Did Jim Bellino get a chin implant? Before and after photos

Jim Bellino’s wife got the bump taken out of her nose recently, but Real Housewives of Orange County cast mate Tamra Barney claims Jim had some work done himself. Did he really have a chin implant?

Tamra saw Jim at a Vegas event on last night’s episode and a string of “Holy Balls” came out. In voice-over she elaborated “When I saw Jim, I was a little bit shocked. He had such a big chin. Jimmy “The Chin” Bellino got a chin implant, I hear. And I have to say, it looks fabulous!”

Did he really get a chin implant? We dug up some photos of Jim for comparison. The photo on the right is from 2010, and the one on the right was from 2011, around the time they were filming this season. His chin IS very prominent in the second photo, but he appears to have lost weight, so that might be what’s making it look so different. The shape of the chin looks the same, but who knows, he could have had some work done? There were rumors on the ‘net that he also got neck liposuction. What do you think?

  • InWonderland

    Typo: The photo on the right is from 2010, and the one on the right was from 2011

  • Lisa

    He definitely looks like he has lost some weight.

  • Zilly

    He is just as insecure about his looks as Alexis is, so it makes sense he would get plastic surgery. Why can’t people just live with what God gave them?

    He is still a turd!

  • ER

    I don’t see any diffrence at all. Is this just me?

    • kim

      yeah i so absolutley no difference hahah, all i see is that he cut his hair.

  • Blahblahblah

    Looks like he just lost weight or got lipo’d in that area.

  • whatadouchebag

    Sweet fohawk hairstyle on the left…. What is he 50 going on 25? Douche

  • helloisitme

    I don’t know, but he looks a LOT better!

  • whatever

    Couldn’t you pick a better picture for comparison?? His neck is covered in the after photo. Aren’t we supposed to be comparing his neck and chin?

  • Lisa

    I am so sick of Tamra Barney, all she does is make derogatory remarks about everyone. She is crude and an instigator, I can sympathise with her ex-husband Simon, every time he would say to her “show a little class”. I can’t believe anyone would want to be her friend. She was brutal to Gretchen a few years ago at her dinner party, she calls Alexis a “drag queen”, and she calls her good friend Vicki’s boyfriend Brooks a phony, just to mention a few. Let’s not forget when she put Brook’s hand on her breast because she was upset that Vicki and Eddie were joking around-are you kidding me?
    One last thing, ever notice after she instigates a situation and everyone starts fighting, she stands to the side with a smirk on her face. Tamra, you’re a wonderful role model for your kids – NOT!

  • Jeri

    Who cares, he is ugly and a controlling wimp.

  • Shelley

    Still not attractive either way. Personality makes all the difference!