Big Business: Kim Kardashian reportedly profits $18 million from her wedding

Kim Kardashian wedding photo

In case you haven’t heard, Kim Kardashian got married to Kris Humphries this weekend! (CLICK HERE to see the Photoshop fun we had with the comparisons between this and The Royal Wedding.) But it looks like this incredibly blast wasn’t just a dream wedding spun from the fantasy’s of a billion over-Disneyed school girls, it was a huge windfall for the Kardashian clan.

Most people go into massive debt when they get married, or scrimp and save until they’re living off of Ramen in their parent’s basement beforehand, but Kim Kardashian got almost all of her extravagant wedding details sponsored for free, or at deep discount in exchange for the incredible publicity this event is generating. That includes a $2 million ring, three $20,000 Vera Wang dresses, a $15,000 10-tier wedding cake, $400,000 worth of Champagne, $750,000 worth of food, $10,000 invitations, $2 million for Mark Gardens floral arrangements, etc. and on and on. (Minus the freebies and discounts, the wedding was estimated to have cost $500,000.)

Not only that, but with all the deals of selling engagement and wedding pictures to People, and selling advertisements during the two-part, four-hour Wedding Special on E! The New York Post estimates that Kim Kardashian and fam will net $17.9 million profit.

They  are set to receiver $15 million plus extra profit for ad spots sold during the televised wedding specials, received $2.5 million from People for exclusive photos, $300,000 for exclusive engagement announcement in People, $100,000 for exclusive bridal shower pics to Britain’s OK! magazine, and $50,000 to host the bachelorette party at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas. It looks like with the E! deal flexible on top of $15 million, the Kardashians could make well over $18 million for this wedding ceremony.

The Hollywood Reporter listed her deal with E! a bit lower: $13 million, but says that part of the deal is that E doesn’t receive any profit from the special. (WTF?) The advertising rates are reportedly going for $100,000 for spots that are usually $5,000.

On a visceral, jealous, level, this whole thing seems entirely egregious and unfair, but on the other hand, this is one of the savviest business/life moves of all time. It also puts a whole new spin on “marrying for money.”

UPDATE: Kim has since divorced Kris after only 72 days, and claimed that she didn’t profit off of her wedding. Here’s a sentence from her statement: “There are also reports that I made millions of dollars off of the wedding. These reports are simply not true and it makes me so sad to have to even clarify this.” Kim’s mom Kris Jenner also clarified, saying that Kim has not “netted” any money from the wedding. She did receive fees from selling photos and the TV show, but Kris claimed she put all of the money back into the wedding, and still owed some money. Still, it should be noted that with royalty deals from the network, Kim may be receiving checks for some time to come, many of the lavish details of her wedding were highly discounted, and she is keeping all of the luxurious gifts she received (instead of giving them back, she’s making a reported $200,000 donation to The Dream Foundation.)

Here’s a video inside look of Kim’s big day. The special Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event airs Oct. 9 and 10, 2011:


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  • Piper

    This greedy trashy immoral family,has enough money to pay for probably anything in the world and to have the audacity to seek out hand out’s and demand comps is disgusting
    Please just go away!!!!!

  • BethHorne

    Well, I for one will NOT be giving them a dime! I will not buy a single magazine, nor will I watch any of the shows (so the advertisers won’t get the chance to persuade me to buy any products or services) and I will still refrain from watching the regular show on E! Unless I hear that all the proceeds from this hideous display are going to a reputable charity, and I do mean ALL, I will never watch or buy anything these people endorse. They make me sick, they have no talent and are no good to the world, except perhaps the younger sister who does actually do mainstream modeling with her clothes ON! These type of people make me sick!

  • Edgar

    As much as it bugs me to hear this I will not hate on them they are extremely smart and know how to make money if I had the chance to make 17 million on a wedding I would take it while every one is working they can make money easilly it pisses me off that they have no talent at all but Kim does have a fat ass and that sells they know they have to milk it while they can in 10 years they will have no show no more money coming in so what’s wrong with them milking it while they can I would do the same every one is quick to hate on them but we don’t have the opportunity do make that kind of money so easily so nothing is wrong with getting paid get mad at the oil companies who have a monopoly over prices and that we will never get a gallon for under 3 bucks they actually take our money change your anger to companies who screw us over money and stop haiting and I’m not a fan either it’s human nature to hate on people who have it easy

    • Ryan

      Yea ppl are definetly hating! And I’m by no means a fan,but am forced to watch their show occasionally if my fiance insist that we do. You cannot be mad at any person without talents who can get a way over the top wedding for free and walk away with 18 mill,we all wish we could!

  • Ashley

    I am so incredibly disgusted by these people. If you want your over the top wedding to be free then fine let it be free but then having a ridiculous registry and making that much money off of what is supposed to be a personal day is albeit lucrative but disgusting. Take the freebies and the money that comes NOT FROM A TALENT but merely a televised event and give it to charity. For once in your life Kim Kardashian stop being a greedy b!tch. We are in a recession and lets face it the only talent you have is in a bedroom p0rn video. So for once stop buying Fendis and Pradas and actually do something worthwhile. Donate the money towards St. Jude’s, a nearby hospital, a food pantry, or whatever. Clearly you didn’t even respect the sanctity of marriage because you are getting divorced after 72 days. So take your fake day and at least do something genuinely good with it. I am so sick of seeing how materialistic that girl can be. You had your fun now go do something good with your life for once AND IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE RECORDED BY A CAMERA. For once be selfless.

  • Sinner

    She is just a pig, simple as that. No, that’s to mean to pigs. She is a engorged blow fly on the rotting ass of road kill.

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