SAY YES TO THE DRESS Randy Fenoli is engaged! PHOTOS

Randy Fenoli is engaged! The Say Yes to the Dress star is finally going to get the wedding of his dreams when he marries finance Mete Kobal.

The pair got engaged over the weekend, and the Marmara Park Avenue hotel backdrop was absolutely stunning.

Randy and Mete

Randy Fenoli, 58, met fiancé Mete Kobal in January 2022 when Kobal was working in the restaurant industry.

While Mete’s age is up for speculation, it is guessed that he is in his late thirties to early forties.

Mete Kobal and Randy Fenoli

Sparks flew quickly for the couple, because Randy changed his tune on getting married in less than a year! Speaking to People Magazine, Fenoli said:

“I’m the king of bridal. I’ve been doing this bridal for 30 years, and I honestly just never thought it was going to happen for me. And I was OK with that. I was like, ‘Honestly I have my career, I have my home, I have my dog, I have my mom,’ and I’m like, ‘I’m just going to be single the rest of my life.’ And then I met Mete.”

We think the couple is adorable, and couldn’t be happier that the grooms are going to get their ‘bridal’ moment.

Fenoli and Kobal Engagement

Fenoli told Kobal that they would be going for dinner at the Museum of Modern Art, but secretly he had other plans – lavish plans.

50 friends and family members were there to great the couple, and Randy proposed in front of everyone. He wanted to “make something special for (Kobal)” and we think the ‘King of Bridal‘ succeeded!

Randy Fenoli Instagram

Immediately after the romantic proposal, their wedding planner took to Instagram to share the news and photos.

Marcy Blum gave the details on the gorgeous engagement party that followed the surprise proposal.

The over the top décor by Mixed Greens Event Design was literally everything.

Randy Fenoli proposal site

Randy Fenoli proposal site

Mete Kobal’s Turkish Roots

One of the most interesting personal touches was the inclusion of Mete Kobal’s Turkish background.

Fenoli wanted to make sure his fiancé’s side was fully represented, so he set up a Zoom call.

I got in touch with one of his best friends and got all of his best friends’ email addresses,” he tells People. “We set up a monitor so all his friends in Turkey could join us on Zoom.”

Randy Fenoli proposed to Mete Kopal December 11, 2022

Another way he touched on Turkey was with the food. A Turkish food station was provided, as well as various hors d’oeuvres. Yum!


Congratulations to the happy couple! Say Yes to the Dress has been on air for 21 seasons and has inspired countless spin-offs.

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