Did Teen Mom Farrah Abraham really leave baby Sophia in Iowa while she lives in Florida?

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham leaves Sophia behind for Florida

UPDATE – We do have some information that clarifies where all these conflicting stories are coming from though! Turns out there’s some truth to all of it (and some nontruths, especially when it came to marketing this story.)

Just yesterday in my recap of the Teen Mom After Show I summarized Farrah Abraham’s position on how it would not be in her daughter Sophia’s best interest for her to stay behind while Farrah moved to Florida. It looks like the Teen Mom had a serious change of heart if reports in Life & Style and Hollybaby are accurate in which it’s implied that Farrah has in fact left Sophia in Iowa under the care and supervision of her mother, Debra Danielson. However, Farrah gave an interview with momfinds.com (published yesterday) that says she ultimately decided NOT to move to Florida without Sophia.

Farrah stated to L&S:

“Sophia is the No. 1 thing in my life. I’m just trying to be the best parent that I can. I take care of my responsibilities. I’m happy that I took the chance to move. I would never regret it.”


As we’ve previously reported, Farrah now lives in Florida and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts and has also been trying to vamp up a modeling career among various other side projects like a possible cooking show. The L&S report implies that Sophia has been under the care of Debra. She added:

“My mom is the best grandma. I want her to be there for Sophia when I need to take care of my responsibilities, my education, and earning an income for both of us.”


Her career is not her only focus she admits as she is attempting to recapture some of the freedom she lost as a teenager when she became pregnant.

“I’ve been trying to grow personally and emotionally. I’m very much taking time to get back to myself and enjoy my freedom.”


Here’s what she told momfinds.com about the situation:

Honestly, I wanted Sophia to move with me from the very beginning. When my mom came up with the idea of Sophia staying with her, it created drama as if I’d be doing the right thing by taking her or leaving her with my mom. People can judge either way.


It may well be that even thought Farrah didn’t move without Sophia, that she leaves her with Debra a lot, and THAT’s what she was talking about in the quotes from L&S.

She stated that when she leaves Sophia she calls and calls, texts and emails to keep track of her. She doesn’t want her daughter to ever think, “Mommy’s not ever coming back.”

ED NOTE: This story initially ran with the Life & Style and Hollybaby report that Farrah did actually leave Sophia in Iowa, but our opinion about the veracity of this story changed when we reevaluated it and saw the momfinds.com interview. We did a new post with some updated information that supports the idea that Farrah did leave Sophia behind, and is currently living without her, but may have brought Sophia up in the interim. Currently, Farrah Abraham is living in Florida without Sophia, though she visits. There was initial skepticism about the Life & Style article, but it looks like it was telling the truth.

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  • Steph

    Wow, I could never leave my 2yr old son with my mother. I love my mother a lot but I cannot live without my son. I am also in college and a single mother. I pay my own rent, my college, daycare, everything.Yes its hard but I decided to have sex. 1 time per month my son spends a weekend with my parents and I can do my own things. The rest of the weekends and evenings I prefer to spend time with my child. I decided to have a baby at 19yrs and I need to take care of him. I think its very selfish of Farrah, she should think then before she spreads her legs!!!

    • xtina

      She DID NOT leave Sophia with her mother. Did yo even read the article? if you did, then read it again. It clarifies the RUMORS that she left Sophia with her parents; she NEVER did. They moved to Florida TOGETHER.

      • Kristina

        Technically she did and does because they said she doesn’t want get daughter to Derek like she left her, so she calls, texts, emails!

        • Kristina

          *feel, not Derek

          • Michelle

            farrah sometimes leaves sophia with her parents like any mum would, they moved to florida together….

            • Starcasm Staff

              We’ve gotten a little more info on this story. It’s a bit more complicated than it seems.

              • Farrah DIDNT leave Sophia. She leaves her sometimes but they both moved to Fort Lauderdale together. I actually met her and Sophia when they both moved here because I lived in Fort Lauderdale. Now I just moved to a different city in FL. But anyway. She didnt leave her. and if she did, who are you all to judge her decision of leaving her child with her mom who loves Soph and would take good care of her? Does it make Caitlynn and Tyler bad people for giving Carly up for adoption just because they arent there? Its like the same thing only Farrah still lives with Sophia most of the time! so how can all of you judge her? Just because its something yall wouldnt do doesnt mean anything. If we all made the same decisions the world would be a very boring place. get over yourselves and quit judging. isnt there something better yall could be doing with your time??

                • Heather Snyder

                  I am a mother of 5 let me spread a little wisdom to you to leave your child for short periods of time is still wrong she decided to have this child, when your given the wonderful gift of a child there is no greater gift by the way,your life is supposed to go on hold thas called being a PARENT. As your child or children grow you than can start pursuing your own dreams. As far as missing out on things as a teen REALLY cause evidently there was one action she didnt miss out on if your grown up to have sex get pregnant and go on a reality show then be ready to be judged.

                  • TC

                    I am the mother of 3 – all grown, and over 18 now – as well as have 2 grandchildren. I was a teen mom and I flew my child to Seattle to live with my parents so I could concentrate ON school, to finish up so I could get my nursing degree so that I could be a good mom by being able to provide for my son (who is now 27yrs old) – not only was it hard to leave him, but it was ALSO the best thing I could have done. I was having issues with trusting whom to leave my than 2yr old son with, was having issues with paying rent and childcare ($200 a week back than even!) – and it was a very UNSELFISH decision for me to make.

                    I gave up that time with him, time that he does not remember and he also benefited by having his grandparents who loved him more than life raise him. They took trips, traveled up and down the west coast and while I didn’t see him on a day to day basis, I got weekly packs of pictures. My dad took video, I called my baby so he wouldn’t forget my voice.

                    Parents – when they are honest – do what is in the best interest of their child. Farrah is doing the best she can, as a parent. And as far as the haters go (Dereks so called ‘family’) : give it up. That little girl does know who and will CONTINUE to know who her grandfather is. The paternal mother is another story. She caused the rift, she DENIED the fact that Derek got Farrah pregnant and did NOT want anything to do with her, nor the pregnancy, NOR the child. The sister admitted it. Give.It.Up. Go away. Dereks mother is not owed anything, and that little baby girl is FAR better off NOT having anything to do with that crazy woman who denied her. Again, Sophia will know her paternal grandpa and his wife as grandma. She is loved and will know it as she is able to understand it.

    • emilyk

      then as a young mom you know the struggles!

    • Erica Alfaro

      Umm u spreaded ur legs so like farah can to and farah loves her daughter and its not true that she left her daughter behind she didnt even move so she decided to but she cant leave her daughter cause her daughter is all her life and thats very true watch the whole seasons so that u know and then u can say y did she open her legs knowing u did dumb a$$

  • Mishleaka

    UM SORRY but sophia needs her mom.. even tho the daughter is probably going to be better off with the grandma because farrah is irresponsible.. farrah is not a crackhead or anything.. and she didnt give up her baby, caitlin and tyler did.. farrah doesnt want to be tied down.. she wants to have her cake and eat it too… scumbag..

    • Marly

      I agree.

    • Lorren

      Woah now catelynn and tyler gave up their baby for their baby have you seen what alot of these kids have gone threw parents spliting up fights everything like that catelynn and tyler are the strongest couple on the show to be smart enough to give their baby the best life she could ever have was the best choice anyone could have made.

    • emilyk

      &who are you? like get a life and stop judging! she PROBABLY left her for like a weekend or something..maybe a few days but as it says she does NOT leave her. she’s young; give her a chance before you throw out insults

    • Twinny

      Farrah is a selfish, immature spoiled brat! She treats her mother and her mother’s husband TERRIBLE! She isn’t that child’s parent, her grandparents are her parents.Farrah and Sophia would be would be living on the streets without them and she is so nasty to them. she is so ungrateful and childish! She’ll pay the price though she’s a miserable spoiled brat who will find the rest of the world is not as kind as her mother and her mother’s husband are.

  • There is NO way I could EVER do that..just move states away from my kid. I don’t care what kind of goals you have. When you become a mom that child becomes NUMBER ONE. Always and forever. What a selfish, selfish girl. I have lost ANY respect I had for her.

    • Jamie

      Her daughter is Number 1 in her life that’s why she would have moved without her, shes not moving away forever, shes moving to go to school and get a good job, its better that she goes off and does that and leaves her daughter with responsible parents then she waits and works at mcdonald’s for minimum wage for the rest of her life trying to support a child on her own. no one is in her position, no matter what kind of mother you are or how many kids you are. let her make her own choices, and if her daughter is not being left on on the street, hungry and homeless than the choice is not that bad. grow up and mind your own business… no ones parenting style is the same, and no one deserves to be criticized for making a GOOD decision. Shes doing it with good thoughts in mind, and who ever said that she needs to get over Derek… you try losing someone you dated for two years and had a child with… you people are ridiculous to judge the way you do. the people on this show are doing the best they can, no one is perfect and thats the point of the show is that not everyone is going to have the most perfect life and no matter what you have being a parent is hard… No matter what you chose to do its hard and it always will be hard, at any age or any time.

    • Erica Alfaro

      To amanda
      Ur dumb she didnt even leave her daughter that was a total lie seh cant live without her daughter she said so she decited not to move cause farah’s daughter is her whole life and it was caitlyn and her boyfriend that left their kid behind u should watch the whole seasons so u know cause u dont even know and stop talking about everybody

  • Abby

    This article is a lie!! Haven’t you seen all those pictures of Farrah and Sophia together in Florida?

  • Fanatic

    Farrah did the RIGHT thing!! It takes a big person to realize that their child would be better off with it’s grandparents. Everyone admires Catelynn for giving up her baby, respect Farrah in the same way.

    • chad

      spoken like a true piece of trash.

      • jp

        chad is right. she sacrificed nothing for sofia and took the easy way out. Fanatic- GROW UP

  • Mia

    I don’t think this story is true!!!

  • Lee-Ann B

    I think Farrah did the hardest thing of her life and the wisest decision she could for Sophia. She didn’t give away her baby, she put her in someones care she trust the most to get her life on track and to make a better future for Sophia and her. She is still going through a tough time with Derek being gone. I don’t think she made a bad decision at all.I respect her for the most selfless act she could of done. Love you Farrah and I know and I am sure you miss Sophia more than ever!

  • Jamie

    This story is SO FALSE! Farrah took Sophia with her to Florida.

  • Shelby

    This article is NOT TRUE Farrah and Sophia are together in Florida, but she did consider leaving Sophia behind.

    Your welcome.

    • Kimberly

      Uhm, Teenmomtalk is not a very good source of proof, since most of her articles are based off of Twitters, and she exaggerates. Should have linked Farrahs twitter if you wanted to give actual proof.

      • Shelby

        I already knew that about teenmomtalk, what I was trying to do was give the link off of the teen mom talk article with an actual interview with Farrah herself talking about why she considered and how Sophia is currently with her mom as it should be.

        • Starcasm Staff

          A quote and link to that momfinds.com interview with Farrah is above. Here’s some additional info we found out about the situation: http://starcasm.net/archives/120284

  • Sarah

    This is a lie Farrah only leaves Sophia with her mom when she goes on her fashion shows read her artical on momfinds.com and her twitter

  • Bails

    HELLO — Has Farrah not met her mother? I forsee a custody battle in their future. Deborah will claim that Farrah abandoned Sophia and will fight her for full custody.

  • Amanda

    COuld not for one minute think about not having them with me. I live own my own, pay all my own bills, and do h

  • Amanda

    I am a single mother of three und

  • Jullee

    This is the stupidest thing Ive ever heard! She is a Mother, she shouldnt be able to Grow as a person with out the responsibilities of her daughter as on of them! How can you grow into a adult when you left your main responsibility behind so you can go do your own thing??? that makes me sick!

  • what a joke!

    I wouldn’t give that girl custody of a puppy! You all have seen that she ended up dumping it off and the first person to look up! But unfortunately she is that child’s only parent. Hopefully this is false and she wasn’t selfish enough to leave her child behind for her own personal gain.

  • tab

    i was thinking after the previews for next week’s show that farrah probably did leave her. sophia would be in child care all the time if she went with farrah and it was better to leave her with her mom.
    however, i don’t think farrah should have gone at all. when you become a parent, you choose to put some things on hold, or change your plans. she could have pursued this from iowa. i know she was very unhappy, but she needs to start dealing with her issues rather than running away from them.

    i’m sure farrah goes to see sophia all the time. there’s skype, the phone and all the money she’s making, she can easily fly back and forth. i can’t wait to see next week’s episode now!

  • IT IS TRUE!!! Farrah has always used Sophia as her meal ticket! What a selfish little lying tramp! Sophia has Lived with Debra for awhile now and Farrah is gone!! I Do live in the same town so yes! It is All true! Sophia needs to be taken away from that whole family and go to a better, loving, secure, Non abusive home! Farrah has never ever wanted to take care of Sophia. She has always used Sophia to get her publicity and MONEY!!! Wake up people!! The truth is finally coming out! Farrah is white trash and will always try to be something that she is not! And Sophia is the one who is paying the price! Debra is a psycho! Who in their right mind would leave their child with that old haggatha?? Man I can’t wait until CPS steps in!!!

  • Christine

    As much I could never leave my child(as pathetic as it sounds my husband and I take 1 date night a year) I think it might be the best for some of the teen moms. Hopefully Farrah uses this time to finish her schooling and make a solid future for herself. I haven’t seen alot of pictures of her out partying(fashion week isn’t partying to me) or with a different man every week so she is either being careful or she is really studying and doing the right things. At least Sophia is with people who love her and in one stable home, sleeping in the same room every night.
    I do think Farrah’s mom thinks that Sophia is her baby. I think she was the primary caregiver when Sophia was a baby and she really bonded with her. Everytime I see Sohia with her barney dolls I think that Farrah’s mom is raising Sophia just like Farrah, like it is 20 years ago.
    There are actually some cultures that have grandparents or extended families raise babies/toddlers. I was shocked when our neighbors who have 2 older kids suddenly had a preschooler. the parents are both professionals and they have thier parents raise thier kids from birth to 3 in another state! I asked the older kids and they said it is very normal in thier culture.
    I just hope is and when Farrah wants Sophia in her life full time her mom will be able to let go.

  • mckay

    if you read her twitter now she says that she took sophia too florida with her so this is NOT ture..

  • emilyk

    judgmental creeps! I’m a teen mom as well & my parenting techniques are verrry similar. she is doing the very best she can for her and her daughter….which involves Sophia being in Florida with her!!! you can’t always believe what the articles say you dumb pieces of crap! get a grip

  • amie

    Some of u are stupid as hell! Calling a girl u don’t know names? Yeah u r not grown because grown adults don’t call people they don’t know names. Farrah took her child with her and that’s the end of that! U can hate Farrah but she turned out the way she did because of her parents and the loss of the love of her life and father of her child. Really gotta stop believing stupid tabloids. Hell at least starcasm got their shit corrected.. u know what they say about assuming shit. And people have really gotta stop hating someone because they have shit that u don’t and do shit u can’t. She takes care of her daughter, everything she is doing is for Sophia and if u can’t see that… ur blind as f**k. U turn out the way u do because of ur parents… remember that.

  • jfkjadfl

    I think that we all should clean our own back porch before we start judying others!!! just saying!!!

  • Melissa

    Mmmmm must be so friggen nice to say well i think i want to follow my dreams so i will just let my mother raise my child while i go better our lives… that little girl needs to be with her mother not her overbearing grandmother yea i know she loves that child but it is def what she wanted and if you think her mother is going to just give her back that easy after however many years she ends up being under her care Farrah will be sadly mistaken not to mention no matter how much she visits with Sophia over this time she is going to end up favoring her grandmother over her. What is she going to do if her carreer doesnt take off and she wasted all this time away from her little girl and watching her grow. I guess us middle class people are the only ones who see the true happiness in life and being stay at home moms. Or working the 9-5 jobs so we can still be with are children the other half of the day. Not missing out on all the little things just so we can give our baby Gucci, Prada, and big giant house to live in… its not real love and its not real happiness and no where near a “better life” Why couldn’t she just stick to being a Chef atleast then she wouldnt have to give her baby up and move away.. Oh wait she prolly would have come up with some other excuse on why she needs to leave Sophia in someone elses care… Parents take care of their children Grandparents visit and then GO HOME! Unless the parent is incapable of caring for their child they should be with their parent no matter what! Thats what i have to say and Farrah your more then capable of taking care of your child. I think she is being selfish cause when Sophia grows up she shouldn’t care if she has all the finer things just that her mommy was always there for her… i could go on forever i just think this is wrong..

  • Anon

    So did she move with Sophia or not? That’s the million dollar question, I mean, we saw pics of her and her ex playing with Sophia so she must be in Florida right?

  • MiS

    Michelle says:
    This article is FALSE!
    She did in FACT TAKE SOPHIA with her!!!
    It’s clearly stated on teenmomtalk.com

    This “article” needs to be fixed

    • Starcasm Staff

      There’s a lot more to this than appears. Teenmomtalk simply makes a statement without backing it up. There are timelines involved with this, and we have gotten some more information that will clarify things further.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Plus, if you read the article above, it does not state either way.

  • Anon

    Makes sense…I think Farrah appreciates what her parents do for her and Sophia, but I also think she was well aware of what might happen if she had left Sophia with Debra. Smart move.

  • Christine

    I think there is probably truth to both sides. I bet when Farrah first moved down Sophia stayed with her mom. Driving over 1,000 miles and finding a place to live, getting it it furnished and starting school, the first month has to be hectic espcially when you have no friends or family in the area. I bet part of the deal was Sohia coming to Flordia for extended visits. Farrah has said her parents have come down at least 3 times so they could have brought Sophia thus proves truth to the people who say they have seen Sophia in both Iowa and Fl. Either way lets be thankful that Sophia is loved and cared for. Watching poor Leah be bounced back and forth sleeping at least 3 different homes is sad. Farrah’s mom might be is little nuts, but she talked about making sure Sophia is read to and has a good preschool foundation.
    I think Farrah might be being a bit selfish but she had someone willing to take Sophia that cares for her. Plenty of military moms leave their kids for a year or more and the kids are okay with grandparents or family.

  • As much as Farrah and I do not get along, I wish her the best and know she wouldn’t completely leave Soph. I can guarantee you that Sophia lives with Farrah. Now quit with all this bickering and DM’ing me on Twitter with stupid questions! FOH!

  • Kathy

    Derek’s mom has always wanted to be a part of Sophia’s life. After all, if it weren’t for Derek, there would be no Sophia. At least Derek’s mom doesn’t have A criminal record like Michael and Debra. Derek would not want Farrah keeping Sophia from his family. But they don’t care about any of that! They didn’t want anything to do with Derek! I thought Debra was so “religious”?? Okay…. God would not allow this! Not letting Derek’s family see their own grandbaby! I have a good feeling that Sophia will be with them soon and never ever turn back to that wacked family of Farrah’s!!!

  • jp

    That correction didn’t change anything! She is a selfish little brat who doesn’t want people to judge her badly for being a conceited idiot. FACT IS FACT: Sofia needs STABILITY and a MOM. Phone calls are nothing to a little baby. Grandma is her mom now.

  • Simone

    You guys are crazy…
    Let this girl grow up in her own way!
    nothing you say will change how she lives!
    FACT OF THE MATTER: Thats Farrah’s babygirl
    and Farrah is the only one who can make decisions for her
    Im glad she and sophia made that move!!
    NO wants to raise a child in boring ole IWOA!
    Live a little people!!
    Sophia will be a happy and world rounded beauty!

  • Susan

    Farrah is always crying and being mean yelling. Whats wrong with her. She thinks shes more then she is. She came to texas to sate some guy meet his fam and he dumped her for being mean. She should be embarassed for her behavior on tv doesnt she watch herself. Terrible and embarassing for her and her family. Poor sophia will see it later on when older and see her mom act like a fool

  • louise

    I think that Sophia lives in florida when mtv are filming and lives with Debra in council bluffs the rest of the time.