Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella biography with photos & videos

Alexandria Sekella 16 and Pregnant Season 4

As the Teen Mom Universe anxiously awaits the December 6 premiere of the second season of Teen Mom 2 the identities of some of the girls featured in the upcoming fourth season of 16 and Pregnant continue to leak out. First we had Katie Yeager a couple months ago, and now we have 17-year-old Alexandria Sekella of Neffs, Pennsylvania.

UPDATE – Click here to meet all 12 girls from 16 and Pregnant Season 4 with photos, background info, links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and their episode air dates!

Alex was born on December 4, 1993 and was just about to turn 17 when she got pregnant. Back in April Alex posted a brief introduction to herself on an MTV News article announcing that 16 and Pregnant was casting for its fourth season, and it sounded like she was in a really bad situation:

“Hello, my name is Alexandria Sekella and i am 27 weeks pregnant and currently doing it all on my own soon i will be looking for a shelter for young teens with babies because my babys father does hardcore drugs and his mother is only letting me stay in the house because he keeps telling her that im giving up my baby girl for adoption. please help me. i want to show girls what it really is like to struggle from it all.”

Alex later gave birth to her daughter Arabella Sekella-McCann on July 18, 2011. According to one of Alex’s school friends (who has already started a Facebook Fan Page) she is currently engaged to her baby daddy Matthew McCann, which would seem to jibe with Arabella’s hyphenated last name, but conflict with the description of herself above from less than seven months ago.

16 and Pregnant's Alexandria Sekella and her daughter Arebella Sekella-McCann    Alexandria Sekella's baby daddy Matthew McCann from 16 and Pregnant Season 4
^ Alex Sekella with daughter Arabella (left) and dad Matt McCann (right)

At the time she found out she was pregnant Alex was a student at Parkland High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania. (That’s right down the road from Kailyn Lowry’s hometown of Nazareth, PA for those Teen Momoloigists keeping track out there.)

Just like Cleondra Carter from Season 2, Alex is a passionate and talented dancer. Unlike Cleondra, who was part of a nationally recognized hip hop dance team, Alex is more classicly trained and leans a little more towards ballet and modern. Here are a couple videos of her dance moves from YouTube:

Alex was (is still?) a dedicated member of the East Coast Dance Connection out of Whitehall, PA, and if you visit their site (just click the link) you can see a photo of Alex and some other members of the dance school posing with an MTV camera crew with the caption, “ECDC company dancers will be featured in an upcoming reality TV show.”

But don’t think having a child has slowed down Alex’s dance aspirations! She made a post on the ECDC Facebook wall in September advertising her services as a one-on-one dance instructor:

“Hey just a Shot out to all the moms if you would like to have your daughter do a solo and are looking for a teacher thats available let me know cause i can work with her.”

In addition to dancing, Alex also likes to do a little singing! And just like with her dancing, she is unafraid to share her talents online:

That’s pretty much all we know about Alex Sekella at this time, but I’m sure we’ll be adding more before her episode premieres! Speaking of that, it’s still a mystery as to when Season 4 of 16 and Pregnant will be airing. MTV just announced the second season of Teen Mom 2 will premiere on December 6 and usually they don’t overlap, so that would put it somewhere in February or March? It’s all a guessing game at this point. (With Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 steaming full speed ahead and with 16 and Pregnant Season 5 already in production, I wouldn’t be surprised to see MTV do a little overlap.)

16 and Pregnant Season 4 cast member Alex Sekella

Are you a friend of Alexandria’s and have some information/corrections you’d like to share? Drop us a line at starcasmtips (at) yahoo.com or leave a comment below! We will be doing additional posts on the Season 4 cast soon! We have a short list of names of girls that made it through the initial selection process, we just need to confirm that they made it on the show ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kristell

    She’s actually pretty good. Although I’m getting a little tired of watching 16 and Pregnant, I will be looking forward to watching her story. Sounds sad, but interesting. And good luck to her and bless her baby girl

  • R.R.

    I’m Alex’s best friend & Arabella’s godmother. Just wanted to post that there is a fake Twitter going around posing as Alex- her OFFICIAL Twitter is @OfficialSekella NOT @AlexSekella.

    She is also still dancing & the Facebook fan page was set up by someone that none of us know.

    • Patri

      WOW. So your searching the web for articles about your best friend?To get her “REAL” page out? Get a Flipping life. Who Flipping cares about these 16 and pregnant girls? I don’t understand these girls. They get pregnant then get fan pages for 5 minutes of fame. If i got pregnant at 16 I would be ashamed to post my face on tv and internet. Majority of these girls on 16 and pregnant are immature. The most important thing of all, is that it’s a shame that all these babies are being born, and being put in such a hardship life.

      • Mila

        If you don’t care about these girls, why are YOU are searching out articles about them? To bash people that watch the show? And of course these girls are immature, they’re 16! That’s the whole point of the show..that 16 is too young to have a baby. It showcases the hardships of being a teen mother.

      • R.R.

        no capitalization in “Flipping” because it’s in the middle of a sentence
        you change back and forth between capitalizing “16 and Pregnant” and “16 and pregnant”

        For the record, yeah, I am searching her so people don’t commit slander and post hateful things about her. It’s unfortunate you don’t understand friendship.

      • Kristin

        If you don’t like the show or the situation, why are you wasting your time bashing them? I would be ashamed of myself and not want the world to know if I had gotten pregnant at a young age. However, I think that the series is an eye opener for a lot of teens. There was one girl (she was not the pregnant teen) who thought that there was no such thing as preventing pregnancy and she was 15/16 years old! She didn’t know about condoms or birth control. The main thing that I think that this show does is show that it CAN happen to you. A lot of the girls it was either their very first time having sex, the one time the condom broke, or even the one time that they didn’t use birth control (or a condom) at all or properly.

  • Dani

    I really hope things work out for her for the baby’s sake. It was incredibly selfish for those twp to keep the baby knowing full well she and the baby would be out on the streets after she is born.

  • Suzi

    Whats with the skanky pic in her bra? Thats Disgusting.. and to think she’s a mother.. Smh

    • veronica herrera

      sheโ€™s just a teen and taking a private moment. I dont think she means to be a skank. Give her a break.

  • mandy

    Another attention whore they are giving a forum to. And ew @ the floor and room in the last pic! Is that 70’s shag?

    • Sabrina

      To all the people who keep bashing Alex GROW UP she is not a wh0re, attention whore, or anything else you are saying. Shes not milking the 16 and Pregnant thing. She is one of the most determine people and honestly one of the nicest people I have ever met. Yea she is a dancer but she is a 18 year old mother working 3 jobs and everything she does is for her daughter. And the whole forward facing car seat I know Alex and I spend time with her and Arabella often and yes Arabella is beyond capable to sit in a forward facing car seat. She is the right size and everything and before you bash her about that check the laws for PA its not required its recommended and honestly its safer for her to be in the forward facing car seat since she was to big for her rear facing car seat. Basically all Im here to say is that all of you people are pathetic for bashing someone who puts more effort into making a good future for her and her daughter than any of you people probably are. I wanna see you work 3 jobs spend time with your child balance school handle a social life be in a relationship oh and have a life. Yea most of you probably cant even do 2 of those things let alone all of them. She is a talented girl who doesn’t deserve your negativity

      • Rebecca

        She was “too big” for her RF carseat? Are you flipping kidding me?? Then you buy a new one! She was WAY too young to be rearfacing and for you to STILL defend that shows that you’ve taken none of the facts that has been given to all of you. My niece is still rearfacing at 3, she’s 33lbs, she will rearface until she’s between 50-55lbs. And it’s a lot safer than forward facing. An INFANT forward facing will be fatal in an accident, it WILL kill her if she’s in an accident, no doubt about it. Her bones aren’t ready for it. Even if the law said it was okay (which it doesn’t), it doesn’t change that biologically Arabella isn’t ready for it, no law will change that… As a mother, Alexandria has a duty to do her best… and in this aspect she’s failing by a looong shot.

        • Rebecca

          *way too young to be forward facing.

          You get the gist of it

          • Rebecca Z

            Rebecca- First off, I have a 5 year old who is 40 lbs, and babies have to be rear facing until 25-30 lbs NOT 55-60!! A 55 lb child is the like 8 years old or over. Don’t talk about something you know NOTHING about. My daughter was forward facing at 1 years old. As long as they have the neck strength and meet the criteria they can face forward.Yes, I agree that there is a possibility that her baby is too young to be forward facing but until you KNOW for sure shut your dumb mouth! I feel bad for your niece that she is stuck staring at the back of a seat every time she is in a car when she is PLENTY old enough to face forward.

            • amelia

              Actually, it is recommended that the child sits rear facing til 2 years of age. Look it up.

            • :))))))))

              You could the baby was 4-5 months old, just saying

  • Ariannah

    Do we know anything on the other girl released? Her name is Lindsey H., She lives in Reno, Nevada, She’s 16, still with her baby daddy, & she has a little girl ? Do you guys know anything more about her?

  • Sandra Reed

    all this does is people have sex just to get on the show. we are not stupid.

  • Ris

    Alex is a best friend of mind and she did not have sex to be on the show that waas the last thing on her mind and she is not a whore at all and i have facts to prove that statment and … mandy shag?? wow that’s dumb whoopdido she lives in an older house seriously people leave her alone she is an amazing person mother singer dancer and if you knew her life and all of the stuff she’d been through you’d understand not why she had sex because she shouldn’t have made that opsy but she embraces and takes what she gets but if you knew her you would understand why she needs the money

    • amelia

      why the skanky pic?

  • sara

    I hate how people bash teen moms, not all of us are stupid wh0res. I got pregnant at 17, had my son at 18 got a job worked over 40 hours a week, went to college full time, right before i turned 19 i had enough money to buy my own house. Now i’m 20 with a second baby on the way and happily married. Every teen mom’s story is different, and shouldn’t be judged in a group. If you haven’t seen this girl’s story yet you need to back off you don’t know what her story even is. To Dani, lets see you give your baby up your own flesh and blood the baby you carried for nine months and gave birth to, are you really that heartless? A good mother will do what it takes to take care of her baby and do everything she can to give the baby the best life she can.

  • CM

    here is a news flash for you….. Ignorance & immaturity cannot be an excuse for any mother to put her SIX month old baby in a front facing car seat.. claiming that her DOCTOR told her it was okay.

    Yes, check out the official faceboob page, there is a photo of her poor little, not even yet as of today, 6 mo old baby FORWARD FACING in a car!!

    Sad sad sad!

  • Angelika

    Why do girls think it’s cute to post skanky pics like that?

  • ali

    Omg.16 and pregnant gets more dumb each season! These girls obviously just want attention! Getting pregnant is NOT a hard thing to avoid. We learn it in school.Put a condom on or use some form birth control! Am I the only one who thinks it is absolutely ridiculous for a 16 year old little kid to think they can raise a child themselves? A child is not a fit to raise another child! I find it funny how most if these 16 and pregnant girls have pictures on Facebook or MySpace with their shirts pulled up or their bras showing! Attention is the motive. Since when should 16 year old kids get to be on a tv.shows for getting knocked up? Are you not ashamed?! A few years back people got sent away for pullin that and now were getting “famous” (if that’s what u call it?) For it?! What has happened to the world? This is getting girls to WANT to be pregnant! Having a tv.show is saying..hey a bunch of girls get pregnant and its obviously accepted! I mean cut the crap. Are we acting stupid or do other people really not see this?

  • ali

    Dude everyone’s acting like people Actcually give a f about these girls when really we don’t.. they are just screw ups who people are forced to see on.the tv/internet so much that they have to go nuts on.websites like these cause they are just so f.ing annoying! (AND YES BTW: I do not have a life I sit in my computer all day looking at these fantastic 16 and pregnant winners!!) Lolol


    im a teen mom..

  • Tiffany

    I think i am proud of her i am 17 i got pregnant at 16 but had a misscarriage nd believe me i know how it is to watch babies from the time they r born ive done it all the time. There are not a lot of people out there that can do what she is doing. and believe me she is in a hard situation and it seems like she is living a great life and raising a beautiful kid. Way to go Girl and just becuz she got pregnant or has that pik up doesnt make her a bad mom or a whore. As long as she is doing everything she has to do for her daughter… keep your head up girl….=)

    • Lisa

      Yes, let’s all praise the dumb ass.

  • Kayla

    uhhh… i have danced my entire life and know what a good dancer looks like and not to be rude but i have seen better.
    yes, she has feeling and energy in her dances but she has no skill..its like the same moves OVER AND OVER..

  • amelia

    Why wouldnt she wait for the baby daddy to be sober from his “hard core drugs” before she got married?? I am guessing she doesnt have a family, hence, the need for a shelter. Does MTV need hard up cases in order to put them on TV. Was she lieing about the drugs & just said that to get on tv?

  • Jax

    I recently met Alex and was curious about this so i searched it. I must say she is a nice caring mother and her baby is sooo freaking cute and pleasant! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lisa

    I am so tired of these trashy girls and MTV’s dumb show. Unfortunately, I must watch this show for a school class, and I am amazed at MTV’s attempt to get viewers to sympathize with these idiots. It’s even more sickening to watch them as they try and mold into the “stars” they think they’ve become. How hard it must have been for them to skip the academics and spread their legs. I feel so sad for the children of these girls. And, BTW, the photo of this supposed dancer makes her look like trash.

    • suzy q;)

      Lisa, u need to shut up!!! Most of what you said about alex was false. She is not trash because she seems like a determined person. not all of the girls are trashy, though there may have been a few. if you said alex is “trash”, you may as well sound like trash also. what if your best friend got pregnant at 16, how would you feel? sounds like you’d dump her for someone else maybe:/

  • Megan

    I actually don’t watch this show. I have caught a few minutes here and there when we have had MTV on, but I decided to watch this episode when it aired tonight. Sure there were moments where I felt and saw the immaturity of her young age, but all it reminded me of was how I was when I had my oldest daughter as a teen…overwhelmed and trying to take on the biggest and hardest job that you can have in life. My daughter is turning ten this year, is wonderful with her two little sisters, and has one of the most amazing, honest, and bright personalities I have ever seen. Our relationship is unbreakable. Watching Alex as she was pregnant and how hard she fought for her baby girl and all she gave up to be a mother and do the best she can isn’t anything for people to sit around and judge. Just because someone doesn’t always make the best choices in life doesn’t make them a “wh0re” or a “bad mother”. Why is it those are the first two insults people throw out at girls these days?? Bravo for trying to grow up, work hard, and still continue with school Alex. I wish you all the best with that beautiful little girl.

  • YouMadBro

    I’m going to completely change the topic here and say that Matt is a really cool guy. I watched the show to see what happened and everything he said made absolute sense to me. She seemed to be very controlling and I don’t understand why she got so worked up that he still went out with friends and stuff. He wasn’t the one who desided to keep the kid, that was on her. Plus, considering how long she’s known him she should have realised he probably wouldn’t help much. Peace.

  • MaryJane

    On the subject of Matt, well let’s just say everyone knows he’s not the father type at the moment. But he is a good friend of mine and I refuse to see an army of sterotypical pre-teen media dwellers trash him for his behavior. Everyone goes through rough times and this has been one of those times for him. And to add on to the previous comment (via: “youmadbro”) Matt is young, his friends are like his family in way. Alex turns to her girlfriends when she’s feeling down..but it’s obviously a “crime” for him to see his dudes when he’s in a bad situation. Have you ever thought maybe he started going “MIA” because he felt trapped in a scenario that he had a resonable solution for but was not kosher with Alex. I understand that, that is her daughter but she should have known the outcome from the start. I wish the best to Alex and her baby, but I still do not agree with the choices she had made.

  • veronica herrera

    Keep up the hard work Alex for you and Arabella. ALSO try to not bash her dad bec Arabella will internalize this as this is part of who is she is.