VIDEO – DJ Pauly D gets a “lap” dance from Britney Spears

During a concert in Montreal Britney Spears gives Jersey Shore's Pauly D a lapdance

Thursday night Jersey Shore‘s DJ Pauly D had a dream come true: he was treated to a seductive “lap” dance by Britney Spears!

Pauly D spun some tunes to open for Britney in Montreal last night, and was later surprised to be invited on stage by the pop icon. She had him handcuffed to a pole while she did some seductive gyrating and put a feather boa around his neck before dancing around behind him and transforming Pauly’s famous blowout hairdo into a Thigh Master!

Afterwards, he ecstatically tweeted : “Wow Just Got A Lap Dance On Stage From @britneySpears !!!!!!”

Sometimes dreams do come true.

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