Aeropostale asks Teen Mom’s Gary Shirley to stop wearing their clothes

Gary Shirley has been asked by Aeropostale to stop wearing their clothes. Leah is not pleased

When you write for a pop culture blog for a few years it tends to anesthetize you and temper your emotions a bit. But occasionally I run across a story that penetrates my living slumber and wakes the sleeping giant of outrage in my soul!

Such was the case when I was breezing through celebritweets and ran across this shocker from Teen Mom star Gary Shirley:

Teen Mom's Gary Shirley tweets about Aeropostale ban

What?!? Gary can no longer wear Aeropostale?!? My center is not holding!

Wait… who called? Was it MTV or Aeropostale? IT was time to remove my unimpressive blogger hat and don the regal headgear of an investigative journalist!

So, I used every trick in the modern day investigative journalist’s handbook and… went to Facebook. On the It’s Gary Time page Gary has posted a similar message:

Gary Shirley announces on Facebook that he can't wear Aero any more

As you might expect the status update garnered millions if not dozens of angry comments expressing their anger and begging for clarification. Here are some of the best:

As usual, Gary Shirley wasn’t about to let his fans down, so he clarified with a comment of his own:

Gary Shirley reveals it was Aeropostale who asked that he not wear their clothes on Teen Mom any more

WHAT?!? This is America! You can wear whatever brand shirt you want, damnit! This only leaves Gary with two shirts left – his Belden Lineman Camp tee and his gray Affliction top! What’s next? Are the New York Yankees going to ask him to stop wearing that white ball cap? Is Abercrombie & Fitch gonna ask Kieffer Delp to stop wearing his hoodie?!? Where does it stop?!?

Gary Shirley wearing an Aeropostale tee shirt on Teen Mom

Click to join the Let Gary Shirley Wear Aeropostale Facebook pageI for one am not going to stand for it. I don’t want my children being raised in a world in which Gary Shirley can’t wear an Aeropostale t-shirt if he wants, even if it is a size or two too small! So, I started a Facebook page demanding that Aeropostale retract their ban and embrace Gary Time! CLICK HERE or the photo of Leah to the right to like the page and help keep this country what our founding fathers intended it to be!

In the meantime, I suggest Gary use his new “It’s Gary Time” apparel empire to create his own line of Garypostale clothes!

Obviously I’m being a bit silly here, but seriously – can a clothing company demand you not wear their clothes on a reality show? Isn’t there some sort of implied legal ownership when you purchase the shirt? Any legal eagles out there willing to chime in and clarify things?

UPDATE – Apparently it wasn’t just Gary that has been denied the freedom to get his Aeropostale on, it’s the entire cast! It seems the phone call to MTV was to request that none of the cast members wear their duds. And so it begins. Maci, you should expect a phone call any day now from Thomas the Tank Engine requesting that Bentley find a new favorite line of clothes. And Chelsea, you will be getting a call from the leopards about wearing their skin.

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  • Amanda

    I agree with Aero! I don’t think people should wear specific brands on reality tv. They are basically a walking advertisment for whatever company they are wearing, especially when it is a shirt that has the company’s name all over it. By being allowed to wear it on tv he is subjecting their company to millions of judgmental viewers. If the company thinks being linked to his behaviour is bad for their business they have the right to ask him not to wear their shirts. Maybe they can provide him with some Lineman shirts so he has something to wear?

    • Ashley

      The company doesn’t want to be linked to the Gary’s bad behavior? Um he acts a hell of a lot better than Amber or Jenelle. Is aeropostale goi to be calling up everyone who acts disorderly and requesting that their products not be worn? I know people who are out selling drugs and pay for their aeropostale clothes with the oney they make. Are those people going to be banned too? I think this outrageous and that Gary should tell them no. If mtv wants to blur the images out, FINE! But having to buy a new wardrobe is absurd.

  • Sara

    I guess they just don’t want to have any sort of association with him.

  • Christine

    Cant they just blur out the logo like they do on other shows. I’m sure it is not easier for Gary to find clothes he likes in his size.

  • Miranda

    Hilarious as it is that ole Gary can’t wear aero anymore, this really isn’t surprising. Many companies make you blur out the brand if they feel they aren’t gaining anything from it aka money.

  • catz

    Thank god, it’s about time the fashion police busted Gary. Seriously who not in middle school wears Aeropostale on purpose? Boy is gonna step sideways to Hollister or American Eagle, that’s my vote. Or Ed Hardy is going to woo him on a yacht like they did Gosselin, but he needs a trampy Hailey Glassman type first.

    It’s makes no sense to me why anyone would want to be a walking billboard for a brand that prints it’s name all over it. Even more so when your shirt costs less than $20. He could go to his other favorite store the Walmart and pick out something more stylish, but that might take more thought and consideration than his brain is wired for.

  • Whoa

    I can’t believe that they were not made to blur the name in the first place. When I was little I went on a Nickelodeon show and they made up put tape over any brand name on our shirts because they were not allowed to show the names. I was always surprised that MTV didn’t blur out the brand names on thier clothes.

    I also wouldn’t want to be linked to Gary in anyway so kudos to Aero for not wanting the guy repping their company.

  • cait

    haha good for Aero! he makes those shirts look disgusting, i don’t blame them for not wanting to be associated with him

    • Jennifer

      I bet your parents are so proud of you 🙂 Remarks like that show how educated you are, and that your charecter really shines through… You should hang out with Tia and you guys can be stupid together!

      • Leah


  • tara

    About time! Maybe now he’ll pick clothes that fit!! Aero is not for 300+ lb people!!

    • K

      It’s sad that I know this, and kind of embarrassing, but Gary called out the $5000 on strippers rumor as no more than tabloid bs. The story was actually published over a year AFTER he went to that club, he was there for between 1 and 2 hours, and he spent $100.

      As for his job, he’s been a CNA since Amber was on 16 & Pregnant. He does home health care, if I remember correctly, and I only know this because I’m a CNA who does home health care too…so it stuck out to me.

      • r. anks

        Gary lost his job on the 2nd season. then he was getting unemployment. Now he’s living off the money he receives from MTV.

        • cass

          Actually if you remember Gary is going back to school thats why Amber originally had to put Leah in DayCare cause he wasnt around to watch her anymore..He is trying to up his education so he can get a better job.

  • margo

    Why doesn’t Gary just wear his own damn shirts…Isn’t that what “Gary Time” is all about? How do you think he made the money to spend $5000 on strippers?By the way,does he have a job yet?

  • hmm

    If I had a clothing line, I wouldn’t want Gary from Teen Mom wearing my stuff either. I think Aero doesn’t want to be associated with trash such as Amber and Gary.

  • Justine

    This is stupid, if they want to handpick the people wearing their logos, maybe don’t design every shirt with their logo on it, simple enough? Yeah, I think so. Maybe they can hand pick their customers in their stores too, kick out the people who they think will make them look bad.

  • Karen

    Good! Gary cheapend the clothes! He brought the name down.

    • Melissa

      There isn’t anything Gary doesn’t cheapen.

  • Kathleen

    They cant blur it out as they would have to blur his whole body out. He is a very big dude ( Probably 5 or 6 x ) and its the only t shirts that fit him. Ole boy needs to hit the gym and stop laying around. He’s going to catch a heart attack in a year or so.

  • SeaShep.

    Wait wait wait. THEY told him to STOP wearing their shirts but I thought that Gary boy had his own line of clothes. Why does he have to wear that cheap ole white trash brand anyway?

  • Amanda

    Not legal. He still has every right to wear Aero if he so pleases. They can “request” him not to wear it again however he can if he wants. I would, out of spite.

    • Well

      I wouldn’t say its illegal, as I doubt they are saying “Don’t wear our shirts at all,” more likely, they don’t want him wearing them on Teen Mom. They don’t have to allow him to wear it on tv if they don’t want to. If he were just going out and about during his day wearing it, I’m sure they wouldn’t care. However, they don’t want him to wear it during filming. Which is understandable. A lot of companies require permission for someone to wear their clothes (which is why a lot of times you see labels blurred out or with tape over them) on tv. And this may have something to do with Gary spending a bunch of money on strippers lately (check out TMZ) and Aero not wanting to be associated with that.

  • coco

    funny ish! he only has two shirts left and both are a size two small. lol!

  • Tia

    Well duh. What company would want a fat %$%& low life wearing their brand ALL the damn time! Surprised it took them this long to tell that fat loser to blur it out or take it off!

    • Jennifer

      Who cars if the man’s fat?? How does that make him a loser? He’s a damn good dad, even if he does go out every once in a while, I’m a mother with two kids, and when I have a baby sitter, I have fun too! YOU are the reason kids go to school and shoot dumb b!tches for making fun and thinkin your better than people when in reality your just insecure and it makes you feel more cool to pick on people who YOU don’t think is as good as you…. You’re actually the loser, and one day, you’re going to grow up and realize that.
      Be proud of yourself, cuz I’m sure your parents sure aren’t!

  • Emily

    They probably just dont want to be associated with him and his behavior. Maybe since you always pay to people/places to advertise they think maybe Gary will ask for money for his advertisting…

  • Lyss

    They probably paid him a good chunk of cash to abide (and HE is just DRAMA & posts so it’s another “poor Gary” situation..ughhg)…because obviously he is white trash and him “advertising” by wearing their clothes takes away from the preppy wanna-be A&F look that they want their brand to have.

  • KC

    I always figured they were knockoffs anyway – I just assumed a company like didnt make clothes in his size.

  • I just think Aeropostale is for a younger generation. Gary is a young man, not a tween. When I hear the brand “Aero”, I immediately think middle schoolers and young high schoolers – before they’re ready for the jump to American Eagle, Forever 21 and Hollister. And by kids seeing Gary wearing their clothes, it’s putting their tween clothing line in a different age group.

  • Laura

    I dont understand why people want to be mean to Gary.. I think it is bullsh*t that they are doing this.. I would where them anyway if i was him.. Gray your the best.. 🙂

  • Sammi

    Yes a clothing company can tell you not to wear their clothes on TV. If you’ve ever noticed with most shows the person is almost always in a plain solid colored shirt. I shocked it took them this long to say something. Even if you’re holdings a can of soda or a bottle of water with the label showing it can be an issue. MTV should of told him to stop wearing the shirts months ago.

    • Sammi

      I love that auto correct screwed up what I was writing. Stupid phone, I should like an idiot.

  • Chelsea

    And Chelsea, you will be getting a call from the leopards about wearing their skin.

    lol lol lol
    too funny 🙂

  • Maxx

    Are the presidents and CEOs of Aero Gary’s parents? No.
    How in the hell can they tell him not to wear their clothes? Assuming he has no contractual agreement with the company, he doesn’t have to do a damn thing about it.
    Yes, it’s reality TV and it’s free advertisement for these companies…key word being FREE. Whether its good or bad, who cares? Their brand name is getting out there.

    I personally do not watch Teen Mom, but I say
    Keep on rockin’ the Aero Gary!

    • Ashley

      Legal Assistant here – He can’t wear the shirts simply because he does not have permission from the company who have ownership. Well actually it is not that he can’t ever wear aero clothes again, he just can’t wear them while filming or if he does then it needs to be blurred out which since aero usually has their name all over a shirt, it’s hard. If you pay attention you’ll notice a bunch of shows either blur out or use black tape over labels. For example, coca and pepsi products do not want to be associated with the Bad Girls Club and Real World so they have to black out the labels with tape. it’s not that they can’t ever drink pepsi or wear a certain brand, they just can’t advertise it.

      I’m not sure why MTV could show their shirts before because they usually black or blur out everything until given permission. Maci, Kyle, and Ryan are allowed to wear and subsequently advertise Drama’s (from Fantasy Factory) clothing line, Young and Reckless, and DC because they have permission most likely due to the close relationship with Drama (and the creator of DC who sponsors Rob Dyrdeck) and MTV.

      Some clothing companies will take whatever advertising they will get where as others will pick and choose what type of programming they want to be associated with…or they want to get paid for allowing MTV to advertise their stuff, but that goes more into the ownership and royalty aspect. Think: how an artist gets paid every time their song is played on the radio or on tv. I think aero made a good move because the show is starting to have a negative connotation.

  • LMAO

    If I were a clothes designer/franchise I wouldn’t want that fat arse wearing my stuff either.

  • me

    makes sense…as soon as the casts true colors come out and everyone is tired of the same bs every week the companies don’t want their brands associated with em…i agree…i wouldnt want my clothing brand to be associated with a piece of crap mom and a dad who won’t stay away from her long enough to give their daughter a normal life…

  • I think when you watch some TV shows they blur out logo’s from soda’s, beer, clothing etc because they brand may not want to be associated with the show… good or bad. That’s the way advertising works.

  • Christina

    LMAO! I love that last part about Chelsea and the leopard clothes! Great article!

  • Celeste

    I think it’s ridiculous. It’s free advertising for them. 😛

  • Ashley

    SAME thing just happened with Abercrombie and Jersey Shore. They offered the whole cast money for them to NOT wear their clothes anymore (on tv and in real life, though they can’t dictate real life) because of the negative press.

  • Britney

    They just don’t want him to wear it because they are too small for him.