Jo Rivera as N.I.C.K. b raps about Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry in emotional “Teen Father”

Teen Mom Jo Rivera as NICK b

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s baby-daddy Jonathan “Jo” Rivera is still working hard at pursuing his dream of breaking into the rap game. His first official music video “Unthinkable Remix” got good reviews from our discerning TM fans and kid’s been busy laying down tracks and moving it forward.

Here’s a clip of Jo, stage name N.I.C.K. b in an interview in which he drops the most interesting information so far about his rap career. He reveals what N.I.C.K. b is an acronym for! Heads up on some adult language…

That’s right Jo Rivera is officially a nerd in a cool kid’s body. He talks about how his brother was his main influence and that he thinks he brings an old school flow with modern topics to his style. He tells the interviewer that he loves the ladies and that he’s done a couple of songs that really appeal to the female population. He also addressed his haters who tweet him out for trying to be gangsta. Joe laughed it off saying, “Come on man it’s 2011 I’m just trying to be myself.”

He’s got a site up via which you can check out here.

Here’s a track that N.I.C.K. b has dropped that will relate to his Teen Mom fame. It’s called “Teen Father” and it directly deals with his failed relationship with Kailyn. Another adult language warning…

Here are some of the lyrical highlights from the track:

Entering the life of a teen father
He’s bothered
In baby-momma drama he’s caught up
But maybe God
Is just bringing karma

But here’s the test now
She never around and neither am I
And every time we speak
It seeming she cry

Can’t believe you brought
Another man in your life
Who will keep me alive
I was close to you
No substitute
Thought love was nonnegotiable

Am I supposed to believe that
The feedback
When we agreed back
That when Isaac was born
We would weather the storm
Not let our family be torn apart
Till you threw a dart
Straight through my heart

I haven’t been the biggest supporter of Jo as a dad, but I’ve got to give him props on that song. It flows, the sound is tight and the lyrics are coming from a very real place. What do you think of “Teen Father?”

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  • anonymous

    I think that its great he didnt bash her which is honestly what I thought the song was gunna be when i read the headlines… So more props to him for being one of the rappers out there that doesnt “bash their baby momma” in their songs out of spite…

  • MyBizOnly

    I think Jo is a terrible person. He was horrible to his baby’s mother and never took responsibility for his own behavior. His music is an absolute disgrace. It’s disgusting that he used his 15 minutes of fame to attempt this so-called music career when he has no talent other than trying to be a thug wannabe. Shame on his parents, too!

  • JenniferJK

    DORKKKK !!!

  • moni

    I think he has alot of talent. If the right people get ahold of him he can really hit it big. Im really pullin for him hope he makes it big. keep doing you thing kid

  • tiff

    I think its just a ploy to get people to listen to him. to me it appeared like on the show he was the one pushing her away the entire time and cheated then when she moved on he was upset… maybe some of it is coming from a real place but too little to late and then the rest is publicity

  • Mandy

    He sure has some ugly girls on him in that picture… but yeah he sucks. :)

  • Jessica

    This whole Rap thing has nothing to do with Kali and Issac this is about Jo. Wanting to rap its funny because the girls can write books and model and do whatever they want to make a living for their kid. But the moment the fathers of the show are trying something they have to be put down and talk about what happen between them and their mothers of their kids. Jo trying to be rap has nothing to do with Kali or Issac or the show and so what if he is using his teen mom fame. So people can notice him the girls do it all the time and no one else complain Farrah got her modeling job from being on teen mom. And no one was bitching everyone was congrats Farrah for following her dream but when Jo wants to follow his dream. Everyone wants to threw dirt on him and talk shit about Him Jo is following his dreams I’m pretty sure he wanted to be rap before he meet Kali .

    • Whit

      From what I can decipher of your post, I share your thoughts on Jo trying to rap & that it should be judged on his talent not on his relationship with Kail. There’s a lot more to their lives that the cameras don’t show.

      For the love of god, learn to form a correct sentence… Specifically how to use punctuation!

      • Jessica

        Whit learn how not to be smart ass and learn that this is message board people make grammar error. Alot so learn how to get over it

        • Jenny

          Farrah didn’t get her modeling job from Teen Mom, she was already modeling before she was even on 16 & Pregnant. And I agree with the above commentor, it’s difficult to read if you can’t speak our language correctly.

          • Jessica

            Jenny you claim my writing is so bad but yet you manage to understand enough of my writing when I said something about Farrah and it’s true that the only reason Farrah was able to book two model gigs is because she is on a reality show . I know she claim she was modeling before I was talked about the two big modeling jobs she got this year on teen mom and last year . All the girls use their fame from teen mom to write books to do speaking enagement and everyone tells them how great they are for pursuing drier dreams but when one of the teen dads try to pursue thier dreams teen mom fans attack them and talk crap about them it”s not right it’s a double standard .

  • oleander

    im surprised- the music is actually very good. i love that it,s not aggressive rap, its like poetry with a beat. and he’s got some very powerful lyrics.

    i love this part:

    That when Isaac was born
    We would weather the storm
    Not let our family be torn apart
    Till you threw a dart
    Straight through my heart

  • Flores

    Tryin to play victim but wutever every rapper needs a sob story plus if he’s gonna be a rapper hes supposed to have hot girls on his arm not hot messes…..just saying

  • stephanie

    I just don’t like how he treated her like she owed him her life because his family let her move in to keep his baby. Yes they helped her but they didn’t own her. She has made mistakes but these two just do not work together. I think he is off to a good start with his career so best of luck to him. I hope he keeps in mind to never turn to nasty lyrics about Kail so his son does not have to hear that someday. Good luck to both of them.

  • inwonderland

    Yet, he constantly bashes her on Twitter and tries to muddy her name. This rap is a little too little, too late for me. On why he was such an ass.

  • Abby

    The song is okay but some of the lyrics….-.-
    He wasn’t exactly bashing her but he wasn’t making her look good either. Kailyn’s not perfect as we’ve seen on the show but he’s just as much to blame for their ‘failed’ realtionship as she is. Watching the show there were some not so pretty moments on his part.
    And no offense but he’s posing with two girls that look stripper-ish. Not exactly the image he should make of himself. Kail hangs around with guys but at least they seem pretty decent, not much to say about those two posing with him.

  • Abby

    I admire him trying to pursue his dream and hoestly it’s not that bad but maybe heshould go about it a little diffently. Starting with leaving Kailyn and Isaac out of his music. Eminem raps about himself and his problems all the time and yes his music is good but that sh*t doesn’t work for everyone.

  • lyss

    I enjoyed it