Is Coco’s booty real or fake?

Most people have had the pleasure to gawk at Nicole “Coco” Austin’s booty Twitter pics if they’ve been on the internet at all in the past few years. Coco (real name Nicole Austin) is rapper Ice T’s wife, but instead of blending into the background like a lot of hip hop wives, Coco has been sculpting out her very own celebrity brand. The only question, is Kim Kardashian taking a cue from her, or did she take a cue from Kim Kardashian? (Either way, Nicki Minaj is also capitalizing on the power of a voluptuous booty.)

Now, when a woman displays an abundantly ample rear, and she isn’t overweight, people always wonder whether or not it’s real. Coco claims that hers is definitely on-the-level, and is the result of genetics, and a very precise workout regimen.

Let me start by describing my body type, a short, athletic small build. For those that don’t know I’m only 5″2′. I was never the super skinny girl in school even though I wanted to be. I was never fat but always thought I had bigger thighs than the other girls, just a little not by a lot. My dad is naturally muscular without ever having to go into the gym and my mom has a curvy body, small waist and wide hips. With that alone, my parents have some great genes.

Although Coco claims that her otherworldly-shaped backside is all natural, she admits that everyone about her didn’t come from a combo of genes and hard work:  “I had my boobs enhanced at 18 years old and that is the only plastic surgery that I ever have done to my body.”

To prove the genes theory, she once tweeted this photo of her and her sister Kristy:

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In case you haven’t seen enough of Coco, she’s finally landed a reality show with her husband Ice T (com’on, you know this is what she’s been gunnin’ for this whole time!)

It’s called Ice Loves Coco, and will document their “unseen moments” as well as Coco’s efforts at launching a “modeling” career. Speaking of Ice T, the rapper also stands up for the veracity of his’ wife’s curves, one time offering a cool $1 million to anyone would could prove it was fake. What do you think? Is Coco’s booty real?


Here’s Coco gettin’ an ultrasound of her butt on The Doctors to prove it’s real: