PHOTO Farrah Abraham and Sophia as Princess Jasmine and Aladdin’s monkey Abu

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham as Princess Jasmine for Halloween and Sophia as Abu from Aladdin

Since Teen Mom has ended its third season and I can’t write about what’s gonna happen on the show this week, I thought I might use this opportunity to have a little fun and get in the Halloween spirit at the same time! So, I’m hopping in the ol Photoshop and making my suggestion for…

Teen Mom Halloween costumes!

No, not people dressed as Teen Moms (like Lisa Fowler from True Blood dressing as Jenelle Evans in the season 4 finale), but Teen Moms dressed as, well, whatever I want!

I figure if folks like it I’ll continue with some more throughout the week, but first let’s take a gander at my suggestion for Iowa’s Florida’s own Farrah Abraham and her daughter Sophia!

For Farrah and Sophia I chose an Aladdin theme with Farrah as the eye-catching Princess Jasmine and little Sophia as mischievous monkey Abu. Farrah was a perfect fit for Jasmine given her dark complexion, large eyes, and a body that could pull off this belly danceresque look! (Need proof? Check out the original photo of Farrah in her super-duper skimpy bikini on the beach near Miami!)

To be honest, my automatic first thought for Sophia was Maggie from the Simpsons because she seems to have the exact same demeanor, mannerisms, and perma-pacifier as the wise-beyond-her-years and almost always silent littlest Simpson, but I figured a little mischievous monkey wasn’t too far off either – and it compliments mom’s look perfectly!

Here are some links to purchase the costumes I used. (Please note that I had to use a bottom from a different monkey costume to complete Sophia’s look because I wanted her to be standing up.)

Abu Halloween costume for kids from Disney's Aladdin movieAladdin Princess Jasmine Halloween costume sexy

I think I have a rough idea what costumes I’m going to put on the other Teen Mom cast members (yes, you too Teen Mom 2!!!) but I’m always open to suggestions 🙂 Who knows, perhaps some of these will make our next list of the Top 15 Starcasm Teen Mom Photoshop Moments!

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