X-Ray photo proof that Kim Kardashian’s bodacious butt is real, or is it?

Kim Kardashian's butt real

Kim Kardashian has been in the news A LOT lately pimpin’ her wedding and warding off fake cheating rumors. She must have wanted to step away from that little circus that for a minute, and get back the roots of why she’s famous: her bodacious booty.

There has been much speculation about the veracity of her ample part (as there is when any female body part looks especially large,) so she reportedly set the record straight about the contents of her ass by getting it x-rayed, and having her sister Khloe post it on the internet:

Hey dolls. The PROOF is in the X-ray. Kim’s ass is 100% real!!!
Lots of people claim Kim has had some sort of surgical procedure to enhance her bottom. At Starcasm, we’ve never been too keen to buy that, though we do think she’s had a little work done on her facial region. If the booty was composed of implants, those would probably show up  on the x-ray. Thanks for the hard evidence, Kim! (P.S. Coco’s booty is also probably real, but Nicki Minaj’s is probably fake.) These butt debates are great conversation topics for your weekend summer parties.

Here’s an interesting before and after comparison of Kim Kardashian’s butt over the years. Hmmm:


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  • Chatham

    I question a doctor who would perform unnecessary radiation exposure on a patient. And what’s that spot in the middle that looks like a nip? Are we sure this isn’t a mammogram?

    • Gotyehdt

      So true about the radiation!!! LMAO about the spot! I missed the spot and had to relook at pic.

    • luigi

      you are a dumbass chatham. how could it be a mammogram if you can see the spinal cord above. Kim is awesome.

    • hannah marie

      they now even have photo evidence to prove kim doesn’t have butt implants and footage on tv so just leave it. why does everyone have to try and put her down, just because she has the money and a booty that every girl wants doesn’t mean you can just assume and post that she has implants. also so you can see it clearly that kim doesn’t have implants, kourtney kardashian had her breasts xrayed to show her breast implants and comparing the 2 you can see clearly kim doesn’t have any implants. and the doctor won’t have just done that xray for fun! he will be private and probably paid lots of money because she is sick to death of all this stick people give her. !love the kardashians! <3

  • zvezda

    and how do we know that this is kim’s x-ray?!

  • Gotyehdt

    I agree with a previous commenter, how do we know if it is even her xray? She could have paid someone to use their butt.

    What about fat injections? She could have lippoed her fat thighs and stuck the fat in her butt. Nice try Kim! Try disproving fat injections!!!

    • april

      you stole exactly what i was going to say… there are such things of getting fat removed from certain part of your body that you dont want there and placed in another area like your butt or breasts because i was thinking about doing it for my boobs because its more natural than breast implants

    • http://Starcasm.net Lika

      Kim Kardashian, keep on taking us for fools. We all know about butt injection procedures.
      My friend got it done recently. They remove some fat from certain areas of your body and inject into your butt to enlarge your but. It looks so real nobody will ever be able to tell if it is fake or real. Plus the surgery cost around $3000 to $4000 in Europe. Liar…liar.

  • dejah

    aren’t we supposed to be seeing bone on an x-ray– not a solid mass?

  • Gabriel

    Most of the Models in colombia get the injections, is a new procedure and it takes about 2 hours. My friend does it here in NY and she charges about $3,000. Kim K with all that money probably got it made in hollywood.

  • http://stasm.net Delia

    kims butt is real. on one episode of keeping up with kardasians it showed kim getting a butt x-ray! anyways she is not the only celeberty with a big butt!! ther is nicki minaj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kiki

      First off yeah it looks real because she used fat injections . With fat injections they take fat from 1 part of your body that you dont want it at and get injected into her butt . Duh everyone knows thar

    • thejungle137

      You’re hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! It’s phonier than a $3.00 bill. If you know what that is. You must be that special kind of stupid the internet talks about.

  • Zaven

    You guys are idiots. why are you here complaining about her ass? Get a life retards

  • Liño

    True to believe that an x-ray will not prove if someone gets injections. Implants? Possibly. It’s plain and simple. A fat ass runs in the family. No one else in her family has even close to a semi-plump ass.

    Fact: The ass doesn’t grow unless weight is gained. she hadn’t gained shit and her ass has grown alone, and tremendously. It wasn’t like that when she first was discovered. Why? What happened. And why can’t the bitch answer that?

    And then she put plastic surgery down in a period when she clearly went under the knife with the facelift-the nose- the breast lift….BITCH AND THE ASS!

  • juan10060@gmail.com

    hatting bitches here girls if you are jealous get the hell of her big nice bootayyy

  • BigBalling

    Everyone saying that if she used butt injections that her butt is fake since its her own fat it would be simply enhance.(I still think its real.) I know for a fact she had some plastic surgery. I will assume that most the people commenting on this are women are simply jealosu of her assets… Lino i dont think you have seen Khloe’s ass its bigger than most. You girls always hating on a hot piece of ass.

  • BigBalling

    That large mass is the bone in her butt u guys should no that and we all see her spine if you guys didn’t know someone’s butt is made of Fat and muscle.

  • Sonia

    Its a FAKE friggin x ray bit** not EVERY americans are dumb asses.

  • killthisotakufreak

    Her butt has clearly been enhanced though lol. It’s very obvious, it’s sitting up way too high on her body and, comparing with her earlier photos, now suddenly grows disproportionately with the rest of her body? Weight-gain of such a concentrated amount, and in one particular area of the body only, isn’t humanly possible.