Storage Wars’ Barry Weiss photo from the 1980s… with long hair!

Barry Weiss from Storage Wars

There is no doubt that eccentric collector Barry Weiss is the rock star of A&E’s popular reality series Storage Wars, but who knew his rock star identity dates all the way back to at least the 1980s?!? Check out the photo above of Barry with a pre-Storage Wars Barry Weiss groupie from circa 1985 when the charismatic King of Zing was the proud owner of a seriously glam rocktacular head of long hair! (Wait a minute… Is that the ’80s version of Camille Grammer with him?!?)

The photo above was featured on a recent episode of the show when Barry was debating on a purchasing a storage unit chock full of what appeared to be numerous items from the 1980’s. Barry commented that the stuff in the locker matched a jacket he had from around 1985 that had padded shoulders, at which point A&E showed this startling image.

At first I didn’t believe it was actually Barry Weiss, but then I looked at these photos side-by-side and my mind imploded:

Storage Wars Barry Weiss from the 1980s with long hairPromo shot of Barry Weiss from Storage Wars by A&E

Just when I thought this witty skeleton-gloved Cowboy Cadillac driving loner couldn’t get any cooler! And remember folks, that long-haired ladies man up there was running a wholesale produce company at the time! Now, if we could only dig up some old photos of Brandi Passante…

Catch more of the modern day Barry Weiss every Tuesday night at 10/9c on A&E!
All photos: A&E

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  • chacha

    Barry Weiss is the man. He should right an autobiography…. imagine the stories he has.

    • Kellie

      Looks like Steven Adler from Dr Drew celebrity rehab

      • diane brown

        I actually only watch that show because of Barry,I love his way of thinking and sense of humor, If I could meet him once I think we’d be great friends.I am a joker and never know what comes out of my mouth but yet depends on person..I can remain intack..I won’t watch the show If he is not on..TY Barry for having a personality!! πŸ˜‰

        • StorageWarsJunkie

          I love Barry, too, and he is the main reason I watch. He has such a great personality and character!

          • I’m 50 years old and I love this guy, He makes storage wars. Without barry I wouldn’t even watch the show. He makes me laugh and reminds me of myself always making jokes and always happy.What a great guy. Way to go barry keep up the good work.

  • Callie

    I LOVE this guy the best part of the show

    • Elaine

      Yes, he’s HOT! I am 55 and married, but LOVE me some Barry! He’s hot!

      • Patricia

        Elaine I most certainly agree with you, yes he’s very hot. I’m 51yrs young and very much Single…Barry write me ya just never know;-)

  • stew

    Berry.. when he drinks he drinks dos equis. If he were to break wind in his jag you would have to resist the urge to thank him!!

    • Sandra


      • Derrin


  • His personality is fun and witty and yes! He is easy on the eyes ….I love me some barry Weiss ……..

  • Christine

    I love Barry, best bidder on the show. I just can’t believe that is him. he has sure aged(but still is good looking for his age. I guess I’m used to seeing all those 80’s rockers still looking like 80’s rockers(I guess they are all visiting the dr?).

    • jan

      yes, he is great looking!

  • jan

    i don’t think this picture is resemblence

    • Andi

      Whatever… look at the hair

      • mark fisher

        I think the show revolves around barry. his witty timing and the stunts he tries to come up with are funny. that is why i watch the show just to see what barry will do next. this is almost as good as Dallas. I want to so much to meet barry. what a dream that would be. Love you man

    • steve

      It’s him. Check the chin carefully (left side of his face)

    • Cliff

      Of course it is. Don’t be dumb

    • Cliff

      Of course it is. Don’t be dumb

  • You were hot back than and still are today! Bet your MOM could tell us good story’s about you. lol

  • Janet C

    He’s a ginger. Yowsa. Now I’m more in love…

  • Rich M.

    This guy just doesn’t stop with the real life humor. Who wouldn’t just want to hang out with him. I would have to keep some space between him and my wife, but not because of him!! We are, I guess, close in age(wife is younger)and oh what fun to exchange humor all day with Barry……….

  • Teri

    My husband & i love Barry! His humor about himself,life,the auctions make the show for us,as well as his *rare collectables* he stumbles across. Hope he stays with the show… he is the only reason we watch!

  • I am my mother’s only child
    , she works hard and is a good provider, I have everything I need, her humour is similar to yours Barry and she is so easy going, in our home there is no yelling, screaming, or drama, we are just who we appear to be, please keep us laughing, we can’t wait to get your autograph.

  • Alicia

    I absolutely LOVE Barry. He’s so awesome and the reason I love “Storage Wars”

  • Laura

    Wow….Barry sure was hot!

    • Hank Rod

      If you google this guy, it will tell you he’s more loaded than all the other bidders. He is just more relaxed, funnier, at ease and basically just radder than all these other guys. We love Barry!

  • beverly

    Barry….will you marry……ME?

  • Trudy

    Barry a produce guy? I would have never guessed it! He looks like a movie star or producer, etc. This makes him even more likeable knowing he was a hard worker and is still going strong. Really cool guy! My hubby and I love his one liners! Its a good group of people on the show and I LOVE how Barry usually remains neutral and appears to try not to get into the middle of the other guys disputes! Keep it up Barry!

    • Hank Rod

      yeah, he made his money as a produce seller! hahahaha!

      • Hank Rod

        Made Millions!!!

  • Hello

    I lolve Barry, When I grow up I want to be just like him, and I am 46

  • terry

    Hope this gets to Barry…. did you hang out in the 80’s at Vickman’s on
    8th and Central… I hung out with a bunch of old produce guys eating
    Harry Vickman’s great bran muffins/coffee…

    You look soooo familiar and I love the show..


  • cap

    I thought Barry was more of a Rat Packer than a classless rocker. Oh well. It’s clear that unlike many rockers who, like modern architecture, don’t age but eventually fall into disrepair and are removed, Barry has matured into somewhat of a Hugh Hefner on steroids. The other characters all appear to suffer from tunnel vision, practically stunted in emotional-intellectual growth. Barry is more of a modern Ulysses, continuing to experience and learn as much as he possibly can.

    • Cliff

      ummm modern Ulysses? Wooaa slow down Socrates. I don’t see him resisting any sirens..

      • Cliff

        P.S-The bath-robed Lothario Hef is hardly an epic warrior either. I mean Jeez you’re al over the map. Hef can hardly be accused of high society next to 80’s rockers. In fact I’d say there were more than a few 80’s rockers with far more class than Hef but at the very least they were equivalent. One wore frilly clothes and satin and the others only did it on stage.

      • Cliff

        P.S-The bath-robed Lothario Hef is hardly an epic warrior either. I mean Jeez you’re al over the map. Hef can hardly be accused of high society next to 80’s rockers. In fact I’d say there were more than a few 80’s rockers with far more class than Hef but at the very least they were equivalent. One wore frilly clothes and satin and the others only did it on stage.

  • Annette Adams

    Still foxy! Gotta love it!! Best of luck with the new show. πŸ™‚

  • Fran Cording

    After reading these comments, it seems I am not alone in thinking Barry is HOT. His humor only makes him even more attractive. He is definitely getting better with age, comparing the picture from the 1980s to what he looks like now. One more thing, his voice is dreamy. Way to go Barry.

  • derek goudie

    what a cool dude .would love to have a few nights on the town with barry. the guys a legend .

  • derek goudie

    from liverpool .england

  • Geno

    Would you consider donating a days ride along for charity…The Roosters Foundation of Orange County could use your celebrity to raise money for Kids at risk in Orange County, California. We could get a good price for a day with “Barry Weiss”, and it woud be a lot of fun for you and whom ever wins the bid for your company for a day. Please give it some consideration and contact me as soon as possible…It’s Easter, a great time to give!

  • Trish Owens

    You are really good looking then but even better looking now. HOT! would love to meet you. Your personallity rocks!!!

  • Jerkface

    If that is Barry, he would have been 35 in that photo, and he looks good for a 35 year old.
    I think that photo is older than 1985, maybe the 70s.
    That’s him though, just look at the nose, exactly the same

  • I think the “80s version (of Barry Weiss)…” is not with Camille Grammer, but instead looks a lot like model Kelly Emberg. It definitely looks like her!! Even the same hands!

  • steven

    barry where is the 49 studabaker pickup

  • Jason

    I am sick and tired of you morons making fun of 1980s styles.people in the 1970s and 1980s dressed a lot better than these idiots dress today. why don’t you morons mock the 2010s style .

    • Hank Rod


    • ginny sutter

      Oh, we do. Lol

  • IDK if Barry ever answers these but I would like to know if he ever checks out Jay Leno’s garage? Seems they would have a lot in common with the cars.

  • Ellen

    I agree barry is the most sensual, sexy storage wars man. Yes the man of the 30 minutes. Wish it was longer. I would date him….look me up.

  • lucille

    Me and my husband love u show Barry some time u must drop the rubish locker on Dave

  • shebull

    WAS HOT? Come on this man is still so so HOT! I would love to hang out with him for one day. That what they should do is have a show about hanging with barry for a day. YUP call it hanging with barry for a day. I would so watch that no wait i would so love to be on that show and i am sure so would a lot of other people, sure even the men πŸ™‚ Well think about it and if you like it have your people call my people πŸ™‚

  • Chris F

    Well he must have a real comfortable nestegg. Barry is listed as the wealthiest buyer on the program and although they don’t list his net worth, I did find Dave Hester’s net worth…3 million. So if Dave has that kind of bread then Barry must be doin just fine. Nice car collection too. Go Barry!!! He makes the show.

  • Jay Monty

    That Barry Weiss is one Kool Kat !

  • Hank Oswald

    justin bieber

  • Hank Rod

    I love this guy, too. Funny, charming, good looking… reminds me of ME!

  • Charlotte Boeker-Burris

    Love love love Barry….I’d date him..or just go hang out over a couple drinks. His personality is superb!!!! My kinds of guy.Call me Berry let me hang around a coulple of weels and see how this business really runs. I wana try it myself.

  • Renegade Quark

    I like Barry. He’s a real character. However, as someone who has been involved with the wholesale produce industry, I would submit that Barry doesn’t match the profile of a produce veteran. I’d love to know if there are any other produce people here who agree or disagree with me on this.

    So, if he was into wholesale produce and yet not in the wholesale produce business what might be Mr. Weiss’ real source of revenue? A revenue source that is heavily “invested” in the produce business in most cities in the US, along with enterprises like waste management, construction, and gambling. I think we all know who we’re talking about here, don’t we?

    Yes, I think Barry was/is involved with foul things, deceitful and loathsomely putrid things. Some folks might call these soul-rotting meat sacks humans, but not me. I call them lawyers.

    May God help old Barry.

    • Renegade Quark

      I mean just look at the way he dresses and YOU do the math. Know what I’m sayin’?. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.

  • Shame

    Very when are you coming to Florid

  • Pamla Porter

    Barry, Barry, Barry is such a dream!

  • storm brewing

    Barry I would give my right arm to spend one whole night in bed with him. I am not so sure his heart could handle it. He would never forget it. Take care Berry we all love you.

  • Ryan

    He’s HOT!

  • Stacey

    I love Barry’s personality he’s quick witted like me I’m 46 if he asked me out I would love to. You are awesome Barry never change

  • Zulfqar Mohammed

    Wow Barry looks almost as cool as I me! Also great happy go lucky disposition personality he’s got.