Willie Nelson photos January 8, 2010 at Arena Theater in Houston, Texas

Willie Nelson in concert at Arena Theater in Houston, Texas

If you’re wondering why I did a post of seemingly ordinary Willie Nelson concert pictures then you obviously haven’t heard the news:

Willie Nelson is SOOOO AWESOME!

I’ve been waiting anxiously for this moment for well over a year, ever since I started writing celebrity blog posts for starcasm in October of 2008. In that time none of our photo services offered ANY Willie Nelson photos – no live shots, no red carpet images, not even a pot bust mug shot – nothing! Actually, to be fair, when we started out we couldn’t afford images so the drought has really only been since June of 2009, but still! (I used to do drawings for every post and I did have occasion to draw Willie once, but before you Texans get too excited, it was at the expense of Tony Romo. Check it out HERE.)

I don’t know why Flynet put these images up. Let’s just assume they heard how AWESOME WILLIE NELSON IS! Here he is striking his infamous “Good morning America, how ARE ya?” pose:

Willie Nelson sings City of New Orleans

(Tee hee hee! I feel giddy.)

I had the opportunity to meet Willie Nelson a few years ago. He’s old school about fan appreciation and usually hangs out after concerts to meet and greet fans, if you’re willing to wait. Well, I was willing to wait and actually got to go on The Honeysuckle Rose (back before it was running on Bio-Willie) and try to explain to Willie in person just how awesome he is. Nah, I think I asked him about his infamous reggae album, which still wasn’t out at the time but has since been released.

Being just a couple feet from Willie and shaking his hand was an amazing experience. I’ve never met someone that just oozed wisdom, zen and genuine kindness like that dude! I love his music, and all things said and done he might be my favorite singer and guitarist, but Willie’s true greatness is his Willieness. I remember having a contest once with my younger brother trying to come up with the most offensive t-shirt we could think of and the one that won hands down was one with bold words that read “I hate Willie Nelson.”

Anyway, enough rambling about my Willie Nelson love! Here are some great shots from his concert at the Arena Theater in Houston, Texas January 8, 2010. I’ve seen Willie a number of times, but I’ve always heard that he’s just a little better if you see him in Texas, especially if you catch him in a smaller venue like Gruene Hall. Grrrrr! (Jealousy) First off, let’s take a quick look at that beautiful stallion, Willie Nelson’s classical Martin otherwise known as Trigger, a “holy” object in more ways than one:

Willie Nelson and some of the signatures on his guitar Trigger

Click thumbnails to see larger images in the gallery. You can click them once more in the gallery for ridiculously large, “Texas-sized” images.

Anyone out there at the show? Wanna offer up a review? I’m guessing the set list didn’t have too many surprises, but there are always great Willie Nelson concert stories!

As far as actual Willie Nelson news, his website is reporting that Willie has just completed a new album with producer T_Bone Burnett. The album is said to be mostly traditional country songs written between 1920 and 1970, including Willie’s first composition “The Man With the Blues,” which sounds like Just One Love Volume 2. Another song that has been revealed is the Merle Travis classic “Dark as a Dungeon” – a great choice for Willie! Maybe it will surpass Just One Love‘s “Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that Cigarette” as my favorite Willie Nelson Merle Travis cover.

Also, Alanis Morrisette will be releasing her version of “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” featuring Willie Nelson on guitar soon! “It’s less cheeky and it’s more awed,” Morissette revealed to Spinner Canada of the track. “It’s very funny and cool and unusual and sweet.” No word if she’s planning on forming a band and calling it Littler Willies.

One more parting shot of Willie:

Willie Nelson and Family perform at Arena Theater in Houston 1-8-10 Picture Twelve

Photos: Blaze / Flynet Pictures
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