Does Nicki Minaj have a fake booty?

Nicki Minaj, who gave a shambolic performance last night in a pre-VMA show with, has a b00ty that doesn’t quit. It gives the bodacious Kim Kardashian a looonng run for her money.

But just like Kim’s b00ty, the naturalness of Nicki’s shape has come under question. There are earlier photos of Nicki circulating when she just had a regular big b00ty, and not an epic one. No one’s admitted anything, but speculation about how this change came about include butt pads, butt implants, and perhaps the most implausible: butt injections.

No, the most implausible explanation is that she simply gained weight. All women know that when you gain weight it doesn’t magically go only to your butt and chest areas and miss your waist, arms, and legs (unless, I guess you’ve had every inch of your body liposuctioned except for your T & A).

Decide for yourselves what’s really going on here:

And, the famous “Nicki Minaj Exposed” video:

UPDATE: Nicole “Coco” Austin, who is also known for having an otherworldly b00ty (that is more convincingly real) confirmed Perez Hilton that Nicki Minaj’s butt is fake!

The glamour model told the gossip blogger:

“Well, I read that it wasn’t. I thought that she came out with it. I heard it from her . . .

Okay I don’t know… We’re not even going to go there anymore. You know what I say about a lot of stylists that work with me… They work with me, they touch my body, they’re doing stuff all day long. So they’re doing that same thing to Nicki Minaj and they’re saying a little bit different.”

That sounds about right, and Coco would know if anyone would. But, if if Nicki’s b00ty isn’t naturally part of her anatomy, there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s part of her whole pop star package, and it’s part of the job of the pop star to deliver a “larger than life” image. Even if it’s just butt pads, it’s still fun.

Here’s a pic of Nicki on 03-13-2012 filming a music video in a bikini:

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121 thoughts on “Does Nicki Minaj have a fake booty?

  1. Funny how they label a normal, healthy, very womanly body as having “no ass,” and “no boobs.” LOL!!!

    The girl was perfectly fine before. But she learned a hard lesson that’s very true when dealing with the ghetto minded: you have to do some pretty non-sensical, backward things in order to get their attention.

    The minute she began to indulge in whatever butt injections and other things to make her appear as obese as she does now, she blew up in popularity with ghetto mentality folks. Its really easy to see why ghetto folks rarely, if ever, make it far.

    1. that is a cery racist and ignorant statement to say . NM can do WHATEVER she wants to HER body.You cant honestly tell me that you dont try to make your face better looking bye putting makeup on it ? or wear oush up bra’s to make your boobs bigger ? if your anwer is yes then you are perhaps just as “ghetto” as she is. and if you dont like her and her music then why are you on this site and commenting about her? answer that question. I am not calling you a hater but it honestly isnt your place to say anything about her and what she does wit her body

    2. I agree, the comment came off as very ignorant and seemed to me like the word ghetto was being substituted for the n word. This is supposed to me america where people have the freedom of choice and the right to persue happiness, no one stuck a gun to nm’s head and forced those changes…and not all “ghetto” people are into huge asses and things like that, so sensa why don’t you stop trying label people.

    3. Sensa is obviously an idiot. How can she talk about ghetto minded people not making it far while talking about nicki minaj, who is clearly the biggest thing since Whitney Houston. I just want to comment that everyone is racist because people by nature are into their subculture of where they’re from. Black people are 1 generation away from doing well if they take advantage now which they should and have already made major progress since 2005. Just my comments as a white boy.

    4. First Of All She Is What She Is So Whoever Don’t Like Her Let It Be Cause Personally I Like All The Artist Cause Without Them There’s No Music Further More Look Into YourSelf Before Saying Others…Last But Not Lease She NICKI MINAJ,Honest About Herself Not Like You People B!tching Around About Artist This Artist That Get A Live Move On… To NICKI MINAJ All The Best Of Luck To You & God Bless You…(“,)

    5. you sound like a retard. Nicki is not and never has been “obese” and what do you mean “ghetto folk?” I’m white and even I know that’s very stereotypical of you. In case you haven’t noticed, not only white people make great music, hispanics, asians, and blacks make great music. So get your head out of your a$$ it isn’t the 1950’s anymore, get used to the diversity, b!tch.

    6. You are absolutely rediculous. Your obviously a very stereotypical person. What da f**k do you mean ghetto people dont make it far? Haha all the “ghetto people” that made it to fame definetily msde it wayy f**king further than you.
      from someone from the “ghetto”.

  2. I so agree with Sensa! And I am extremely OVER people using the word “hater” whenever you speak up and say you don’t care for someone’s style of music, etc. I think that NM is a disgrace, and a VERY poor example for yound black girls. Does that make me a hater? No. It makes me someone who cares about my daughter’s future and the image that we protray as black women. Oh… and it also makes me someone who can’t stand ignorance…(NM).

    1. NM isn’t being ignorant…don’t understand how you can say that. if anything you are being ignorant for judging the decisions that she makes that in no affect your life or your daughters..if you don’t like what nm has done w hrself you don’t go online and try to call her out bout it, if its not what you want for your daughter than tell her, don’t call someone else’s personal decisions out cuz you dont agree, now thats ignorant. also if ya think its not right for your daughter than keep it away from her, don’t just talk trash on nicki, im not down w implants and stuff like that either but im not gonna make fun of someone for trying to make changes to THEIR OWN body that doesn’t affect me. if it makes nicki happier w her life then whats it to you??

      1. I personally agree with Dawn. Today African Americans are looked down upon, socially unaccepted, talked about, and practically dragged in the dirt. We are doing the opposite of what out forefather/mothers did and fought for. We need leaders, both men and women of color to represent the black community. It’s bad enough I walk down the street and every other young African American girl wearing pink, blue, green and purple wigs! Tight form fitting clothing! and the pink lipstick! I respect NM as an individual and as an artist but I disagree with her approach. Young black women need “real” role models in their lives. Realize that not every girl that who has a large butt and large breast that can rap/sing/dance will make it to hollywood. We need role models that can convince the black community that women (specifically black) play an important role doing everyday job/careers. So, just because someone doesn’t agree with your comment DON’T consider it “hating”. Everyone is entitled to their OWN opinion and that is VERY different from “judging” someone. Figure it out!

        #smh #ignorance

        1. I do agree wit Kia, she worded it better than, Dawn cuz i love Nicki and it do sound like She hatin’ a lil bit. But if these women out here on tha streets tryin to be like Nicki thinkin dey gon make it to Hollywood should be our topic here on FAKE. Not Nicki..if i had da money to look as gud as she do, I’D DO IT! now dez otha girls tryin’ to make it as NM , hello? There can only be one , so that’s the ‘IGNORANCE’ in it all. Let Nicki do ha, she’s different , she’s original even if her body is “fake” it ain’t like she hidin’ it seein’ all da footage and callin’ herself a barbie she kno. If she a role model props to ha, its dez girls like i said dat should b talked to for havin’ da ignorance of “following” if dat they choice.

        2. african americans are only looked down upon by racist white people like you who only look at the bad side of african american i am a caucasian myself but i choose to respect all races

          1. Why is it that you think only whites are racist? What kind of mentality is that? Seriously, at least one person of every race on this planet has some kind of discrimination against another race. Your an idiot and your “logic” is literally nauseating it’s so ignorant.

    2. The word hater has nothin to do with wanting a better future for your daughter it means that u don’t like NM which u clearly don’t so therefore u r a hater face it. Me personally I love NM

    3. nicki minaj didnt write her music so she can raise ur daughter or teach her to be like nicki she wrote her music for her loving fans and herself If u dont like Nicki MInaj why are u commemting on this page! What is ur daughter going to think when she finds out ur looking up if nicki minaj’s a$$ is real! You are probably some old racist pervert who looks at p0rn all day long and your daughter is probably looking at p0rn too. Who cares if her a$$ is fake its her body. No one can look straight into my eyes and tell me that a white woman or a woman of any race for that matter hasnt had a facelift or worn makeup, maybe dyed their hair or had breast implants and they are not even as rich, famous, and gorgeous as nicki. Nicki has gone through a lot during her life and if u heard her story u would be inspired. Haters only help rappers with their music if she even bothers to look at this

    4. If by poor example you mean singing about bad choices such as loving men who sell coke etc, and glorifying all these bad decisions, i completely agree. her music isnt for little girls but she is put forth as the pop/rap star for them to look up to and it is quite sad. as for her a$$ implants/pads her label told her to get them and more attention/sales and she doesnt have a problem with being plastic since she is the barbie after all, is my theory. great message for our young people right! ha ha

  3. I think she has a nice body size regardless of whether it is with padding or not. The only reason I think she would try to exaggerate her assets is to attract attention like any other artist. Besides, why does every time someone increases their size the first thing everyone says is they did it in some type of unnatural way? She’s had enough time to actually diet and workout in a way that could possibly give her the results we see today.

    1. Come on, if there were some kind of diet and exercise to take any woman with a flat butt (not saying her butt was flat) to a sizeable one, every black girl would know that secret. You can tell she gained weight from the old pics to now, and some women gain weight in their bottom region only, but this had to be some sort of unnatural procedure, cause her butt is on a totally different level now.

      1. Charli, there is a diet and exercise to help enhance the backside; a lot of people are just too lazy to utilize it. This is why plastic surgery is so popular: lipo, tummy tucks, butt enchancements; these can all be worked on but most of humanity wants a quick fix and are too lazy to do the work. As humans, we all have the right to choose the option that works best for us. Nicki Minaj is no different from the average middle class woman who will use all her savings to get the same surgery–the one who doesn’t want to put in the time/effort and wait for results. I, personally, believe everyone should just leave the subject of Nicki Minaj’s butt alone. So many artists have enhanced something about themselves surgically that it almost seems unfair that she would get picked on so much. Additionally, we place so much emphasis on artists being perfect physically it’s almost difficult to blame them for the things they do to please us–their fans. They are only human, remember that.

        1. Great post. I agree. Though part of me feels it is none of our business, I wish more celebrities would answer honestly about their cosmetic enhancements. The public is not stupid. If she did get the surgery, did she get a new butt to trick people to think it’s real or did she get it for herself? If Nicki is happy with her enhancement, then I am happy for her – her butt looks great and it flatters her well. Just to do not lie to us. Own up and move on.

  4. Breast Implants, Butt Implants, Rhinoplasty, Wigs/Weaves, 5 lbs. Make-up. I don’t know why women, especially black women continue to look like transvestites.

    1. Are you out your mind? I am a bi racial female and I believe black females are some of the most beautiful women in the world and may I say they age lovely. So what if they choose to use wigs or weaves or anything else to highlight there beauty. White women use make up, lip injections and numerous other things to enhance their beauty. So I say the ignorant people on here who have the audacity to say black women who wear these enhancements are un attractive, I bet if you post a picture of your mother then get a picture of a black woman your mothers age, that black woman will make your mother look like a pile of poop!

    2. i think that all you ppl out talking a whole bunch a shit on NM have no time on your hands and just like to judge ppl leave her alone you looser’ i think she is an awesome performer and plus she is TRINI so she even more awesome for that πŸ™‚

  5. Cmon guys! At the end of the days it IS her body and it IS her money and totally none of our business what she wants to do with whateva body part. Look at Michael Jackson, he turned white before our eyes bt he stil was and is a legend. She is an artist, period!

    1. thank you! like 4-real she can do what ever she wants with her money and her body…. and it isnt my place or anybody elses place to say other wise.


  7. from wat I see and hear her ass is fake but so wat I would still hit that fake ass and all. But she was perfect the way she was but who are we to judge. As far as her music she is the best mc right now.

  8. I agree with all the people who said it’s HER body and she can do WHATEVER SHE wants to do with if that’s how she wants it and it makes her happy then LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!! she just like you she’s a human being and she has feelings

  9. I personally don’t care if nicki minaj’s ass is fake or not. She still a human being like us.She not perfect or any better than me or anyone else.And why would anyone want to have an ass that damn big..if she was in the midst of danger I don’t see how she can run with that big butt weighing her down. Lol πŸ™‚

  10. You have got to be kidding me. The Butt is Butt Pads, true. The Boobs are a BRA. She takes it off at night the same way GaGa takes that shit off, and Beyonce takes that wig off. BUT her boobs are not small and were never small the picture they showed was at LEAST a C and I would even go as far to say that they are D cups. She went from wearing a Hanes Bra to a VS bra, that is all, so stop moaning and groaning. She lifted and seperated them suckers, no surgery done. It’s all just a costume. She’s a PERFORMER get over it. lol. ILOVEMESOMENICKI. Pads and all.

  11. Maybe its a brazillian booty lift like J Lo… but honestly i think she is one fiiiiiiiiiine woman. (no lesbo)

  12. Who cares. This girl is beautiful, and she knows it. Last thing she needs is you hate on her. I m a big fan of niki Minaj, and no matter what. what I say is if you can afford, and want it, BUY IT! So all I wanna say is work it girl.

  13. All of uu people on here that are hating on nicki minaj sound really ignorant because she is a pop star making millions of dollars and could care less what you think about her. She can do whatever she wants to her body because 1 she can afford it. 2 9 out of 10 men think shes extremely sexy. And 3 it just looks damn good on her. The only reason you would come on this page and talk trash is because your jealous that she made it. Hatred does nothing but fuel a rapper so keep it comin but keep it quiet because nicki has fans every where

  14. no 1 said shit when pam ann n every 1 started gettin fake ass boobs in wut eva. I mean alot of people of all sexes like em fake.

  15. well in my opinion none of us has no right to discourage her body what so ever. i see girls here commenting saying she used make-up or some type of enhancement in her body. Girls do it all the time (lipstick, eyliner,etc) well shes doing the same. No one should be assuming that its fake because it looks alittle overboard with the ass and boobs or whatever. Me personally i would hit before her body looked like and now how it looks. she looks pretty either way. but we cant judge saying she is a disgrace to being a female or anything. its her body it doesnt affect any of us in anytype way. Im sure if we were all celebrities we would have a different mindset than what we do now. Keep in mind that we all use some type of enhancement in our body to make ourselves look better. (hairstyles,piercing,tattos,etc). Negative comments are probably over hatred or jealousy. Let her family do the talking of how they feel because that affects them more than us lol

  16. Just leave her alone shes and awesome person and awesome Rapper.!<3
    And also u never know.. she probally just grown into a grown woman that she is today. and who cares if Her ass isn't reall.? shes stil a good person. πŸ™‚

  17. nicki minaj is a fool. i wonder if she’s ever heard of saartjie baartman. something tells me no. she exploits black stereotypes and sexually exploits herself for the sake of her own pocketbook. not really helping the rest of black folks with that sh*t. yeah she’s rich but probably rotting on the inside. i can’t wait for her to fade into obscurity.

  18. Dolly Parton breast are faker than turf! No one is saying anything about her breast. Too many celebrities are getting implants: BREAST, CALVES, BICEPS, BUTT IMPLANTS! If you have to alter your body in any form or fashion something aint right. AND YA KNOW WHAT IF YOU GOT THE MONEY TO PAY FOR IT THEN ITS REALLY NONE OF ANYONE’S BUSINESS. Folk should stop hatin! Some of us could use a little botox, lipo, tummy tuck, face lift, excess skin removal! IM JUST SAYIN

  19. she can do whatever she wants with her body but she should tell the truth she is an inspiration for young girl lying to her fan is reprehensible . my opinion

  20. C’mon, PPL… It is what it is! Sex sells, and unfortunately 2 many men expect women 2 stay young, sexy, perfect skin, hair, body, etc. And this is a mans world, after all! Look at Hugh Hefner, for decades has been exploiting the perfect womans bodies and has built his empire on that! He’s old, gray, saggy, and he’s considered a “PIMP”! But a woman gets a wrinkle, or a grey hair, puts on a little weight in her 40’s after having a child or 2, and she’s “OLD”! Society has ALWAYS stereo-typed men and woman! One of the “PEOPLE’S magazines sexiest man alive: George Clooney has grey hair, wrinkles, no cosmetic surgery and everyone find him sexy! Then All the “females” who hate on each other complain that Kim K. is all fake and rumors fly, she proves them wrong and they move on 2 the next pretty female 2 target contraversy! That’s one of the main problems in society, there aren’t enough females backing each other up! They have 2 B so “cut-throat”. Why? Cuz they r simply so jealous that they don’t have the guts 2 do what most female celebrities do, put themselves out there and love their professions, regardless of harrassment from the papparrazzi, the public, and everyone in general! STOP already! Don’t hate the player… hate the game! If u love entertainment, than support it, and stop bashing others for their personal choices in life! U know if u cud do half of what these celebrities do, U’d def. do it in a heart beat! Don’t judge any of them, they r paying the bills with their skills! They aren’t mooching off others or the government! They pay their taxes and they r human! Get a life and live ur life instead of creating drama & chaos for others who r living the life they choose! PEACE! IN THE U.S. and worldwide!

  21. In my opinion, if her butt is fake then she is fake. She’s supposed to be a real rapper, who calls out fake. That’s how it works. I would personally loose respect for her if she has had all the injections, and implants, and reconstructive sugery to her face. I don’t think It’s right to change yourself just so people can like you, and for you to be accepted as ‘Famous’. Let’s be honest, that would be the only reason for her to do it. You don’t just add 20 pounds to your butt for just yourself. Espically if it’s that noticable.

    1. That is stupid as shit you can be real and have things changed for your self shit I’m pretty sure she don’t care about the people that want to call her out on it there the one keeping her going!! So…

    2. Wow. You are really stupid. First of all, nothing has changed about Nicki’s face except the make up. Second, there are plenty of real women out there who have been made fun of and were so insecure about something on their bodies that they chose to get surgery because they felt like they couldn’t correct it themselves. Nicki Minaj could have easily been made fun of about having a little butt, especially in her teens. It could have made her so insecure that she went to go get it corrected because it was too hard to do it herself. She probably felt like she wasn’t womanly enough and that can hurt any woman’s pride. But then again, tell me this. Who said a woman can’t gain weight in her butt without it being fake? Who said because Nicki had a little butt before means it had to be fake? Take Buffie The Body for example. She didn’t really have feminine curves either, but she wanted them and she worked for them. She went to the doctor and asked what could be done to make her more voluptuous and he gave her advice because, yes, there are ways to get that fat in the right places and get those curves. So don’t judge Nicki based on a look if you don’t know what happened to make her look like that.

  22. At the end of the day, I gotta live my life and she gotta live hers. NM’s a$$, real or fake, ain’t gonna solve none of my problems or make me sleep better at night. And about the whole “role model for black girls” thing, if you as a parent are handling your business then your daughter will never strive to be like Nikki. Just because she look good and can rap don’t mean she gotta raise any of our daughters.

  23. Her butt ian’t fake. Nicki is from Trinidad but she grew up elsewhere. I am also frok Trinidad and the women down here are maturally curvy. I have seen women an even girls with an a$$ bigger than Nicki’s so i know her a$$ at least isn’t fake.

    1. yeah shes fake…… its true that some woman on gain weight ion the lower region whether their from trinidad or not but if a women is skinny pair shaped u can tells what she`ll look like when she`s heavier etc… beyonce is flat pear w/ hips lol) Jennifer Lopez Kelly Clarkson, Trina, Delicious….. these are all examples of thinner women with hips and butt so if they were to become heavier thier ass is all them!!! women just don’t become pear shaped over nite this b!tch is fake. she was totally boy shaped before that.

  24. well i think nicki is beautiful no matter what! she does tell everyone shes a BARBIE! that means shes acknowledging that shes fake and she wears her plastic proudly. and honestly thats what makes nicki nicki, besides her talents. i mean…what else is there to it? its not like shes hiding the fact,so u cant bag on her for that…shes not encouraging everyone to go out and get pads or implants, if people who like her and want to be like her do it of their own free will good for them. and before its not like she had no b00bs lol they just were all pressed together and popping out of her jacket all the time. i like her no matter what! ghetto or not, padded or not shes still cool

  25. OK, I honestly don’t like Nicki Minaj but that’s not the point I was goin to get at, OK regardless if her butt is fake or not or if she got surgery to enhance herself whoopty doo its 2011, majority of celebrities had some kind of procedure done when going under the knife smh….but, what I want to get at is like, some of these comments sounds a tad racist and I went through just bout 90% of them. I’m by all means not a racist person but I dont think race should be stated into comments in a sort of way either a Caucasian woman or African-American woman would feel slightly offensive. Like making comments about ‘white people’ or ‘ghetto people’ it does tend to sound ignorant. Also, we should be able to respect people’s opinions instead of cutting their throat about what they said because (1) they didn’t say it about or to you and (2)…. it’s a big argument on a webpage about a celebrities ass, I mean really? I don’t think anybody should get offended if somebody doesn’t like her because once again, it’s not you they are exposing it’s a celebrity that’s already exposed herself. Now I do believe that a woman should always stay natural cause natural is beautiful but I mean if you want to have surgery to enhance your appearance cause you are unhappy with your appearance or you want to be more known and out there then OK that is your money that you are spending not anybody’s else. It’s her life that she is living and who knows maybe in the long run she will become unsatisfied with herself again and set another kind of procedure done. But you can’t worry about what other people say or think because after all, they don’t call it personal opinions for nothing.

  26. I think Nicki Minaj is a cool person she’s not the best example 4 young girls but she’s not the only one
    She can do What she want’s Imean Its her money her body
    When she does it ppl clown her Shes no different she just has fat tooken out of Her legs and a butt lift BigDeal who cares Nicki is Nicki always will be but if one of Yhuu ladies did it or knew a close friend that did it would be cool then Huh!?

  27. All this over someone’s a$s??? Im black and i personally dont praise Nicki. Her music is based on too much sex and for her to want to be an example to kids and teenagers is not the right thing to do. She’s a beautiful person but the costumes and stuff is played out the same with Lady Gaga. But as far as her a$s go…if she wanna get an a$s the size of beach balls then thats her a$s to sit on.

  28. F**k her body. She’s one of the worst rappers ever. I mean she makes up f**kin words for f**k sake. What is she so uneducated she can’t even find a REAL WORD in the dictionary to rhyme with some dumbass word a 4th grader could figure out? I mean what the hell is she on? What is she talking about in her songs? Half of them don’t make any sense. People either buy her music because of the way she looks, because she’s black, or because she’s a female rapper. Honestly she gives REAL female rappers. Ones that can actually RAP a bad name. She doesn’t talk about anything, and half the words she uses aren’t actual words. This much I do know, people definitely don’t buy her music because it’s good. That or they’re too stupid that they don’t even listen to lyrics anymore. America certainly is getting dumber by the day. Too bad, we used to be such a dignified country.

  29. Who gives a shit if she’s black or not. This is the f**king media they will eat away at anyone! Her a$$ is fake and that’s all this article is about. The media thrives on bashing anyone who dares to become famous. Black or not she’s famous which gives the media the rights to talk sh!t about her. You people need to pull your heads out of your asses and stop assuming people are racist or haters cause she’s black and they want to know if she’s fake like everyone else. End of story!

  30. Truth be told i just wanna say to all yall who are calling her fake…. what about all the other celebs who do the same thing but dont make it real noticable. All you people are is hypocrites πŸ™

    1. Other celebs admit that they are fake. This b!tch acts like she actually has talent and puts people down, yet she’s fake.

  31. dont get us wrong we luv nikki but we think her b00bs and butt are fake we luv u nikki but…..:P

  32. Nicki Minaj is a babe, Enough said. She is a very talented woman. So what if she has a fake ass or fake boobs, what she does is amazing. She has gotten herself very far in life and really doesn’t need lowlifes talking about her over the Internet, its just rude. But all I’m saying is, she is talented and I love her shes my hero; <3

  33. wtf sh ecould of grown of her body adn mean while her body still devopling. People just be hating!Plus look at that picture that was when she was like 17 she like 20 something now..her body still devlopes bro! ha:D

    1. actually, it is fake. there was an article in Look Magazine a while ago where one of the surgeons who performs @ss implants confrimed that she had a fake butt!

  34. well, well, well this iz crazy her azz iz fake. i dont care what anybody have to say even them barbies. Nicki iz a pretty girl but damb all she have to do iz ameant her a$s iz fake,shhh!t i will to clear sh!t an would not care what they have to say. she not caring now soo tell it like it is. She say she’s a real b!tch u tell ppl ur ass is not real. lil kim tell she had sh!t done which she dont need it, love u kim very much queen b. yeah back to nick am no hater u should ameant that nick fo real to get sh!t cleared up kid. guess what??? MY AS$, AS$, A$S, AS$ iz real god has bless me an still get hollars b!tches!!!!!! if b!tches want to change for these f**k as$ n**ga be my guess. my god bless these low selfasteem chicks.

    1. What the hell happened to your grammar. I seriously understood, like, 3 words in that paragraph. Whoever your English teacher is or was must hate your guts.

  35. All you people van kick rocks! If she want a big booty so she got implants then so be it!!! Its none of your buisness! But all yall know when she be preforming and you see it you love it! So therefore yall can leave her butt ALONE!

  36. you really need to quit people . She is really beautiful … I mean jeez fake a$$ soooo what . Shut the f*** up

  37. well when i first started gaining weight, because i was top heavy anyway, my intial weight/fat actually did only go to my chest first (mostly anyway) and then later to my arms. a loooongg time later it started going to my tummy area, but didnt stop going to my bust area :'(

    she could be bottom large, but + some lipo

  38. these f**king bi|tches best be playing me some music man or im gonna beat there f**king ass man i want to lesion to this b|tch but i can bc of this mother f**king website it so f**king stupid lol im not f**king kidding with u mother f**ker

  39. Why should we mind our business when she knew when she became famous everybody was going to be all in the business digging up dirt on her she could still be famous without all the extra add ons she got talent nobody would be in your business if you didnt become famous duhhh all famous people get it too whats the difference when it comes to her

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  41. i’m just reading all of this and, why the f*** is having “swag” and being a “bad bitch” so important and appealing. i mean like, being a bad bitch wont get you a guy for life, just a guy for the night, you gotta be smart too, have respect for yourself, and be independent, like really tho, you can be “hot” “sexy” or “bad” but if you have more to offer than just your looks that’s BEAUTIFUL which is better than sexy. i’m just saying, even though this had nothing to do with nicki minaj (who yes i am a fan of πŸ˜€ ) im just saying it’s better to be like the “your love” or “moment for life” or “fly” nicki minaj than the “beez in the trap” “stupid hoe” “i luv dem stripers” nicki

    #just sayin

    1. She can do what she want. And just because she makes music like “stupid hoe” “beez in the trap” and “i luv them strippers” doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t define who she is as a person. It just shows that she’s creative and can make wide variations in her music and her wide variations are why she has so many fans. And I’m tired of people judging her for Stupid Hoe. Could people seriously not tell that the song was mean to be fun and not serious?

    1. Actually she’s not bald at all. And no one has actual proof that she has had any implants. You’re just a hater.

  42. I think nicki looks great how she is love her i dont care what other people say about her they just jealous they cant have her tite as body

  43. I could care less if her ass fake or not even tho it is clearly fake , she shouldn’t call out others and here she is doing the same that’s a hypocrite . I’m not a fan never was … either way her attitude is off the wall and I don’t like how she goes about dissing others she has young fans why idk but she does she needs to be a role model

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