A guide to the Sister Wives’ Brown Family’s business ventures!

Sister Wives make money

The Brown Family of TLC’s Sister Wives fame have 22 mouths to feed (17 kids, 4 wives, and one dad/husband,) and have had to move from their home in Utah to four separate residences in Las Vegas, Nevada because of a threat that their family may be broken up due to state laws. First wife Meri lost her job after they went public with their life, Robyn left her job to join the family, and the main breadwinners Jenelle and Kody had to leave their jobs behind when they moved. Their move and living expenses afterwards came mostly from what supposed to be their retirement savings, and many of the kids are nearing college age. Soo, how does this huge family support themselves?

Their position as reality stars have opened them up to a lot of scrutiny (and legal fears) but it’s also helped a lot of people be more open minded and accepting. It’s also given the Browns a lot of opportunities to build new businesses and partnerships in order to support themselves and get back on their feet financially.

Here’s a list of the businesses and projects Kody, Meri, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn are involved with:

Health and Weight Loss:

As part of their ongoing journey to lose weight, improve their health, and help others do so, they have partnered with a LIV International (they’re the ones who gave them the car as a bonus,) promoting a supplement detox program. They are also opening up a gym and health website with Las Vegas personal trainer Bill Suesz, called Fundamental Fitness.

Janelle is also gearing up to blog about her weight loss experience on a blog called Losing it in Las Vegas.

Personal Brand

They’ve launched their own website KodyBrownFamily.com, and they’ve written a book, Becoming Sister Wives. Click here to get a dose of what’s in their tell-all.


They have plans to fully launch a clothing and jewelry store at MySisterWifesCloset.com.

Real Estate:

Both Jenelle and Christine are working on their real estate licenses and plan to work together, and according to their book, move in together.

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  • Gwyn

    While I loled at the name of the gym, I think it’s good that they are making money out of being on the show. Why not? I’d rather see them making money and being successful than Kim kardashian. 😛

  • tab

    i like this family. and i applaud them for supporting themselves and not living off the government.

  • Blahblahblah

    When I heard about the “my sister wives closet” on the show, I thought the name was a terrible idea. I’m not sure if people are open to that. I hope their business ventures are successful, but I think flaunting the sister wives name will scare people off.

  • Caroline

    I’m pleased that they are trying to make money outisde the show. The expenses must be so high with 4 rents and still owning the home in Utah and no one has a salaried stable job. I think before they get into weight loss ventures maybe 1 or more of them should lose some weight to prove the products they are using are working (like the MLM Liv detox system). I just think it is odd to see them eating so poorly and pushing a gym and detox. I think a book is fine and jewelry line is great especially if Robyn loves doing it(and I’m not a big Robyn fan). I do think one of the family members perferrably Kody gets a job that could provide health benefits. In Utah they used medcaid for some of the kids. I have no issues if you are self employed and sucessful I just don’t like when the state pays to insure 17 kids.

  • FR

    The wives who didn’t legally marry Kody accept ALL KINDS OF GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE including food stamps amounting to thousands of dollars each month. The children born out of official wedlock are on Medicaid and their mothers used government services like WIC while pregnant. They also appear to have a habit of racking up debt and then filing bankruptcy.

    It’s their choice to engage in polygamy. However, they are clearly gaming the system. It would be better to legalize polygamy so that they wouldn’t be able to qualify for assistance under such shady circumstances.

    • locosmom

      why is this different than someone in the projects who stays on welfare and drugs and doesn’t even bother to take care of their children–did anyone out there see the movie Precious—it is really like that in many of the low income areas of the US—I came from there and thank God will not go back—-at least these children are clean, educated, and planning on college—not living on the gov t!t forever

    • Isn’t it great to see your tax dollars in action? Just hideous. And @ca0af17089c72048f6003bd35beccdaa:disqus , they will keep having more and more kids and sucking the gov’t teat as long as they can. It is sick that people who actually need help – people who didn’t choose this kind of lifestyle AND choose to flaunt it on TV – don’t get help and these arses do.

  • Allison

    Janelle & Kody’s daughter Madison is really pretty. 🙂

  • NellieM

    Kody Brown is living every cheating scumbags dream. Having multiple partners who all know about each other and are completely fine with it. I feel so bad for these women they must feel so lonely at times, and they cant have more then one husband. And i feel even worse for their children, because they don’t have a full time dad he jumps from house to house. Of course he doesn’t care how many kids he has, its not like he has to lift a finger! he has four other wives to do everything for him. He could barley juggle the family he has, yet he selfishly added robin to their family because he needed a new toy to play with after 16 years. He is a pig, and i cant believe these four intelligent kind heart women put up with his crap. They deserve better.

    • Dianna

      because its not like they have a choice in the matter at all right??

      they agreed to do this just as much as he did. its not like he forced them to be with him they chose to be. how can you say the deserve better when they are the ones who wanted this life. and the kids that grow up in these kinds of homes don’t seem to be suffering. atleast they have a dad who spends time with them. many kids out there don’t even know who there father is much less spend time with him. just because you couldn’t deal with their situation doesn’t mean that they can’t. they wanted this

  • Patricia

    I love the sister wives. Their all consenting adults and they and their families look healthy and alot better off than alot of kids in the USA. Live and let live thats what i say. I wouldn’t choose this lifestyle but they did and i enjoy their show very much. Good luck to them all on their new adventures. Judge lest you be judge. my best wishes to the browns.

  • Mindy Rodriguez

    Well, Christine ‘gets it’…she might not know exactly what she gets but she is smart enough to know something is off…little old Robyn got so jealous at a home event and at a shopping event some time ago and was smart enough to figure out how to be #1 now and forever….she told Kody her parents had a 42 year honeymoon and she was going to create the same for him…what guy wouldn’t want to be there all of the time…thus the endearing stares…dropping everything when Kody comes in the door…#2 made Meri think she was special to Robyn so she always had one wive on her side…Christine, Janelle and Meri, if she ever wises up, get slim, get rid of the fat, fix your hair and makeup, get some cute clothes…then you might not even want Kody around…that is the only way to equal the playing field…

    • Grandy

      If Christine was to leave the pack, I think some nice young respectful man will grab her in a heartbeat. He’ll probably put her on a pedestal and show her true love. She has a bubbly personality and just all around nice person.

  • KodyIsUseless

    Kody is a pathetic ineffecitve loser and Robyn looks like a witch.

    • Chris

      And Robyn is the best-looking one 🙂

      • Spike

        None of them are all that attractive.

  • HappilyMarried25yrs&counting

    I agree with Mindy/Grandy. These women chose this because they’ve been raised & lead to believe (brainwashed) that this life style is so great and some how better/more love. But the difference is I get to cuddle in bed with my husband every night! Spend time together everyday. He’s here to father everyday (& believe me – with teens, you need that!) and when My husband screws up & is in the doghouse, he has to face me & deal with it.. instead of running away to another wife. He’s here to deal with ANY problems everyday! And that sisterly love …I get the same love, support, & help from my sisters & best friend – without them having sex with my husband! And my kids get the same “family feel” being around their cousins without the chaos & pressures of having to be around so many kids everyday! These women don’t realize their Totally short changed!! They do all the work taking care of the family, they’re told to deal with their bad feelings, while Kody runs around & plays with women! That’s why he’s always happy – you never see him complaining, getting mad or dealing with jealousy! How convenient that it’s all in the name of religion – a pathetic excuse for men to cheat! …Kody GROSSES me out! slime ball!!

  • HappilyMarried25yrs&counting

    As a “Plural Marriage” …I think all the women should get extra husbands so they can feel what it’s like to have a real man around!

    • Phyl Wag

      they must be reading a different Bilbe thatn me cause adultry is a sin and 3 girlfriend?? would be adultry in my book.

      • “Adultery”. But I get what you mean.

  • Phyl Wag

    the only good thing about this kind of relationship is that you would only have to see your husband once a week or so but still have financial stability. You could basicly live your “own” life. the husband is a money provider but essentially not needed.

  • Ray

    I personally don’t see anything wrong with what they are doing just as long they don’t encourage others to do the same, it does make for a real good reality show. Just as long they keep it clean. As long as they all agree with the situation they have with each other, Heck that’s up to them what they do.

    • Look at them at look at the Duggars. More kids in that family and they have not accepted ONE PENNY from the government. Yet they are mocked all the time. I’d rather have them in my neighborhood! This is just a guy who wants lots of sex with no faith in anything but his ability to procreate.

  • Cayla

    This family is simply amazing! Kody has 17 children and treats all of them with the love and dedication that most fathers can’t express to one child. The women are angels who have love that can make anyone’s heart smile. I personally don’t practice polygamy, I am baptist/christian but I have chosen not to judge this family or talk about them as though they deserve any less respect than you or I do based on their relgion. So Brown family, follow your heart because in the end it’s not about them anyway 😉

    • Is your last name Brown? It has to be!

  • Janes10606

    So the ladies bring in some funds but what does Kody actually do to afford 4 homes? It’s hard to believe he can qualify for all those loans, especially considering how difficult qualifying has been recently!

    • Pretends to be a surfer? Pan-handles? 🙂

  • I have fought for 20 years to get disability after I was in a terrible car wreck. Stupid me, I should have just been a a-hole and gotten a TLC show. Sickening! Don’t buy from these people!

  • The “Losing In Las Vegas” web site is already down! These people need to go get real jobs, If that is flipping burgers, at least you’re doing an honest day’s work for an honest wage. Get off your fat, entitled butts and go work to feed your kids.

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