Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards and girlfriend Dalis Connell break up

Ryan Edwards and girlfriend Dalis Connell split up

In case you were wondering what that earth-rumbling noise was earlier today, that was the collective screams of thousands of young ladies who just read Teen Mom star (and the franchise’s biggest male heartthrob) Ryan Edwards’ tweet, “Well I’m single and ready to mingle ;)” That’s right, Maci Bookout’s ex has broken up with his girlfriend (and starcasm fave) Dalis Connell.

UPDATE (May 15) – And now they’re back together.

The news comes just about a year after the two began dating in the summer of 2011, which is a pretty serious amount of time when you’re 19. In all honesty, outside of Catelynn and Tyler, Ryan and Dalis seemed to have the healthiest relationship of any couple on Teen Mom or Teen Mom 2 – at least according to what we were able to see and read through their public interactions on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Dalis and Ryan were constantly sharing joyous photos and videos (including lots with Ryan and Maci’s son Bentley), and their interactions were always pleasant and good-spirited. The couple even maintained a level of pleasantness immediately after the breakup – nothing like the atomic meltdowns we’ve grown accustomed to.

Ryan Edwards Dalis Connell break up tweets

Dalis went so far as to confess that she thought she would marry Ryan some day:

The only bitterness came a little later when Ryan offered up this enigmatic tweet:

It seems to hint at a bit of animosity between him and Dalis, but without any specifics it’s hard to tell if that’s what he’s referring to or not. (Heck, it could have been about Bentley not fessing up to spilling a glass of juice for all I know.)

Although the break up is a bummer, and I’m sure the haters will have all sorts of things to say about the hundreds of girlfriends Ryan keeps parading into and out of Bentley’s life (not true obviously), it’s just a part of life. People date and people break up sometimes – especially when we’re young. (How many of you over 25 are still with the person you were dating when you were 19?) Ryan and Dalis seemed very mature in their relationship and from all appearances it seemed like a positive thing, not only for them, but for Bentley as well.

Check out this photo of the three of them together, this time featuring Dalis as a brunette:

Ryan Edwards, his son Bentley, and ex girlfriend Dalis Connell

On a side note, Dalis’ relationship with Ryan wasn’t the only thing that got totaled this weekend. The 20-year-old track star was involved in a car accident Saturday night that left her uninjured (thankfully), but resulted in her car being hauled off to the junkyard:

We wish Ryan and Dalis the best – and look forward to “posthumously” getting a chance to meet Dalis on the upcoming Teen Mom Season 4 premiering June 19. (MTV desperately needs to cut down the lag time between when they film and when they air! With Jersey Shore it seems like just a matter of weeks!)

UPDATE: They’re back together! We’re currently working on a new article about their reconciliation

  • OMG

    oh no! i loved them together πŸ™

    i’m more sad by this than when you reported Maci and Kyle split!

    Dalis seems like such a great girl, i will definitely still follow her for updates.

    I wish them the best of luck though in whatever happens.

  • Allison

    They have broken up and gotten back together before… IIRC it was a misunderstanding then, and from Ryan’s tweet it kinda seems like the same thing this time… On a side note, I did not know that the new season of Teen Mom premieres June 19, the day before my birthday! Happy Birthday to me. lol

    • Maria

      Awww! Happy Birthday!! : )

  • Brittany

    Is it bad that I secretly (not so secretly anymore) hope he and Maci will get along and get back together and one day?

    • Neacy

      I wish that too! Lol I’ve always thought that they really did care about each other I think had they not gotten pregnant they would’ve lasted much longer but a baby changes things no matter how much you care about the person… I think that is why if you go through the list of girls you will see that the ONLY couple from 16&Pregnant seasons 1-3 and Teen Mom who have not broken up at least once (even if the couple did get back together) were Cate and Tyler. I think they cared about each other but they just couldn’t make it work with the way their lives were then. I wish they would get back together so much, they are so adorable and you can tell there are still feelings there at least from what we saw last season on TM in my opinion. But Maci has completely flipflopped ya she may be a decent mom but she is too focused on herself right now a lot like Ryan was in the beginning. If you following her on Twitter and look at all of the traveling she has done (the trips without Bentley) in the past say 6 months and total it up I honestly think he has been with Ryan more than her. I get she has to travel some to speak and make money but she is kind of self centered right now which is weird because Ryan seems to be doing GREAT with his daddy duties. I hope that they both can find some middle ground and who knows maybe once they are both mature enough they might give it a go again πŸ™‚

    • Kim

      Haha nah, I always wanted it to happen as well.

    • InWonderland

      haha me too!!! Dr.Drew hopes that as well, he loves them together.

  • Blahblahblah

    What’s “not true, obviously”? This has got to be his third girlfriend he’s brought around Bentley! Maybe its old school, but you typically shouldn’t introduce your new guy/gal until there’s a REAL commitment there. Its like these parents do it out of laziness because god forbid if they have to spend time ALONE with their child, giving him their full attention. Oh and p.s. met my guy at 15, started dating at 19, married at 24…….what were you saying again?

    • OMG

      Maci is no different. She hasn’t even been with her new boyfriend for two months yet and introduced him to Bentley over Skype right after she met him and introduced them in person like a week after she got with him. That to me is crazy, especially since that all came only a couple of weeks after her split with Kyle King.

  • da mystery of chessboxin’

    who the f cares? honestly just because you can have a kid at 16, doesn’t mean you should.

  • Hm not so sure about the ‘healthiest relationship’ part. Indirectly breaking up with your girlfriend by posting insults on Twitter after you hear a rumour about her? Said girlfriend taking you back less than a day later and disregarding all you said about her? Hmm.

  • michelle e pfister

    wow that is surprising. and on the comment about who is over 25 and still with the person they were dating when they were 19… well i am 27 and started dating my hubby when i was 18 and we are still together. i guess we are that exception. best of luck to ryan and dalias. and i am also glad that she was not hurt in that car accident, cars can be replaced but i life cannot.

  • Forrest

    Well, I liked Ryan and Dalis together.
    And I agree Maci ain’t no different.

    oOo and we and met round 9, started dating at 12 now 16, thats kind of long.

    • Jen

      dating at 12? lol

      • Forrest

        Yeah, kinda. lol

    • Dianna

      16?? your not old enough to have the problems that a 25 year old would have. your still a teen and teen relationships don’t have the same drama as 20 year olds have. real life problems come into play, when your 16 its all fun. Bills, work, and family can have a toll on high school sweethears.

      im glad they did keep it civil. its refreshing to know that some can still do that. it does seem like she was the one that broke up with him. he seems slightly more hurt about the whole thing than she does. its more civil that majority of the teen parents have been, and im talking about all the teem parents. not just the ones on tv

      • Forrest

        Okay, I guess?
        I have enough problems, already. A lot more than the average teenager πŸ™
        But I wouldn’t know, since I’m not an adult or a parent.

      • Zoe

        While I’d agree with you MOST 16 year olds/teens don’t have a lot of stuff to deal with, that’s not true for everyone. I actually moved out of home at 16, was working full time, went to university at 17, I had my son at 19 and my partner/sons father died when I was also 19, I had to be a solo parent for over a year and a half while also trying to make ends meet. Now I’m 22 and married, and have my second child on the way. Believe me, not everyone has it so easy. I’ve probably dealt with more crap in 22 years than a lot of people will in their life, unfortunately theres no magical age where life becomes tough.

        • Forrest

          Well, I was diagnosed with Leukemia at 6 for 3 years.
          And then, again, seven years later.
          Along with multible mental and medical disorders.

          While I’m now 16 years old.

  • Maria

    I’m 21 and I’m still with the person I started dating when I was 17. He’s my first boyfriend ever and we are going to have 4 years together in October πŸ™‚ But anyway, I’m really glad Dalis isn’t like one of those girls that cries and frets over when there’s a break-up involved with a guy! Shows that she’s confident in herself and very mature! Keep it up Dalis, you’re a great role model πŸ™‚

    • Bailey

      She isn’t a “role model”, she is a regular girl. NOTHING special.
      She is a wannabe celebrity and you also have no idea if she is taking it maturely off of twitter.
      I hope she drops out of the public eye now.

      • I

        Wanna be celebrity? lol She doesn’t consider the be a “celebrity” she considers her self as another human. By the way are you bailey hixson?

  • Ashley

    “How many of you over 25 are still with the person you were dating when you were 19?”

    Right here. Met my guy at 18. 9 years later, we are married with 2 kids. It’s not that incredibly rare.


    • shannon

      same here, been together a little bit after i turned 18 and i’m 25 now and married to him.

    • Erika

      I met my now husband when I was 12 and We are still together. Im 22 going on 23 in December

  • Rae

    I was Team Ralis so this is just really sad. Especially since Ryan looked so happy with Dalis too. She was really a positive influence on him. At first I thought it was a joke or something cause I couldn’t believe it; they both just seemed too happy and weren’t really too heartbroken. It took me awhile to actually believe it was real and made me sad. But who knows, maybe they’ll be like Jenelle&Gary and get back together after a little while. If not, well, as a big Ryan supporter; I just want him to be happy πŸ™‚

  • P

    Hahaha dating at 12 lol

    • Forrest

      Was this to me?
      Please don’t offend me if thats what you were trying to do.

      • cj

        wagner? oh and im 16 to

    • cj

      at least its not 12 and pregnat like some girl at my sisters MIDDLE school lol truthfuly i started dating at 7 in grade 2..

  • tab

    poor benny. πŸ™ first maci and kyle break up, now ryan and dallis.

    i also secretly hope that he and maci will get back together….

  • Nikki

    First of all, I believe the question was “How many of you” It’s not very often anymore you see that kind of relationship… Me and my fiancee will be together for 4 years in december, and that is the longest relationship I have had (even though I’ve tried to make others work) And I plan on spending the rest of my life with this man.
    However, Maci taking these trips to go speak is a good thing. She is educating young people about safe sex and teen pregnancy. It’s not like she is being a bad parent or abandoning her child. Introducing men into her son’s life may be a little quick, but at least its not a new guy every week… but Ryan is the same. At least the people they are introducing into Bentleys life aren’t “bad” people, they aren’t harming Bentley in any way shape or form.

  • Ashley

    I am VERY shocked to hear about the split. I wouldn’t think they’d EVER breakup!! I guess everything happens for a reason though. Dalis was a pretty girl and I wish her the best of luck.

  • Bree

    Totally agree with the wannabe celebrity comment. She is not a nice girl at all, calling other girls bitches on twitter and blowing peoples comments to her way out of proportion then deleting the rude replies she writes. I did follow her on twitter but counldn’t take her ego and rude comments. This girl is so delusional.

  • bb

    Dallis pisses me off…I too wish Ryan and Maci could work it out! He has grown up a lot…prob still needs to some more but hey so does my husband and he’s in his thirties πŸ˜‰

  • Bre

    I am 23 bout to be 24 been with my husband since i was 13 and have three beautiful boys!!! Had our first son when I was 16 second son at 19 third at 22!!

    • Reality

      There’s your first problem. You’re not even 24 and have 3 kids.

      There is NOTHING to brag about being early 20-something and having been knocked up/shacked up with some middle school “love”. You don’t KNOW what love is . get over it. Good, luck, however. You do have kids. Hope you and the only option you gave yourself do not grow apart.

  • MV

    Same here met my now husband a month after I turned 19 & now im 25 and marry πŸ™‚