PHOTO Amber Portwood all smiles arriving for court in orange stripes and handcuffs

Amber Portwood arrested

As we reported earlier today, an Indiana judge accepted a plea deal from troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood that would allow her to enter rehab once again to avoid having to serve her 5-year prison sentence stemming from a December arrest for drug possession and a probation violation. Now we have a photo of Amber Portwood arriving in court! She is wearing bold orange-striped prison garb with handcuffs and appears to be laughing.

TMZ has a photo of a more somber looking Amber entering the courtroom so perhaps we shouldn’t read to much into her apparent jovial spirits. It could have been a joke or something ridiculous said by a photographer or journalist present in the courtroom. (Perhaps Gary was there offering up his “Boo Dip Bop Bop Booger?”)

UPDATE – Click here for some quotes from Amber Portwood and her attorney regarding her commitment to family and rehab as well as her promise to fix all of her probation violations, including setting up a $10,000 college trust fund for her daughter Leah and getting her GED.

Click here to read details about Amber’s arrest from the police report, including which prescription medications were found on her possession at the time.

Photo: Butterworth/Massie/SplashNews

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