are predisposed to be on the chubby side because of their genetics and metabolism, not to mention she gave birth.

  • She’s growing to be a beautiful young lady..I wish her a very bless and bright future.

  • noname

    Aw she looks great! So happy for her. Weight loss is such an accomplishment and I bet she feels amazing!

  • Sara

    Being fat is not healthy, any doctor will tell you that. It’s an excuse to not work out/eat properly.

    That being said, congrats Cate! You look good, and I know how hard it is to lose weight.

  • Blahblahblah

    She looks fantastic. She’s tiny so carrying extra weight doesn’t look good on her small frame.

  • Kaylie

    She looks so much younger with the weight loss! She was looking a bit frumpy in the before, but she looks great now! Good for her!

    • Sherita

      I think the weight made her look older too, as well as her clothes. The clothes she wore was for something of a woman in her 40’s, not 18. Maybe as she loses the weight she will be more confident and buy cuter clothes. Good for her though.

  • helloisitme

    Get it girl! Great job. Its nice seeing one of these girls do something healthy for themselves.

  • Sherita

    Good for her. Losing weight is not easy, as it took me 3 yrs after having my son to finally get rid of the 40lbs I gained and no I didnt have weight watchers (wish I did lol).Went to the gym 4 times a week and had a personal trainer, it all came off in 5 months. With that being said, Cate is a sweetheart but her overall look needs to change. That haircurt is unflattering for her face and body type, that color is not good, it makes her look like a chucky doll and her clothes are old, like something a 40 yr old would wear. She needs to hit up a Forever 21 or something, its not expensive, she can afford it.

  • C

    not all young woman wanna dress like teenyboppers. you can’t throw them all into that same category. catelynn dresses mature and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Paula

    Good for Catelynn, she deserves all the happiness in the world. I’m sure this will boost her confidence through the roof! 😀

  • Emily

    she is an amaing person! She seems like the only teen mom star that has HAD her head on straight. (besides Maci) Congrats Cat and Tye when you guys have kids you will be amazing parents!! you have proven that to us through out the years

  • Didi

    Now she just needs a new ‘do! Let the square hair go already!