Big Ang before and after plastic surgery photos: What procedures has she had done?

Big Ang

VH1’s mafia-themed reality series Mob Wives won fans over in its inaugural season with a cast of no-holds-barred drama mamas who were more than capable of both talking the talk and walking the walk! (And by “walking the walk” I mean going tooth and nail in knock-down, drag-out cat fights.) But it only took a couple episodes into the second season for Angela “Big Ang” Raiola to steal the show with her life-loving and drama-averse personality. Oh, and her obvious love of plastic surgery!

Mob Mives Big Ang plastic surgery before and after photos

And just like pretty much anything else, her plastic surgery is not an off limits topic of conversation for Big Ang, who talks openly about her love of it just as she does about her love of wiseguys and all that they provide. The gals were chatting about Renee Graziano’s nightmarish cosmetic surgery when Big Ang revealed a laundry list of procedures she has undergone as well as some more she’s still looking forward to.

I’ve had three implants done: tummy tuck, lipo, and my lips injected, but it’s DEFINITELY not enough . . . I definitely, definitely, definitely want a face lift. I’m not gonna have this wrinkly sh!t.


That’s pretty much Big Ang in a nutshell right there! With the addition of her Herman Munster laugh and the whole being a convicted felon and former cocaine dealer thing of course.

In further evidence of Big Ang being a good sport she provided the VH1 blog with a series of pictures of herself “through the years” – most of which show what Big Ang looked like before plastic surgery!

Old photo of Angela Raiola
Big Ang before breast implants and plastic surgery
Big Ang Angela Raiola

They also had a few that featured Big Ang before some plastic surgeries, but obviously after others:

Big Ang bikini photo
Angela Big Ang Raiola
Big Ang plastic surgery photos

And even one photo of Big Ang as a very Little Ang!

Big Ang Angela Raiola childhood photo


Want to see more of Angela “Big Ang” Raiola? (You know you do!) Then tune in to Mob Wives on VH1 Sunday nights at 8/7c!

Top Photo: Demis Maryannakis / Splash News
All other photos: VH1

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  • ???

    She was much more beautiful before plastic surgery. I don’t understand why she would over do it.

    • michelle

      OMG!!! BIG ANG is sooo funny! i seriously only watch this show because of her… What if she physically altered her body, beauty is in the inside… not on the out side… SHES AWSEUM!!!

      • Lucci

        umm, what?

        • lulu

          What haters I met big ang n sister n brother beautiful people in n out the lady and that’s what she is is off the hook they don’t make them like that anymore that’s the last of the Mohegan s remember that

    • D

      She has had terrible work done. But even so, I hate when people say “she looked better before” when looking at ancient ‘before’ photos of people who have plastic surgery. You can’t compare a photo from 20-30 years ago and act like she would have looked the same had she not had procedures done. Nobody stays frozen in time, that’s probably why she did what she did to herself.

  • chelsea

    When I first saw the show I thought she was a guy.

    • JIm

      I am watching this farce of a show and out comes “Big ANG” I thought it was guy. Her/his mouth looks like a vagina… guess this is plastic surgery gone very bad… LMAO…

    • Angela Ritch

      I agree. I thought maybe a transvestite.

  • chacha

    I started watching the show for Big Ang. She steals every scene that she is in.

  • Lisa

    I will never fully understand why attractive women feel the need to get plastic surgery to begin with. They do NOT need it. Big Ang did NOT need any work done. She was very attractive and now well she is just plain scary. She looks ridiculous. For one her plastic Surgeon should be thrown in jail and never be allowed to touch a scalpel again in his life. And Big Ang should be thrown in jail for paying someone, actually paying someone to do that to her face. It should be against the law to walk around looking like that. Big Ang is a hot mess, more of a mess than hot. I too thought she was a man when I first saw her. I am still NOT convinced she isn’t.

    • CEECEE


  • Diana

    Big Ang is awesome! <3 Plastic surgery or not, she has a huge personality and you can't help but smile when she's onscreen, her laughter is infectious 🙂

  • Maria E.

    I love Big Ang. I think she’s a new great, funny, honest,caring with a big heart character. I too, still kinda can’t believe she used to be woman looking. I for sure thought she was a transgender. She makes me laugh so hard! She is definately one of the most entertaining one on this show now. Keep up the good work Big Ang!! Luv U!



  • dallasboo

    I adore Big Ang!! What a fun lady and a fantastic heart! She needs her own show! But I do have to confess that I totally thought she was transgendered! She was a cute lady before her surgeries……such a shame to spend so much money to look so man-ish!!

  • 11th ave

    I knew Ang from waaay back when from the pic of her w/ short blond hair thats how far back. She better not mention someone. I know some people know who i am talking about. Thats a no no!

  • OhMyGeez

    Over-inflated lips and chests are not cute – nor are the orange tans.

  • Mslux

    She looks like a freakshow. She also had at least one poorly done nose job.

  • Mishleaka

    Big ang is the shiznit.. my fav from the show, other than drita <33

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or after her plastic surgery, she looked like Teresa Guidice’s aunt from Real Housewives of New Jersey. I won’t say she was particularly attractive but she was better off without the surgery.

  • Jackie

    I really thought she was a man when I first saw her why did she have plastic surgery because she really didn’t need it. It really does make her look to manly and her boobs are way to big!!!

  • Bmore-Boo

    I just had to Google her b/c it was killing me if she was a man before or not. I like her, no doubt, she is real, but the curiosity was killing me. She should not have any more surgery! She was nice looking before!

  • daphnola

    Big Ang is the bomb, she needs her own show… They can set it at the Drunken Monkey where Big Ang holds court, she’s like the Godmother to all the women and her best feature is her being so animated, she steals the show when she’s in a scene, she is a character just like the infamous mobsters, wiseguys, and other men and women she grew up around except she grew into “Big Ang”… They are all still animated characters after all these years, the difference with Big Ang is, shes one of those big girls we all grew up around who couldve but never did, shes probably (dont know for sure;)) never hurt anyone, or so thats how it seems. You definately dont hear her bragging about beating up other girls and fighting like men and having “big ba##s” like Karen, Drita, and the other girls boast about all the time…. Its odd but on some of the shows, for her size, Big Ang acts more like a lady than all the other smaller more attractive women on the show, dont get me wrong, Big Ang has her own great qualities and I’m sure if Big Ang wanted to she could beat anyone, male or female, into the ground…. She is a hoot, my mother and I saw 1 show with Big Ang in it and we are now regular viewers just because of Big Ang, she hooked us….She obviously has a big heart of gold from the way she looks out for the girls and wants them to all get along and not fight and the way she carries herself… Loveeeeee ya Big Ang… Hugs from New Orleans …… Daph 🙂

  • sarcasta

    I love big ang and everything along with her….bless her…..omg the first time i saw her…..wish I was a friend….

  • Lola ;)

    It doesn’t matter what she looks like .. That’s up to her but I love big ang!

  • Hooked

    The only one who really makes the Mob wives worth while is Big Ang. She does not bragg about beaten people up all the time and does not curse like a truck driver. These women say they don’t want their children being involved in all of that organized crime. and want their children to have a nice life. Well what do you think this is going to do to your children watching and hearing all the bad comments about their mothers. If you care about your children you would have a little respect for yourself and your family and not talk trash on television.. You certainly do not act like women. Sounds like you love this life style. I would be ashamed to tell anyone let alone put it on television. This life is certainly nothing to bragg about. Big Ang you should get a show all by yourself. These women will shame you……

  • Marc Garden

    Man, she let herself go! She wasn’t bad looking in the day. Now she looks like a transvestite. Joel McHale really does a good number on her on The Soup. Why would you ever want to do that to your body???

  • lilkunta

    she used to look good and now he is a mess.

  • kittykat miiiiiiiiiiooow….

    big ang i love love love love love love you so much you are my bff in my head but i had to find out if you was a guy dont get me wrong you look amazing your the realest person i’ve seen in reality tv god bless you with money to do what ever you like and if plastic surgery is your thing then do you girly……
    f**k them haters talking shit if they had money they would look wrost….

  • hotcookies

    Two words… HERMAN MONSTER!

    But gotta love her~

    • justgrits1

      OMG, I thought the exact same thing!
      I tought she was a drag queen until I started reading all the history on her. She rocks. I think she is hilarious!

  • Barbara

    I’m still convinced that Big Angelo, I mean Big Ang is a MAN. Dude looks like a lady. And that Herman Munster laugh is a give away as well.

    • John Carpenter


  • Barbara

    I’m not convinced that Ang is not a man. The pic of shim wearing the pink dress looks like a man, look at the strong square jawline. Ang you aint fooling nobody.

    • Latoya Goins

      She not a man stupid! she has 3 kids

      • John Carpenter

        If you’re bf was a mobster you could get kids too!

    • Guest

      Stop being stupid! Not every woman is some pasty little Anglo princess with no strength to the profile. White girls tend to think that all women of colour look like men in drag because we do more with our lives besides having facials and getting our nails done.

    • Viktoria R. Medicine Elk

      Stop being stupid! Not every woman is some pasty little Anglo princess
      with no strength to the profile. White girls tend to think that all
      women of colour look like men in drag because we have some definition to our facial features and don’t have little white girl puddin’ faces.

    • Guest Too

      I agree…these are not the same “woman”. Look at pictures of her neck. There are scars from having the “adams apple” removed. He/She has hidden the truth for whatever reason. As far as having kids, there is such a thing as adoption.

      • true guest

        I was wondering about the scars on her neck, but she had prior throat cancer and that could be the reason for the scars.

      • Seashells

        The scars are from a sugery to remove a cancerous tumor from her throat which eventually took her life the same day you posted your idiotic comment.

  • Suz

    I love the Herman Munster smokers laugh, but I am convinced she is a trannie in the witness protection program. LMAO when she is on, it’s like a train wreck you can’t help but watch and you gotta see what happens next. MOB wives it the bomb!

  • mobgrl

    ur stupid… clearly the last pic is NOT a pic of her as a kid, that is her holding her kids!! anyone can see tht the pic looks like it was taken in the 90’s and Ang is def initely NOT in her 20’s!!! i still think shes a man cuz i dont see any pics of her as a child or a teen only pics of her in her 20’s plus (after her sex change) lol

    • thehungrybird

      I disagree that pic looks to be about 1959-64 to me. The furniture is not 90’s. And the bone structure is not the woman in the first two pictures.

      • Candii

        Disagree all you want. When she went on the Wendy Williams show they talked about her plastic surgery and showed this picture and Big Ang even said “yup, there’s me and my kids”

    • Sincere fan

      Condolences to the family! I was a huge fan of BIG ANG Loved the show it will be hard to continue to watch

    • Stl

      Do u all feel good about urselves!!! Talking such nasty things about a beautiful woman who is no longer with us. I love u Big Ang and im gonna miss u. U always put a smile on my face!

  • andrea

    i wanna meet big ang!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andrea

    i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    Wow – she was attractive before – her nose fit her face and her face had character – now she looks like a drag queen – SHAME on the Dr’s who took her money to make her look like this. She has a great personality and is fun on the show – but to look at she is a joke. I also think that Renee looks like a man.

    • yuck

      She is an adult, she has money. She kept up and keeps going with the surgeries. Don’t blame the surgeon
      Renee needs to get her nostrils a tuck

      • sweet

        You don’t have a brain “Renee needs to get her nostrils”, wtf does that even mean what a dummy! Wow your creepy……..

        • Cris Littrell


  • Nik

    She was so much prettier naturally. I just hate that she couldn’t see that before she had all of the procedures.

    She is actually very entertaining 🙂

  • katie

    she looks like a dog

  • Eggroll

    Looks aside why are we in the US obsessed with talentless people?
    Its fashionating. and not in a good way..

  • jennifer davis

    I love big Ang!! She rocks!! She is my favorite on Mob Wives.

  • joizy

    It’s sad that Big Ang is so deformed now. She was very beautiful when she was younger and I guess had a hard time seeing her beauty fade. That is how she became Herman Munster in drag. She is great and really adds to the show, but it’s sad that women in this country can no longer age gracefully. She is seriously freakish looking and I feel sorry for her son.

  • qatmama

    there’s something both so old school, but earth mama about her…. what i see is basically a powerfully loving woman… i’d flt to the island just to hang with her a bit

  • MB Watts

    Big Ang has a great personality but she definately looks like a transgender. Her lips are gross and do look like big fish lips, (or something worse I don’t care to mention). Renee also looks like she used to be a man!

  • Anthony

    omg stop big ang is very beautiful she doesnt look like a drag stop. i bet she could throw all of you across a parking lot. how dare you mess with big ang she never done nothing to you. so what if her lips look like taylors from real housewives of beverley hills. i think big ang is very handsome and attractive

  • mike

    i like watching big ang talk her lips get in the way

  • See smith

    Love love love the show and all the girls and would love to find Big Ang’s bar and see her in person. She really seems to have the love and respect of all the other mob wives and she is SOOOO funny

  • ashley

    i love big Ang, i said she was cute before the surgeries and i was was right. Still love her, she is the life of the party. love love her.

    • GeGe

      Big Ang is fun, a character. She is the reasonable one, neutral and just likes people to get along and have fun.
      She was really pretty, but she needs a make-over. Deflat the lips. Deflat and lift the boobs up after brining them down to a DD. Erase the heavy eyeliner. Arm lipo. Cut the bangs. Cut the hair to her top shoulders, or a long , sassy swing bob, layered shoulder cut.

  • J

    I LOVE Big Ang!! I think she is a class-act I would have her a a friend anyday! She doesn’t judge and she understands the meaning of loyalty.

    • Sammy

      Im on ur side 100%. The rest of u haters need to keep ur mouth shut if u have nothing nice to say. Big Ang is a beautiful woman inside and out!!!

  • Shelli

    I love love love Big Ang she is the best person on VH-1

  • Cindy

    I love big ANG. I would love to have her for my friend, Friends like her are hard to find.

    • Barb

      I like her too. She is adorable. Loud, fun, but mostly sweet and kind. I think we could use more people like her.

      • God’s daughter

        Yes friends like her are hard to find even if you had just one friend like her you were Fine..Thats why God is my friend because u can’t trust nobody…

  • I am looking forward for Big Ang’s own shown to come out. She is the best of the Mob Wives and for real.

  • MrsB

    Big Ang needs to have her plastic surgeon reduce her lip size a bit. They are not proporionate to the rest of her face. As it is, her lips current look like tha back end of a Baboon’s hiney.

    • yuck

      Duckface without effort! Bet she gives good blow jobs!

    • gsil

      Drunken Monkeys ass. Lol

    • mac00

      The female baboons who are in Estrus. hahaha

  • Suzie Q

    WHen I look at these pics, I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Big Ang for her clear body image issues. She started out pretty. I can understand her wanting to get a basic nose job, even though it really wasn’t al that bad to begin with, but wow. Shouldn’t these plastic surgeons have to answer to the old “First do no harm” decree? At some point, shouldn’t they be compelled to tell people like Big Ang and the late Michael Jackson that they have a moral responsibility to not perform more surgery when the outcome will be that it will disfigure them so badly?

    • Alanna Aida

      You hit the nail on the head! This is so sad. I live under a rock (I work too much) and didn’t know about Mob Wives. I got to this site by googling “Is Big Ang a man” because that was my first impression of her after seeing her on a talk show. If that doesn’t say your plastic surgery is an utter failure, what does?

    • Alice Day


    • Leslie Dawson

      She’s not too bright

  • In the side by side pic (second pic from the top) she looks just like Kathy Wakile from Real Housewives of New Jersey! She was so pretty before she started having surgeries!

  • linidt


  • Amanda Marie Gacina

    She was WAY more beautiful before the surgery.. when she was au atural. Perfection, I tell you. <3 Her voice is the mf cutest, too! I love you Big Ang. ALWAYS HAVE, ALWAYS WILL!!!!! XO PS: I still think she's the sexiest woman alive, and her son is to-die-for, as well. Mmm, mm, mmmmm!!! n_n

  • vicki

    Big ang has a fit and toned body as shown in her bikini when getting the spray on tan during the show. She looks better than many younger women. However, she would look much prettier with just a little smaller lip size. She was really pretty when younger and couls have went with bigger lipzs. Just not quite so much. I like show and how she does not cuss very much.

  • valeri lopez

    love big ang my favorite chica she is sooo funny in d show, shes one krazy women. big ang!!!!!keep it up ur hot and a beautiful gal..i just think she is one awesome character….. keep up d mob wives reality show…valerie marie sinTon tx

  • Hortencia

    I love big ang.. she seem so fun to hang out with and doesn’t let the lil things bother her!! I would to meet her!

  • LynnA

    That is just sad. In the 5th pic from the top she looks beautiful. Big beautiful smile. I hope she sued the butcher that cut up her nose and jacked her top lip up.

  • Shameka

    I’m not go lie big ang is something terrifing to look at I personally feel she did choose to over due with the sugery was just to much she was beautifal before. Not that im juding im expressing my opinion because who am i to judge. Big Ang seems like a heart warming person wit full of personality shes her natural self I must admit she does has the spotlight of stilling the show. I luv big ang i enjoy watching her on vh1 on her show big ang shes unique in her own way. Stop with shes a man comments!! Cause shes not there are photos of proof showing her before just shows ignorance stfu you haters she doing her and living life and can care less wtf you ppl are assuming. Love you Big Ang do you ma!! I’ll hang with big ang any day full of fun and enegry. Oh btw if she was a man tell me how she gave birth because last i check man don’t give birth now do they …cause apparently she has a son which she gave birth to ! Guessing you assuming ppl didn’t think of that. Ha! Speaking of her son shes handsome would love to date someone good looking has him…big ang hook me up with yout son. Lol

  • boxsram

    She or he looks like a gremlin …..

    • Sativa_P


  • hczjm87

    Yikes!! She was so pretty before all the plastic surgery! Y do that to ur body???

  • cuhmit

    Luv my Big Ang…..her beauty shines from within


    she really ruined herself.

  • Spoken Word™

    Look at the comments of those supporting the atrocity that the plastic surgeons have wrought. Notice a tend?

  • DebH

    She looks like a man trying to look like a woman

  • Anaya

    love the face that God gave you!

  • Jenni

    just saw her on the today show w/ kathy and hoda. Honestly thought that it was a man in drag.

  • wow……she *used* to be pretty…..once upon a time…..she look(ed) like her mother…..i get the boobs…..but why would anyone want to turn themselves into a circus freakshow??? bottom line… matter how many plastic surgeries she has to stay young(?) looking…..she’s still going to get old and die… one cheats death……

    • sweet

      Guess what fake boobs look fake……… Boobs aren’t suppose to be that big………. Bigger isn’t better it looks dumb & desperaste……. Girls with fake boobs have mental problems……..

      • Linda Conlon

        i used to be a dancer, and i’ve seen plenty of boob jobs….good and bad…. i do agree that most are overdone….but i understand if a girl has NOTHING on top and wants to *pad up* a bit….but i agree that most who get plastic surgeries will never be happy because they just don’t like who they see in the mirror….

    • shalene

      And so she has passed now.

  • Foxy Tay Tay

    She look better the way God created her…

  • E B

    The huge boobs look fine but the lips not so much!!

  • Lemuel Rankoff

    is she holding a plate of cocaine in the last picture?

  • jamie

    big ang is beautiful shes funny and sweet and loyal and doesnt judge or start fights i would love her as a friend anyway. xx big ang

  • Sports4ever

    When I first seen “Miami Monkey” I thought Big Ang was a transsexual. With the raspy, tobacco-stained voice and very fake overall looks, the first thing I thought of was tranny. I am not familiar at all with Mob Wives. Her surgeons created an unattractive abonimation, IMO.

  • Disgusted

    What a shame people think they will better themselves with plastic surgery and end up looking like Frankenstein. If I wanted to kiss something that looks like her lips, I’d kiss kiss a tire inner tube .

  • Justice

    Wow Ang u were so much better back then what happened now!!!???!!

  • yorgo

    big DUDE! but given enough drugs and drink i would still hit that! Introduce Big Ang to BIG MEAT!

  • Sandy Skates

    Kim Kardashian is on her way in 20 years to look like Big Ang does now.

  • Phil Rich

    Big Ang looks like a cross between a monkey and a 50 pound crap(fish)

  • Barrett Jasper

    Something mental going on here for sure. It doesn’t look good whatsoever. (Lips). And she CHOSE them…it wasn’t a mistake.

  • Jessup

    I detest this culture.

  • nynetguy

    I really don’t think it’s the same person. I’m thinking she went into hiding and the person now claiming to be her is really a man.

  • therevisednerd

    Sooooo… a nutshell she’s always been ugly lmao

  • Diki Chuauhang

    She was so beautiful ♥ she still is even though PS takes its toll on everyone who does it and can’t let go

  • Elaine Kelly

    I agree Big Ang looked natural and pretty Pre Surgery — she does not look as feminine ; her breasts are way to large .

  • Misty Angel

    She was a woman. But plastic surgery has somehow mysteriously transformed her into a man ?

  • Sandra Schultz Hurt

    I will never understand people that can’t be o.k. with what God gave them.

  • tweety

    Gross! Looking at her makes me sick! ???? *barf*

  • Linda Anderson

    I can hardly look at Big Ang…sorry, but she looks absolutely revolting and before she ruined her face, she was pretty. Her mouth is atrocious! Ewww!!

  • Yanii

    She should have just been happy with the way she was.

  • big sausage pepperoni

    I say,I say, I say.. Big ang sure bees UGLY….
    I wonder if she put a contract out on that plastic surgeon???

  • Morgan Edwards

    I feel so sad for her. Ang was so beautiful to start out with. I think she must suffer from the same thing Michael Jackson did. The doctors who keep on doing surgeries on her should be ashamed of themselves. They are evil money hungry morons.

  • alamin79

    And now she is no more. Imagine her standing right in front of her Creator with a surgically inappropriate face. Every end is a new beginning.

  • John Hancock

    These sloppy, overly made up barnyard animals are disgusting. They’re hideous and fat.

  • Isis Froggy

    She was beautiful before the surgeries… I wish they would have done laser eye surgery so she coulda seen how she looked

  • Amanda Roche

    I am really sorry to know that Big Ang died with an illness that rashes the body, and makes a person’s coil looking like a phantasm. I know because 4 of my relatives have died from cancer, and once the cancer is in the brain, the lungs, the pancreas, and the liver it is over. Death comes swiftly and takes the person’s soul and what’s left is a shadow of what that person looked like. I have seen pictures of Big Ang when she was young and looking radiant. She was a beautiful woman who did not need to change her appearance. Obviously, Big Ang was not happy with her life, and when she saw herself in the mirror, it was better to blame her angst rather than her face and the way she looked. For that, I am sorry. Instead of making herself more attractive, she became a caricature. Sorry Big Ang. You had to depart your mortal coil while you were still in the prime of your life. I know you loved life and did everything to enjoy yourself. Your children and grandchildren have lost a very important person in their lives. Obviously Big Ang was dismorphic.

  • Allie

    this woman’s face will haunt my dreams.