PHOTOS Teen Moms’ Halloween celebrations with their costumed kids

Nova Giraffe - Halloween - Briana DeJesus

As fun as it may be to dress up like a sexy plumber or potato, the magic of Halloween is most apparent when you get to spend it with a kid. For evidence, look no farther than the Teen Mom social media feeds!

Teen Mom‘s Maci Bookout celebrated the day with Bentley and Ryan Edwards’ mom, “Mimi.” Bentley — who just celebrated his fifth birthday — went as a very convincing Mario.

Bentley - Halloween - Maci Bookout

A few days after celebrating Halloween on her own, Farrah Abraham took lil’ princess Sophia out for her first trick-or-treating experience.

Sophia - Halloween - Farrah Abraham

Although he didn’t post any costume pictures, Gary Shirley celebrated the holiday with daughter Leah by decorating sugar cookies with Halloween candy.

Leah - Halloween - Gary Shirley - Amber Portwood

The Teen Mom 2 ladies also got in on the Halloween fun — both with their kids and on their own. Check out Chelsea Houska’s vampy getup from last weekend…

Chelsea Houska - Halloween

On actual Halloween day, a fresher faced Chelsea took her little Minnie Mouse trick or treating at an area mall. (Aubree would have to wear a coat over her costume to deal with South Dakota nighttime temperatures!)

Aubree - Chelsea Houska - Halloween

Leah Calvert’s older girls also celebrated the holiday indoors with a school party. The twins both went as Disney princesses…

Ali - Halloween - Leah Calvert

Leah Calvert - Halloween

In terms of the Teen Mom 2 boys, we saw yesterday that Jenelle and her boyfriend went all out for a super celebration with Iron Man Jace. Kailyn Lowry apparently opted for a lower-key celebration with Isaac, tweeting that they went on an ice cream date and then cozied up at home for the night. (Totally understandable considering Kail’s set to give birth to baby No. 2 any week now!)

Fellow expectant mother Mackenzie McKee also had a casual celebration with her family… It’s not even clear from the picture the Teen Mom 3 star shared whether Gannon dressed up.

Gannon - Halloween - Mackenzie McKee

On the other hand, Alex Sekella’s daughter Arabella trick or treated so hard that she passed out on the couch at the end of the night!

Arabella - Halloween - Alex Sekella

Before collapsing in a candy coma, Alex’s little Minnie Mouse seemed to enjoy a night of trick or treating. (Apparently Minnie Mouse was a theme!)

Arabella - Halloween - Alex Sekella - Costume

Although Briana DeJesus revealed she despises candy, she was possibly the most excited about dressing Nova up in costume — or costumes, to be specific. The little girl went as a lion, giraffe (shown at top) and dragon before topping off the night in pumpkin pajamas.

Nova Lion - Halloween - Briana DeJesus

Nova Dragon - Halloween - Briana DeJesus

Nova Pajamas - Halloween - Briana DeJesus

All of the kids’ costumes were adorable… But if I was hosting a Halloween costume contest and someone was twisting my arm to declare a winner, I’d have to go with Katie Yeager’s daughter, Molli. I mean, have you ever seen a cuter Cruella Deville?!

Molli - Halloween - Katie Yeager

Although I’m obsessed with that costume, it seems Molli was more enamored with the candy.

“She didn’t wanna stop getting candy long enough to take a picture,” Katie said of her fidgety toddler.

Molli - Cruella Deville - Halloween - Katie Yeager

Looks like a fun Teen Momoween was had by all!

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