Teen Mom Amber Portwood’s plea deal accepted, headed to rehab instead of jail for now

Amber Portwood

An Indiana judge has approved Teen Mom star Amber Portwood’s plea deal that would allow her to enter rehab in lieu of serving out a 5-year prison sentence for drug possession and violating her probation by refusing to take a urine test. As we reported last week, the deal mandates that Portwood successfully completes the Madison County Drug Court program, and if she has any sort of slip up she will be forced to serve out the prison sentence.

Amber currently remains in custody until she is fully evaluated by the Drug Court team. That evaluation could take up to two weeks. Once she is officially accepted into the Madison County Drug Court program, she will be officially released from custody and transferred to the rehab facility.

UPDATE – See a photo of Amber Portwood apparently laughing as she entered the court room in her orange striped prison garb and handcuffs!

UPDATE 2 – Click here for some quotes from Amber Portwood and her attorney regarding her commitment to family and rehab as well as her promise to fix all of her probation violations, including setting up a $10,000 college trust fund for her daughter Leah and getting her GED.

Click here for more details on Amber Portwood’s arrest back in December.

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  • Lindsey

    How long is the rehab treatment for? a few months? Hope she can turn her life around in that amount of time. I think rehab is the best thing for her.

  • Kaylie

    Will her probation be reinstated after she completes the rehab? I really hope she takes the help she needs more seriously this time.

  • Jennifer

    You have got to be kidding me. She violates her probation and gets rehab and more probation. Come on. She should be going to jail since she failed to do the things that were supposed to keep her from going to jail in the first place. What does it teach her? Not a thing. I can screw up, do things that I shouldn’t, get caught, get a slap on the wrist then keep screwing up and instead of having to face the consequences of my actions I just get another slap on the wrist.

  • Caroline

    If this is a drug court program it should last longer then a few months. Typically drug court starts with rehab and then makes the person go through schooling or training or getting a job. The drug court follows them through the transition back into society. The person is tested for drugs regulary and they have surprise visits. The person can go back to jail for missing meetings or testing. It is usually very strict. Sometimes people in drug court stay at a rehab, sometimes a half way house and then later they can stay with an approved family memeber. Usually drug court lasts 1 year or longer depending on the person and the goals. I hope it helps Amber turn around, because it is usually the real last resort.