Vicki Gunvalson’s beau Brooks Ayers admits to cheating with hookers on tape

Brooks Ayers reportedly cheated on Vicki with numerous women including hookers

It appears that The Real Housewives of Orange County OG Vicki Gunvalson’s affirmation-loving boyfriend Brooks Ayers has once again been caught with his foot in his mouth thanks to the magic of recording equipment. It was a little more than a year ago that an audio recording surfaced of Brooks talking with Vicki’s son-in-law Ryan Culberson during which he could be heard calling Vicki a “f**king wh**e” and suggesting Ryan should beat his wife Briana’s a**, and now there’s a new recording allegedly featuring Brooksy admitting to hiring hookers and filling the love tanks of more women than he can count while dating Vicki.

UPDATE – Initially thought to just be an audio recording, the “Brooksgate source was actually a video recording, part of which is now viewable online.

The latest recording comes courtesy of a business colleague who was meeting with Brooks in a Las Vegas hotel in an attempt to settle a lawsuit. The recording, which eventually found its way into the hands of The Enquirer, reportedly features Brooks admitting to paying a prostitute named Katrina $300 to $400 for sex after the two met during a private high-stakes poker game.

From Radar Online:

Claiming he’d been unfaithful so many times that he couldn’t recall whether he was even dating Gunvalson at the time of his hookups, Ayers said, “Bottom line, it hurt Vicki to know even if we weren’t together that I f***ed somebody else.”

Brooks also reportedly reveals that he went to rehab in 2006 for sex addiction.

The businessman who made the recording spoke with The Enquirer and explained why he had a tape rolling during his meeting with Brooks. “I recorded [Brooks] out of an abundance of caution, specifically at the request of Vicki Gunvalson,” he said. “She asked me to help Brooks. Given his background, I did not want this guy walking away making false claims about our time. Who knows what he would have said.”

These reports seem to match up with Lauri Peterson’s comments in Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County when she revealed, “One of our daughters came to me and said that Brooks was dating one of her friends. This friend of my daughter’s, she gets paid to do some very questionable activities.” Lauri was a little more candid in her conversation with Tamra when she described the woman as a “stripper slash porn star.”

Here’s the clip:

Meanwhile, Brooks is once again defending his good name. “This is a desperate attempt to seek publicity in a case that is nearing trial,” Ayers told Radar Online in a statement on Wednesday. “The case is about business partners choosing not to be in business together. The case has nothing to do with my personal life.”

Vicki, on the other hand, isn’t addressing the recording specifically, but is instead offering up worldly life advice on Facebook, advice that sometimes seems a bit cryptic to put it nicely:

Many times when you are gifted, your gift will bring you into an environment of people for which you have not been groomed for and if you’re not careful even though your gift got you there, your character can’t keep you there because you don’t know how to act in the environment that you’re gifted to be in. You’re gifted enough to be there but your immaturity will often abort the room the gift creates for you. Your gifts and talents are meant to sustain you for a lifetime… don’t let your character ruin it. #‎Woohoo

You can get all the details about “The Brooks Ayers Tapes” in the new issue of The Enquirer!

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