UPDATE: Amber Portwood avoids jail, responds to failed drug test reports

Amber Portwood's mother Tonya Portwood

As we reported yesterday, it looked like Teen Mom Amber Portwood was in hot water after allegedly not being able to make her own hot water in the form of urine for her mandatory daily drug test.

Amber responded to these reports with E! News. She said:

“I would be in jail if I skipped. Honestly, I don’t give a sh*t what people are saying…I’m doing what I have to do…they are not a concern of mine.”

Amber appeared before the judge yesterday and was ordered to submit to an extra 30 days of daily drug testing because she was unable to provide a sample on Monday. Portwood’s statement isn’t technically false as an insider told E! that she did not skip her test as she did attend the scheduled screening but was simply unable to “go” after trying for over an hour which equates to a failed test in the eyes of the law.

But there’s more… TMZ was told that Amber also missed a court mandated AA meeting recently. As punishment the judge is requiring her to re-read the drug court handbook and to write a 500-word report all about what her responsibilities should be as a participant in drug court.

  • Alysia

    She is getting way too many chances!

    • coco

      My thoughts exactly. She is getting the “celebrity” treatment. Anyone else would have been thrown under the jail. This girl is getting off way too easy and it’s sickening. Amber needs to be held accountable for her actions.

  • amber

    She is getting a lot of second chances but i like that the judge is getting creative with alternate consequences. we cant fill up our jails because of failed drug tests. that is one less space for a rapist or murderer

  • Posh

    And if she fails its okay because she can then try again, then again, and again. C’mon, what worse can happen right?

  • Nikk

    She just has such a horrible attitude towards people. I mean they way she carries and conduct herself is so low class. If you can’t make a statement without throwing cuss words in there it speaks volumes to the type of mentality you have.

  • jjones

    Are they serious? This girl has got way way too many chances. Reguardless of whether or not shes on tv she should have a more harsh punishment. I think they judge is simply cutting her slack bc she is on tv. If that was just an everyday normal person there would be a big difference in punishment. The sorry excuse for a mother needs her ass ocked up to teach her a lesson instead of just babying her. Completely ridiculous

  • Lo

    So, what she couldn’t pee after ONE whole hour of trying?! It’s called a drink. Try tilting your head back and swallowing… It’s not that difficult. If you drink two full glasses of water, for example, you WILL have to pee within the hour… This claim she is making is total bullshit. She obviously had something to hide…

    • Courtney

      My theory on this is that she binge drank the night before. There was a time when I drank a lot and the next morning drank 2 big bottles of gatorade and a coffee and I didn’t have to pee for hours.

  • Neacy

    So if I went out and committed murder I wonder if the judge would let me just write a report instead of going to jail. This is pathetic she just needs to go to jail and it all be over with.

  • ohmygeez

    She will mess up again, you know it’s coming, and she will have used up all her “free” passes. Girl is bound for jail.

  • Dallas

    All bs aside I love how PALE Amber is in this pic!, Haha. Since jail/house arrest her Oompa Loompa-ness is gone!

  • Sabrina

    As someone who has watched a family member go through similar things I can tell you that she is not getting anymore chances than anybody else. I also live in Indiana, and the judge is going by state laws not what the public desires, sorry folks.

  • charli

    What is Neacy talking about? When did Amber commit murder? Is she really comparing this mess to murder? I think the 500 word paper is refreshing lol